4 Ways To Make ubuntu 16.04 Look Good

Make ubuntu ,By default, Lubuntu is made to appearance useful and provide the bare bones fundamentals that a user might also want.

It uses the LXDE desktop surroundings which is light-weight and consequently it plays nicely on older hardware.

This manual indicates you the way to pimp Lubuntu to make it a bit extra cosmetically desirable and extra basically simpler to use.

Make ubuntu Change That Desktop Wallpaper

Make ubuntu The computing device wallpaper may be very simple searching.

This a part of the guide is not going to improve your enjoy any however it’ll make your display screen greater attractive that allows you to brighten your mood and hopefully make you more creative.

The Linux Help Guy got here up with a clever however simple trick when attempting to find wallpapers, and if you are the use of Lubuntu, then you can well be the usage of older hardware so it is greater than in all likelihood going to be of benefit.

Use Google Images to search for an photo however specify the image width to be the identical length as your screen resolution. This saves software program spending time resizing the photo to make it fit the screen which probably saves assets.

To find your screen decision in Lubuntu press the menu button within the bottom left nook, select choices and display. Your display screen resolution could be displayed.

Open Firefox by clicking the menu button, select net and then Firefox.

Go to Google Images and search for some thing you’re inquisitive about and the display decision. For example:

“Fast Cars 1366×768”

Find the picture you like and then click on on it and then choose view photo.

Right click on on the entire photo and select Save As.

The default folder to save to is the downloads folder. It is higher to put images inside the Pictures folder. Simply click on the Pictures folder choice and choose to save.

To alternate the wallpaper right click at the computing device and choose Desktop Preferences.

Click on the little folder icon next to wallpaper and navigate to the images folder. Now click at the photograph you downloaded.

Press close and your wallpaper may have modified to some thing extra eye-catching to the attention.

Make ubuntu Change The Panel Appearance

Make ubuntu By default, the panel for Lubuntu is at the bottom which for computer systems like Cinnamon and Xubuntu is best due to the fact the menus are more effective.

The LXDE menu is a piece archaic and so that you will honestly need a dock to your favourite applications. ​Therefore transferring the LXDE panel to the pinnacle is a good idea.

Right-click on at the panel and choose panel settings.

There are 4 tabs:

Geometry Appearance Panel Applets Advanced The geometry tab has the options for selecting in which the panel is positioned. By default, it’s miles at the bottom. You can vicinity it on the left, proper, top or backside.

You also can exchange the width of the panel so that it handiest takes up a small portion of the display but for the main panel, in no way do that. To alternate the width certainly exchange the width percentage choice.

You can also alternate the height of the panel and the dimensions of the icons. It is a great concept to keep these on the same size. So if you set the panel top to 16, additionally alternate the icon peak to 16.

The appearance tab lets you alternate the colour of the panel. You can either keep on with the gadget subject matter, choose a history shade and make it obvious or select an image.

If you want a darker panel, click on at the heritage coloration and pick the shade you wish from the shade triangle or input a hex code. The opacity alternative helps you to determine how obvious the system is.

If you are changing the panel colour you would possibly additionally want to alternate the font coloration. You also can trade the font size.

The panel applets tab shows you the items you have got blanketed at the panel.

You can rearrange the order by deciding on the object you wish to move and then via urgent the up or down arrow.

To upload more click on the add button and browse the listing for the ones you believe you studied you’ll want.

You can remove an object from the panel by using selecting it and clicking eliminate.

There is also a preferences button. If you click on an item and pick out this button you can personalize the object on the panel. For instance, you could customise the items on the fast launch bar.

The advanced tab lets you pick the default report manager and terminal. You also can pick to hide the panel.

Make ubuntu Install A Dock

A dock provides a simple interface for launching all of your favorite applications.

There are hundreds of them accessible consisting of plank and docky that are remarkable for overall performance.

If you are searching out some thing definitely elegant then cross for Cairo Dock.

To set up Cairo-dock open the terminal by clicking the menu after which choosing system equipment and then lx terminal.

Type the following to install Cairo.

Sudo apt-get deploy cairo-dock You may even want xcompmgr so kind the subsequent command:

sudo apt-get deploy xcompmgr Click at the menu icon and pick out preferences after which default applications for lxsession.

Click on the autostart tab.

Now enter the following into the box and click on upload:

@xcompmgr -n Reboot your pc.

After the software has set up near the terminal and start Cairo with the aid of clicking at the menu, then system equipment and finally Cairo Dock.

A message may appear asking whether or not you want to permit OpenGL to store on CPU performance. We chose sure to this. If it causes problems you may continually flip it off again. Make certain you click on don’t forget this preference.

You may like the default subject matter however you can configure Cairo through proper-clicking at the dock and choose Cairo dock and configure.

Click on the themes tab and attempt out a few of the topics to be had till you locate the only you like. Alternatively, you could create one in every of your own.

To make Cairo run at startup proper click at the dock and select Cairo dock after which Launch Cairo Dock On Startup.

Cairo dock would not just make your computer look precise. It presents brief fireplace launchers for all of your packages and it affords an on-display terminal for getting into instructions.

Install Conky

Conky is a useful however lightweight tool for displaying device information in your laptop.

To deploy Conky open a terminal window and enter the subsequent command.

Sudo apt-get install conky Once the software program is mounted you can really kind the following command to begin it

conky & The ampersand runs Linux applications in historical past mode.

By default, Conky suggests data which include uptime, ram usage, CPU utilization, top strolling processes and so on.

You can make Conky run at startup.

Open the menu and pick default programs for LX Session. Click at the autostart tab.

In the field next to the upload button input the following command:

conky –pause=10 Click the upload button.

This starts offevolved Conky 10 seconds after startup.

Conky may be custom designed to have specific statistics displayed. A destiny guide will show the way to try this.

Summary LXDE is particularly customisable and Lubuntu is good due to the fact it is genuinely a blank canvas with very few applications hooked up through default.

Lubuntu is built on pinnacle of Ubuntu so it’s miles very solid. It is the distribution of preference for older computers and machines with low specifications.