Set Up Survival Evolved Server on Ubuntu OS

Survival Evolved,Playing on Cloud 9. If you’re familiar with this action-adventure game.

Survival Evolved,check out how to play it with others on this Ubuntu server in the cloud.

Survival Evolved,Survival Evolved Server on Ubuntu OS,ARK: Survival Evolved is an journey-movement style video game.

It is my non-public favourite and one of the most performed games global.

You can play as a single participant or play with your pals on a server in multiplayer mode.

There are a few approaches to host a multiplayer server: shopping for a dedicated gaming server.

Survival Evolved Server

The use of a third-birthday party carrier, or developing your very own on Alibaba Cloud!

As a gamer and developer, I prefer to have more flexibility on the subject of creating dedicated gaming servers.

One main advantage of the use of a cloud issuer, including Alibaba Cloud.

Is that I do not ought to fear approximately maintaining or upgrading the hardware in my server.

It is likewise elastic, which means that that I can without difficulty scale my assets based on needs.

In this academic, I can be the usage of an Ubuntu 16.04 server on Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS).

You also can use different running systems (OS);

however, the stairs can also additionally fluctuate slightly from this academic.

To setup your very own ARK: Survival Evolved server, follow the academic below


1.You must have an Alibaba Cloud ECS example activated.

If you’re a new consumer.

you may get unfastened $300 credit on your Alibaba Cloud account.

If you don’t know the way to setup your instance.

you could seek advice from this educational or the fast-start manual.

2.You ought to have a copy of game customer from https://www.Playark.Com to use your ARK: Survival Evolved server.

3.You have to setup your server’s hostname.

Minimum Requirements for ARK: Survival Evolved Server:

1.Ubuntu sixteen.04 (sixty four bit) installed on your Alibaba Cloud ECS

2.6 GB RAM required (8 GB Recommended)

3.Fast Internet (you should purchase bandwidth on ECS for net get right of entry to)

Survival Evolved,Survival Evolved Server on Ubuntu OS,Setting Up Ubuntu for SteamCMD

Survival Evolved,After finishing the prerequisites, you’ll want to installation Ubuntu effectively in your ECS example.

Login as root user together with your root username & password through SSH client (e.G. Putty – You can get Putty from https://www.Putty.Org ).

You can also join immediately the usage of the Alibaba Cloud console.

You will should update & improve your Ubuntu to ultra-modern packages using the subsequent commands:

# sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Survival Evolved,Survival Evolved Server on Ubuntu OS,Installing SteamCMD

Survival Evolved,To install SteamCMD in Ubuntu, observe the steps under:

You will must open the assets.

List in nano editor the use of the subsequent command:

# sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

2.Write the following strains in opened resources.Listing report as shown beneath:

After you have got finished writing, press Ctrl + X, kind ‘Y’ and press Enter key.

Now, type the subsequent command in your terminal:

# sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

you’ll want to update your package deal again using the subsequent command:

# sudo apt-get update

type the following command to proceed closer to set up of SteamCMD:

# sudo apt-get install steamcmd

If above command offers any errors, then you can use the following command:

# sudo apt-get -f install steamcmd

Survival Evolved Server on Ubuntu OS,Adding a New User in Ubuntu

To avoid any security issues, you will have to upload some other consumer to your server.

1.To upload user, use the subsequent command:

# adduser ark

To assign admin rights to user, use the subsequent command:

# adduser ark sudo

Survival Evolved Server on Ubuntu OS,Configure Open Files Limit:

Use the following command to open /etc/sysctl.conf file:

# sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf

Add the following line:


Press Ctrl + X, write “Y” and press Enter. Then run

# sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.conf

Use the following command to open /etc/protection/limits.Conf document

# sudo nano /etc/security/limits.conf

Update the subsequent traces to the lines below in opened file and use Ctrl + X, then kind ‘Y’ and press Enter to store the settings:

* softnofile1000000 * hardnofile1000000

Use the following command to open /and many others/pam.D/common-session document

# sudo nano /etc/pam.d/common-session

Add the following line within the opened record as shown in screenshot underneath and use Ctrl + X.

Then type ‘Y’ and press Enter to store the settings:

# session required

The above adjustments are important for tuning. Otherwise, consumption of device assets would be better.

Survival Evolved Server on Ubuntu OS,Installing ARK Server

Survival Evolved Server on Ubuntu OS.

Now permit’s proceed in the direction of the installation of ARK server.

Firstly, you’ll need to create a server directory that consists of the files of your ARK server.

To create a listing, execute the following instructions for your terminal:

# mkdir server

The argument server is the call of directory.

Now allow’s create symlink from the location /usr/video games/steamcmd to steamcmd on your person’s listing.

In my case, username is ark, so mine could be ark person’s listing.

To do this, use the following command:

# ln -s /usr/games/steamcmd steamcmd

Use the subsequent command to run streamcmd for set up of ARK server.

# steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/ark/server +app_update 376030 +quit

Creating a systemd Unit for ARK Server

Survival Evolved Server on Ubuntu OS,When the gadget is restarted or rebooted.

we will create a systemd unit document to robotically begin the ARK server.

For this motive, we will log in once more from our root account or

we can really transfer person to root by using the usage of the following command:

Command to exchange user to root:

# su –

Now to create a new systemd file, execute the following command:

# nano /lib/systemd/system/ark.service

Type the subsequent lines in opened record in nano editor. Use Ctrl + X.

Type ‘Y’ and press Enter key to save the report.

Description=ARK Survival Evolved
ExecStartPre=/home/ark/steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/ark/server +app_update 376030 +quit
ExecStart=/home/ark/server/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ShooterGameServer TheIsland?listen?SessionName=example -server -log
ExecStop=killall -TERM srcds_linux

Execute the subsequent command to use your up to date changes.

# systemctl daemon-reload

Execute the subsequent commands to permit systemd unit and run/begin your ARK server.

# systemctl enable ark.service
# systemctl start ark

Configuring ARK Server

Survival Evolved Server on Ubuntu OS.

Now, after a hit execution of the instructions above.

may want to configure your server via enhancing settings in GameUserSettings.Ini record.

can setup password for the users and admin on this report.

You also can leave character’s password blank.

when you need your customers to hook up with your server with none password.

Admin password is needed while issuing pastime commands.

To try this, you could observe the instructions under:

Open the GameUserSettings.Ini record.

# nano /home/ark/server/ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini

Setting Up Firewalls for ARK Server

You can defend your ARK server from unauthorized access through putting in firewalls.

To do this, follow the following commands.

If you have got activated firewalls.

you may ought to define a rule in Alibaba Cloud protection.

institution in your cloud server to feature exception for port 27015, 7777, 7778 and 27020.

By default, these ports are blocked via the firewalls.

Connecting to Your ARK Survival Server

Survival Evolved Server on Ubuntu OS.

After efficaciously completing all the previous steps.

you must have the ability to connect to your ARK server.

To try this, you simply want to perform 3 steps.

1.Open your ARK Survival purchaser and click Join ARK.

2.Use Server Name Filter and pick your server.

3.Enter password and click Accept.


If you observe all the steps efficaciously.

you have to have a totally practical and devoted ARK gaming server.

If you are interested to realize the way to host a Minecraft server on Alibaba Cloud.

you should genuinely check out my Minecraft tutorial!

I can be writing more tutorials on gaming within the close to future.

If you’re inquisitive about writing.

experience loose to test out the Tech Share software.

Be sure to live up to date with the respectable Alibaba Cloud Blog!