The 5 Best Downloadable Games for the PS4

So, you got a PlayStation 4 for Christmas or in the end tracked down a duplicate at your neighborhood shop, and now you’re asking that every one-critical question — what to play in this factor? We’ve protected a large variety of your on-disc selections like “Knack,” “Killzone: Shadow Fall,” and “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” but we desired to take a look at what’s going to be a chief a part of the PS4 era – the downloadable game experience. We will very quickly attain a factor wherein most important video games are being downloaded and now not ordered thru online shops or picked up at old fashioned sport stores.

Already, humans are downloading games like “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” and “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” and in no way having a disc in their hands. It also offers a fantastic variety of smaller games, from independently created services like “Don’t Starve” to imported-and-upgraded PS3 hits like many of the titles under. Where do you start with your PSN revel in in the new generation? You’ve got tough-drive space to fill, proper? Start with those 5, all to be had now for the PS4.

Update: This article was originally written almost years in the past, and those 5 downloadable games are nonetheless properly really worth purchasing so I do not need to exchange their order, but Telltale Games has emerge as the dominant force in PSN leisure. Go download “The Walking Dead,” “Tales From the Borderlands” and “Game of Thrones” and then come lower back in a few days for those goodies.


Most game critics seem to be embracing “Resogun” as the need to-have loose game of the PlayStation Plus carrier however I discover that title fun-however-disposable. It doesn’t linger in any respect and it’s not what I attain for any extra when I pick out up my PS4 controller and look through the collection on my tough pressure. I locate “Contrast,” the opposite day one PS Plus recreation, greater formidable. Some of the gameplay is defective however this is a visually attractive revel in, in which you jump in and out of the shadows to solve puzzles and discover collectibles. I’m a sucker for an awesome platformer and accurate puzzle-solver. “Contrast” doesn’t stay up to the capability of its idea as the execution doesn’t quite match the set-up however there’s extra to like here than no longer and I desire to see greater particular video games like “Contrast” as a part of the Plus carrier in the destiny. The extra human beings that play this, the extra endorsed Sony will be to make greater a hit games like it.

Escape Plan

“Contrast” is the best PS4-extraordinary identify in this list as, yes, unluckily, again it’s a time wherein video games upgraded from their PS3 incarnations seem to dominate rather than original titles. The excellent video games for the PS4 now also are many of the pleasant video games for the PS3, simply with a higher framerate. But within improvements just like the one to “Escape Plan” (and, in particular, the subsequent game on this list), we will see the capacity of this gadget. For now, you need to down load “Escape Plan” for a completely easy reason – it’s fun. A smart combo of poser-solving and platforming with a unique visual fashion, “Escape Plan” is a incredible identify to apply through Remote Play with your Vita. Sitting on the couch, take hold of your Vita, fire up your PS4 from the alternative room. Yes, you can just own “Escape Plan” to your Vita but you’ll in no way have the hard power area to your handheld that you may inside your PS4.


One of the nice video games of the PS3 era, downloadable or otherwise, has been beautifully upgraded for the PS4 crowd and I couldn’t be happier that it’s so early within the lifespan of this new console. If “Flower” were ported over this coming Summer, it would were lost inside the shuffle, however the dearth of tremendous titles for the PS4 need to allow this recreation to face out. And even in case you’ve performed “Flower” for your PS3, you should achieve this once more (and can for free since you already bought it for the last system). The visuals are smoother, the music feels more in tune with the motion, and the controls are responsive. It’s a lyrical masterpiece.

Sound Shapes

The international of “Sound Shapes” has without a doubt exploded thru one element that Sony honestly hopes the brand new technology of game enthusiasts will embrace – the social revel in of the system. Sony certainly wishes you to percentage your gaming enjoy, and a big range of builders don’t simply want you to percentage what you’re gambling however to get in on the act of advent. “Sound Shapes” consists of some of exceptional, music-based totally games whilst you down load it, but it additionally lets in get entry to to the wealth of degrees designed by game enthusiasts. It’s a case where the professional levels, like the ones providing music by way of Beck, are worth the acquisition price on their very own, and then the whole thing else is gravy. Dubstep gravy.

Zen Pinball 2

It all comes returned to “Zen Pinball.” Yes, there’s additionally an upgraded PS4 version of “The Pinball Arcade,” which purists might argue is more loyal to actual pinball physics, however this sport is greater amusing. With tables built around the Marvel Universe and Star Wars, it appears even higher with PS4 portraits, and those of you who jumped aboard this arcade bandwagon at the PS3 can down load any table you obtain for that gadget with subsequent-gen graphics and gameplay. Get thee to the PlayStation Network. Now. See you at the pinball leaderboards.