What Is an MDT File?

MDT File,A file with the .MDT file extension is a Microsoft Access Add-in Data file, used by Access and its add-ins for storing relevant data.

MDT File,What Are MDT Files Used For?

MDT File,Although Microsoft Access uses both file types, an MDT file shouldn’t be confused with the MDB format that Access uses to store database information,

unless your particular MDT file happens to be an old Microsoft Access 97 template file.

An MDT file may instead be a GeoMedia Access Database Template file, which is a format used by the GeoMedia geospatial processing software to create an MDB file out of its data.

Some video editing software may use the MDT file extension, too, to store text in the XML format about the video creation process. This may or may not be related to the MDT video format used by some Panasonic cameras.

Note: Autodesk’s (now discontinued) Mechanical Desktop (MDT) software uses this abbreviation as well, but I don’t think its files are saved with the .MDT extension. MDT files also have nothing to do with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) used for installing the Windows operating system.