Step by step instructions to Open a DAT File or Convert It Into a Word Document

Stayed with a DAT record that should be a Word archive? Here’s the manner by which to open it or convert it, whatever you need! Regardless of whether you can open a DAT record without the beginning project relies upon its substance. On the off chance that your DAT record should be a Microsoft Word archive or another content based report, it’s not difficult to open it, and we’ll show you how. In the event that it’s anything but an alternate kind of record, our technique may in any case help you sort out what it was.

What Is a DAT File?

A DAT record is a nonexclusive document type that contains information in text or paired organization.
You’ll normally discover them as “winmail.dat” records in email connections made by Microsoft Exchange Servers. Nonetheless, numerous different projects can make DAT records, as well, as a rule putting away data as a kind of perspective to a particular activity. At the point when you discover a DAT document that is not put away with different records from a particular program, for instance, driver records (record type: DLL), or assuming the name doesn’t uncover the DAT record’s starting point, it’s hard to tell whether you’re managing text, pictures, films, or something totally unique. Without setting, your DAT document could be anything.

How Might I Open a DAT File in Windows?

Offering guidance on the best way to open a DAT record of an obscure source is troublesome in light of the fact that there are such countless alternatives, contingent upon the first wellspring of the document. Yet, say you should get a Word report and what you got was a record with a DAT document expansion. Fundamentally, you have two direct alternatives to open that record.

Alternative 1: Change the File Extension

To begin with, you could attempt to change the record augmentation. In the event that you don’t see document expansions in Windows, go to the envelope that contains your DAT record. In File Explorer, change to the View tab, and snap Options. Inside the Folder Options window, change to the View tab again and uncheck the alternative Hide augmentations for realized record types.
Presently you can return to your record and change the document expansion from .dat to .doc, then, at that point open the document utilizing Microsoft Word.

Alternative 2: Open the File

In the event that you believe it’s a content based report, you could just attempt to open the DAT record with Microsoft Word, Notepad, or some other program you speculate made the first document. To do this, right-click the DAT record, select Open with from the menu, then, at that point pick an application from the rundown. You can click More applications to show different projects than the ones recommended.
On the off chance that you needed to relate DAT documents with this program (not suggested), you could check Always utilize this application to open .dat records. Both of the alternatives above could leave you with a document that is brimming with hogwash, normally on the grounds that you opened it in some unacceptable program. Be that as it may, you might have the option to accumulate what sort of document it truly was. For instance, on the off chance that you opened a DAT document that initially was a video record in Notepad, you may discover a clue that it’s anything but a MP4. Have a go at opening the document in an appropriate program and see whether that gives you a superior outcome. Here are assets to open the most widely recognized kinds of DAT documents:
  • Text: Notepad++
  • Sound and video: VLC
  • Winmail.dat (email connection): (likewise see beneath) or Klammer (macOS)
You need to track down the particular program that made the record to open it for some different sorts of DAT documents.

How Might I Convert My DAT File?

When you effectively opened the DAT record, you’re in any event most of the way there to changing over it. However, indeed, there are a few alternatives.

The Easy Solutions

Suppose we’re managing a DAT record that initially was a DOC document. You changed the record augmentation, and since you opened the document in Microsoft Word, it looks fine. Truth be told, you effectively “changed over” your document. Congrats! On the off chance that you figured out how to open the record with Word, the most straightforward approach to “convert” your record from DAT to DOC, is to save the archive utilizing Microsoft Word. Furthermore, there you go. It wasn’t so difficult, right?

The Professional Solution:

Presently how about we get somewhat more genuine. Every one of the procedures above didn’t work, and your document doesn’t show as expected. Perhaps it’s an ideal opportunity to utilize a document converter. In the event that Microsoft Outlook meddled with your email connections, odds are that the online assistance will help you. In the event that the document you need to disentangle is classified “winmail.dat” or “ATT0001.dat,” you have positively gone to the correct spot. From the Home tab, click Choose File to peruse for the DAT record on your PC. You can likewise enter a URL. Note that the record size limit is 10 MB. Snap Start and hang tight for the outcomes. will disclose to you the record’s starting point, so you realize which program to use to open it.

Your DAT File Sorted Out

That is everything to DAT records. To effectively recover information from a DAT document or convert it back, you should know the wellspring of the first record type or the kind of record you’re working with.