Use Dropbox to Host a Simple HTML Website

Use Dropbox Hosting even the best of web sites need you to realize lots approximately things like domains, web hosting area, servers, CMS, and so forth.

This is specifically troubling if you are a person new to this form of stuff. That being stated, in case you want to host complex websites like RTT then you haven’t any different way but to undergo all the matters I stated in advance.

However, if all you want is a simple internet site with only some pages, say like a portfolio website online or small business website online then the method doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Most of us are the use of Dropbox to keep and percentage documents. Not only for storing and sharing but you could additionally use Dropbox for plenty of other matters.

One of those is web hosting your very own internet site on Dropbox for free. So, if your need is a easy website then here is a way to use Dropbox to host websites with only some clicks.


Use Dropbox Well, whilst you choose to host your internet site with Dropbox you need to mind some obstacles.

This is due to the fact Dropbox is a cloud storage carrier and is not designed to host websites. Below are a few stuff you want to preserve in mind.

  • The free space is just 2GB. You can increase it with referrals.
  • You can only host static HTML websites. You can not host dynamic websites that use PHP, Java, and so on.
  • The bandwidth is confined and in case your internet site is receiving excessive site visitors then your site can be down for most of them.
  • You don’t have get right of entry to to the server or advanced configurations that you get while hosting your web site on a devoted net host.
  • Since you gained’t be getting any visible editor to create HTML files, you need to understand a chunk of HTML, CSS, and a issue or approximately Markdown modifying.
  • To host a custom area, you’ll ought to opt for the top rate model.

Use Dropbox to Host a Website

There are numerous free services that allow you to host websites on Dropbox. For this unique educational, I’m the use of DropPages.

With the unfastened account, you are confined to use DropPages subdomain with 50MB storage.

If you want to apply your personal area call with higher garage then you definitely want to signup for their premium plan.

To start out, head over to DropPages after which click on the “Sign in” button appearing on the homepage.

The above action will take you to the Dropbox authentication screen. Here, click on the button “Allow” to grant the permissions to DropPages.

Don’t worry, DropPages will only have permission to get right of entry to its own folder.

It won’t be able to access different folders or files in your Dropbox account.

After giving the desired permissions, you may be redirected again to DropPages. Here, click at the button “Create a new web site”.

Host-website-dropbox-click-create-new-website online

This will take you to the domain choice page. Here, input your new domain call as instance.Droppages.Com and the clicking on the button “Create”.

Don’t overlook to replace “example” together with your own custom name. Since you are on a free plan, you can’t upload a custom domain.

Use Dropbox That’s all there may be to do. You’ve correctly created a internet site the usage of Dropbox and DropPages.

By heading over to the area you created, you could get admission to your new internet site. Of direction,

there gained’t be an awful lot until you add content material to it.

All documents created by using DropPages may be saved on your Dropbox account.

If you open your Dropbox account and navigate to /Apps/My.DropPages/ you will see a new folder along with your domain name.

Inside this folder, you’ll see three other sub-folders. Here is what they are and what they do.

Content: The content material folder is used to upload the textual content documents which can be written in Markdown language.

These text files are then rendered as HTML the use of the Template folder.

You don’t ought to mainly use the text documents with Markdown to create content material to your website, but it will make your lifestyles a great deal less difficult.

Public: This folder hosts all the public files like CSS, JS, Images, and of your downloadable content material like PDF, ZIP documents, etc.

Templates: You can use this folder to host all your HTML files. This folder is also liable for rendering HTML files with the text documents inside the Content folder.

To add content material in your new site, upload the HTML files to the Templates folder,

and other files like pics, CSS, and JS to the Public folder.

If the entirety goes proper, you’ll have your new internet site up and jogging in no time.


Now, if you visit your domain name you’ll see the format is pretty basic with simply traces of text. No images or css.

You can either upload you very own HTML and CSS documents in the content material and public folder.

Or, DropPages additionally offers 3 unfastened subject matters. Download absolutely everyone of them,

extract the content material and also you’ll discover 3 folders — Content, Public,

and Templates. Simply upload the content of those folders to the respective directory to your Dropbox ,

also you’ll get a internet site like this. (see the screenshot on the pinnacle).

To exchange the textual content and photos entry at the internet site, update the Content and Public folder.

There are several unfastened HTML subject matters that assist you to create the website you need.

Here is a good web site a good way to get began with a few desirable HTML subject matters

If you don’t understand a way to write HTML then you can use this unfa

stened tool to create HTML content.

Also, don’t neglect to read the DropPages documentation to get maximum out of it.

That being stated, if you are critical approximately your website then I advise you to host it on a right web host with a proper domain name.

The following video will assist you create a expert website withWordPresss under 10 mins.

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Hope that helps and do comment under sharing your mind and experiences about the use of the above method to use Dropbox to host a Website