Xbox One Controller Not Working? 4 Tips on How to Fix It

Xbox One regulator not working? Realize what to do if your Xbox One regulator will not interface, doesn’t turn on, or continues to flicker.

Is your Xbox One regulator not working? This is an irritating issue that a great deal of Xbox proprietors face. While the present remote regulators are more advantageous than the wired ones of past frameworks, they accompany their own arrangement of issues.

In this investigating guide, we’ll tell you the best way to fix your Xbox One regulator when it will not associate, sync, or even turn on appropriately. Before the end, you’ll have returned to gaming. While we center around the Xbox One here, the majority of these tips likewise apply to the Xbox Series X and Series S since they’re so comparative.

On the off chance that Your Xbox One Controller Is Not Connecting

On the off chance that you can’t get your Xbox One regulator to associate with your control center, you should check for a couple of normal issues.

Do you have eight regulators previously associated with your control center? While you probably don’t utilize this many, the greatest measure of regulators a Xbox One upholds is eight. After this point, you can’t associate additional regulators.

Hold the Xbox button on a regulator and pick Turn regulator off on the subsequent menu to separate at least one of them. Then, at that point take a stab at associating the new regulator once more.

Additionally, recall that you can just combine a regulator with each Xbox One framework in turn. In the event that you go to a companion’s home and pair your regulator with his Xbox, you’ll need to re-pair it with yours once more. This likewise applies when you interface your Xbox One regulator to a PC and afterward attempt to utilize it on your control center once more.

See the “If Your Xbox One Controller Is Blinking” segment underneath for additional on this.

On the off chance that Your Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Consider the possibility that your Xbox regulator matches yet then continues to detach. This can demolish an incredible gaming meeting and is amazingly baffling to manage.

Do recollect that it’s a typical battery-saving component of the Xbox One regulator to separate on the off chance that you don’t utilize it for 15 minutes. This will not occur when messing around, however can become an integral factor in the event that you principally utilize your Xbox One as a media focus.

You’ll have to move a stick or press a catch now and again. Else, you’ll need to reconnect it later by squeezing the Xbox button.

Nonetheless, in case you’re disapproving of your Xbox regulator detaching, it presumably happens considerably more regularly than like clockwork. In the event that that is the situation, you can attempt a couple investigating steps.

Affirm that your batteries are charged when you have this issue. Tap the Xbox catch to return to the Home menu, then, at that point search for the battery symbol in the upper right corner. In the event that they’re low, supplant or charge them as important.

Continuous separates can likewise happen due to obstruction. The Xbox One regulator has a remote scope of around 19-28 feet, as indicated by Xbox Support. Have a go at drawing nearer to your control center if your regulator will not remain associated.

You ought to likewise eliminate impediments between the regulator and control center, similar to workstations, metal racking, and comparable. On the off chance that your Xbox is inside a diversion community, take a stab at moving it outside the unit to improve association.

In the event that Your Xbox One Controller Is Blinking

In the event that you press the Xbox button on your regulator and it flickers or glimmers, this generally shows that your regulator isn’t combined to a control center. As referenced over, this can happen when you pair the regulator to another framework. Yet, it can likewise happen because of different glitches.

Follow our aide telling the best way to synchronize a Xbox One regulator to your control center to get yours associated once more.

On the off chance that your regulator will not match utilizing the catches, have a go at utilizing a USB link to combine it. Just fitting the link into a USB port on your comfort and associate the opposite finish to your regulator, then, at that point hold the Xbox button on your regulator for a couple of moments.

In the event that this neglects to take care of the issue, you ought to restart your control center. Press and hold the force button on the facade of your framework for 10 seconds to completely control it off. Then, at that point press it again to betray. After a force pattern of both your control center and regulator, you ought to have the option to match them without it blazing.

In the event that it continues flickering and killing after this, your regulator may have an equipment issue. Attempt another regulator with your control center and check whether you have a similar issue, or test your regulator with a companion’s Xbox or another gadget like a PC.

Contact Xbox Support in the event that you can’t get the regulator to regardless. Meanwhile, know that you can press and hold the Xbox button on your regulator for a few seconds to turn it off. This can help ration battery in the event that it simply continues blazing during your investigating.

In the event that Your Xbox One Controller Won’t Turn On

In the event that your Xbox regulator isn’t turning on, don’t stress. This is another normal issue, with comparable answers for the abovementioned.

At the point when your Xbox One regulator will not turn on, first, ensure the batteries aren’t dead. On the off chance that the batteries are low, the regulator will not turn on by any means. Pop the back cover off and supplant the two AA batteries, then, at that point attempt once more.

You can likewise buy the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit to acquire battery-powered batteries.

In the event that changing the batteries doesn’t attempt to control on your Xbox regulator, attempt this:

  • Mood killer your Xbox One completely by squeezing and holding the force button on the facade of the framework for 10 seconds.
  • Unplug your control center’s force link, and leave it’s anything but a couple of moments.
  • Utilize a USB link you know is acceptable (attempt others if the first doesn’t attempt) to associate your regulator to the framework.
  • Attachment your Xbox back in and turn it on utilizing the force button on the framework. Try not to squeeze anything on the regulator until the Xbox boots up.
  • Take a stab at squeezing the Xbox button on your regulator now to check whether it’s working.

General Xbox One Controller Connection Tips

We’ve covered explicit Xbox regulator issues above. Nonetheless, if your Xbox regulator is as yet not working, here are some other general answers for attempt.

Update the Xbox Controller Firmware

Your Xbox One regulator really has its own firmware that gets refreshes now and again. While it doesn’t get these updates regularly, undermined or obsolete firmware could cause separation issues.

In the event that your regulator is utilitarian, you can refresh it by tapping the Xbox catch to open the Guide while your framework is on. Go to Profile and framework > Settings > Devices and associations > Accessories.

Select your regulator, then, at that point pick the three-spot catch and hit Firmware rendition to check for refreshes.

Eliminate Connected Xbox Accessories

Some of the time Xbox One embellishments, joined either to the regulator or control center, can present association issues.

On the off chance that you have an outer hard drive, console, or comparative fringe associated with your Xbox, take a stab at detaching it and afterward endeavor to interface your regulator once more. Do likewise for the Stereo Headset Adapter on your regulator, on the off chance that you have it.

In case you’re attempting to match up your regulator utilizing a USB link, ensure you’re utilizing an excellent rope. Bad quality or harmed links may not work accurately.

Have a go at Connecting Another Controller to Your Xbox

Like most investigating, you can assist nail with bringing down where the issue lies by attempting various gadgets. Take a stab at associating an alternate regulator, that you know works, to your Xbox framework. Affirm that its batteries are charged, as well.

Assuming that regulator turns out great, the first regulator is the issue. In any case, in the event that both have issues, the issue probably lies with your control center all things being equal. You may have to reach out to Xbox Support for this situation.

Reboot Your Xbox One

We referenced it above, yet it bears rehashing: make a point to reboot your control center while investigating regulator issues. Naturally, essentially tapping the force button on the facade of the framework just places it into rest mode, so ensure you hold it for at any rate 10 seconds for a full closure.

Now and again a fast reboot is all you need when a Xbox One regulator isn’t working.

Take a stab at Connecting With a USB Cable Permanently

In the event that you find that your Xbox regulator association gives clear up when utilizing a USB link, your smartest choice may be to utilize your regulator as a wired gadget to forestall future issues. You can purchase a long link, similar to the 15-foot MATEIN miniature USB link, so you don’t need to stress over sitting far away from your framework.

This isn’t ideal, however it beats spending the cash on another regulator.

Imagine a scenario where Your Xbox One Controller Is Still Not Working.

In the case of nothing else works, head to the Xbox gadget support page. Sign in with your Microsoft account, register your control center on the off chance that you haven’t yet, and you can continue through the means to supplant your regulator. In the event that Microsoft will not supplant it, you’ll need to search for an arrangement on another regulator all things being equal.

Ideally, one of these tips cleared up your Xbox One regulator issue. Regardless of whether your regulator will not interface, continues to streak, or will not turn on, one of these tips ought to get you back in the game.

Furthermore, since you have a functioning regulator, you can return to getting a charge out of the best Xbox has to bring to the table.