3 Quick and Easy Ways to Hide a Folder in Windows 7

Protection is difficult to find nowadays. Regardless of whether you are sharing a PC or are commonly dubious of friends who infrequently approach your PC, you may want to store touchy data or private records in a sheltered spot.

Note that none of these arrangements will adequately conceal your information from learned clients. For really delicate and private information, I suggest further developed arrangements, which cover up or karma, yet in addition encode your information. For pointers, it would be ideal if you see the extra assets area beneath.

  1. Conceal Folders

Windows offers a simple method to rapidly conceal envelopes from clueless eyes. This strategy necessitates that Windows doesn’t show shrouded documents and envelopes. So changing this setting is the initial phase in this methodology…

Open File Explorer (any envelope) and go to Tools > Folder alternatives…

Inside Folder Options change to the View tab.

Under Files and Folders discover the alternative Hidden records and envelopes and select Don’t show concealed documents, organizers, or drives.

Snap OK and, with the following not many advances, continue to concealing an envelope.

Right-click the organizer you need to cover up and select Properties.

In the General tab check the choice called Hidden.

Go to Advanced… to change Archive and Index characteristics; you should square ordering of the organizer substance.

Snap OK to spare your changes.

When you wish to get to your organizer, experience envelope alternatives to incidentally make concealed envelopes noticeable. Clearly, this is somewhat badly designed. To take an easy route and stow away or unhide a few envelopes on the double, you can utilize the instrument Free Hide Folder. It can cover up and unhide chose envelopes, given the organizer alternatives are set to not show shrouded documents and organizers.

In spite of the fact that entrance to this device is secured by a secret key, it uncovers that there are shrouded envelopes some place and propelled clients will discover them easily.

  1. Make Folders Invisible

This strategy will make your envelope imperceptible, as opposed to covered up. This implies you won’t need to experience organizer choices to unhide your envelope. On the drawback, somebody may find your undetectable organizer unintentionally. To make an undetectable organizer, you need to complete two things: first evacuate the envelope name and second make the envelope symbol straightforward.

To begin with, conceal the organizer name:

Select the flawed envelope and snap F2.

At that point hold the ALT key while composing the numbers 0160 utilizing the number cushion.

Hit Enter and the organizer name ought to be gone.

Next, you have to make the envelope symbol imperceptible:

Right-click your organizer and select Properties.

Change to the Customize tab and snap the Change Icon… button.

A few clear symbols can be found in the default Windows 7 symbol assortment. Discover one, select it and snap OK.

In the event that the imperceptible organizer sits on your work area, ensure it’s along the edge of the screen and towards the correct side. This will diminish its opportunity being found by some coincidence. Note that anybody can in any case get to the organizer, given they discover it. For instance, clicking CTRL+A will choose and feature all records and envelopes, including undetectable ones.

  1. Conceal Folders With My Lockbox

My Lockbox is an utility to bolt and conceal organizers. At the point when you first dispatch the instrument, you have to make a secret phrase. Next, you can dole out a Lockbox envelope.

In the free form, the quantity of envelopes is restricted to one, despite the fact that you can change the organizer whenever. At the point when you dispatch My Lockbox, you can bolt (cover up) and open (unhide) your Lockbox organizer. Not at all like Free Folder Hide, My Lockbox will likewise conceal your organizer when the envelope choices are set to show shrouded documents, envelopes, and drives.

In the propelled see, you can get to extra choices, for instance, to set believed applications permitted to get to your organizer or to make hotkeys.

The most effective method to Safely Lock Away Your Data

The most secure approach to make sure about and shroud your information is to encode it. Proficient renditions of Windows accompany BitLocker, however you can likewise utilize a free outsider utility like VeraCrypt.

Another freeware device we have recently suggested is Easy File Locker. This instrument allows you to bolt and shroud the two documents and organizer. The instrument itself is secret key ensured, so nobody can dispatch or uninstall it without first entering the secret key.