How To use Feedly Effectively

Feedly Effectively Ever considering the fact that Google reader shutdown in 2013, many human beings (together with me) moved to Feedly –a promising candidate for that time. And considering the fact that then, there was no looking lower back.

Feedly is the most famous RSS reader right now, And I love it in the main due to motives. One, it’s to be had for all platform i.E. Web, iOS, Android, Kindle and many others and it sync among them very well. And two, the analyzing interface is smooth, that is clearly important for consciousness analyzing.

Now, in case you are new to Feedly, then watch this intro video. Here, I even have defined what exactly is Feedly and the way to use it on internet and mobile


But, if you are using Feedly for a while, then here are some tips to use it effectively.

Feedly Effectively If you don’t like the Feedly interface, you can without difficulty change it. Click at the gear icon at the pinnacle proper of the display screen and choose — name, magazines, playing cards and many others. If you have got a 100s of feeds to undergo, then use the ‘title best’ mode. It’s plenty easier to scan.

Feedly Effectively The exciting right here is, you could set a unique layout for every category and Feedly will don’t forget your preference. For example, set identify best for tech categories and mag for productivity blogs. It works for each cellular and web platform.

#2 Subscribe to YouTube channels or Podcasts

Feedly Effectively You can also join your favorite YouTube channels and podcast on Feedly. And wager what, you can watch your videos or pay attention to podcasts right within the app. You don’t ought to visit outside websites. There are two ways to do it

There are two ways to do it.

2.1 To add channels one by one, go to add content > and type in the URL of the YouTube channel or the podcast.

2.2 To import your entire YouTube subscription to Feedly, go to YouTube subscription manager page > scroll down to the page > export subscription. Download that small XML file and import it to Feedly from this link (read more in #6).

Courtesy:  Yogesh Chayal

#3 Read full Article

Feedly Effectively Now, it’s as much as the webmaster, in the event that they want to show complete content in their RSS feeds or just a teaser. However, as a reader, I find it really annoying, once I must go to the internet site in a new tab, just to read the total article.

But, you can repair that by way of clicking on the preview alternative on the pinnacle (or press shift + v). This will load the full article inside Feedly.

If you’ve got a WordPress blog and want to expose complete content material for your subscribers, go to settings > reading > and enable full textual content for RSS feed. I wasn’t aware of this earlier than.

#Feedly Effectively 4 Save an article on Feedly

Feedly Effectively There are a couple of methods to save the thing for later analyzing. You can add it in your Feedly reading listing (unfastened), or you can join their seasoned plan in case you need to keep articles for your Pocket, Evernote, Instapaper and so on.

Even if you use IFTTT, to connect those services, you still need a pro account.

However, for a few bizarre purpose, I am able to keep my feeds to my pocket account, even on a unfastened plan. There may be two motives for that. It may be a computer virus, or they have made this pocket integration loose. Let’s wish it’s the second.

#Feedly Effectively 5 Save from Anywhere

If you have were given really joined Feedly, then it makes enjoy to put in this chrome extension. It provides a Feedly icon in the cope with bar, and at the same time as you click on that, it’s going to take you on your Feedly account, in which you can rapid be a part of that new net website.

#6 Import/Export feeds into Feedly

Say you want to import all of your feeds from other RSS reader to Feedly or vice versa, you then without problems do that by OPML file. Basically, it’s preferred XML document that’s used to trade feeds between one of a kind RSS reader.

However, these import/export options are kind of hidden. So to import from the other RSS reader and go to this link. Or if you would like to move out of Feedly, you can get the OPML file from here.

#7 Keyboard shortcuts

The internet model of Feedly helps a handful of keyboard shortcuts. And you may locate the entire listing of it with the aid of pressing Shift + ? Keyboard shortcut.

The ones I used the most are —

  • Left/Right arrow key: to switch between the open post.
  • v:  view original article in new tab
  • s: save for later reading
  • Shift + a: mark all as read

#8 Quickly Mark as read

By default, you have to click on on the mark as a study alternative, when you are finished analyzing. This is right and works for the majority. However, in case you want to do it otherwise, there are multiple different methods to do it.

To mark the articles study, as you go through them, allow the Auto-Mark As Read from the desire.

To mark the whole lot as examine, use the shortcut shift +a. But if you need to use this to the class you are in, use the shortcut shift + m.

Or you can even slim it right down to the articles from a selected internet site. To try this go to Feedly preference > Confirm Mark as Read > Yes. Now, you may click at the numbers subsequent to the website identify and it will turn 0. Works simplest on the web.

#9 Add twitter feed to Feedly

Twitter is a exceptional region to display new trends. However, being on twitter 24/7 kill productiveness. So is there a way to combine Twitter with Feedly?

Well, given that Twitter do no longer provide RSS feed, it gained’t paintings right out of the box with Feedly. But, you effortlessly generate this feed for your any Twitter streams with this help of this Google sheet, created by Amit Agarwal.

Once you get the RSS feed, go to upload content material and paste it there. And Feedly will begin monitoring that. Overall, it works like a appeal and took me simplest a minute to set it up.

#10 Subscribe to a Part of Blog

Let say, you have an interest only in a selected part of the internet site. Like – you want to subscribe articles simplest from a particular writer, subdomain, or tags and so on, then truly add that URL to Feedly.

For instance — I only need to study tech related articles from HowStuffWorks, so I’ll Google ‘tech how stuff work’ and click on on the first link. This will take me to the tech subdomain of HowStuffWork. Now, all I must do is copy paste that URL in Feedly.