How to Use Apple Watch With an Android Smartphone

Apple Watch With an Android,It can be done but it’s not for the faint of heart

Apple Watch With an Android,Can an Apple Watch and an Android smartphone paintings together? If you ask Apple, the authentic answer is that the employer’s watches are handiest compatible with choose iPhone models, but the real solution is going a chunk deeper.

If you’re brave and don’t thoughts experimenting, there is probably a way to cross the streams and use the two devices together.

Can I Pair an Apple Watch With an Android Phone? The general answer is simply: no. You can’t pair an Android tool with an Apple Watch and have the 2 paintings collectively over Bluetooth. If you try to pair the 2 gadgets as one could commonly pair every other Bluetooth device, they’ll refuse to connect.

However, in case you’re inclined to mess around with your devices, you can have the 2 gadgets working in semi-tandem.

Apple Watch With an Android,It can be done but it’s not for the faint of heart

Depending on the model of Apple Watch, it would have a further manner to talk beyond Bluetooth: LTE connectivity. Apple offers higher-priced versions of their smartwatch which could live connected, get hold of phone calls, and get messages, even when a trendy Bluetooth reference to an iPhone is misplaced.

These LTE Apple Watches utilize your provider’s community to make sure they don’t disconnect if you move for a run or go to the store and go away your iPhone behind.

This identical function lets in us to take benefit of a loophole to acquire partial capability, even if you have an Android device.

What Functionality Can I Expect With an Android Phone? Your Apple Watch and its installed apps can be capable of hold themselves updated over a cellular connection; pick out apps that require your iPhone can also function in surprising methods.

Additionally, at the same time as you may ship and obtain telephone calls, messaging can be a bit greater cumbersome. IMessage, for example, tends to paintings with this setup, but general text messages (SMS) fail; a good sized problem on account that your Android tool will generally want to send all messages as standard SMS texts.

Since you gained’t have get admission to to an iPhone, you also gained’t be capable of preserve your tool and software program definitely up to date. If you need to install a new app for your watch, you’ll additionally be out of good fortune due to the fact you need an iPhone to complete this characteristic.

What Do I Need to Get Started With This Project?

The process of getting your Apple Watch paintings with an Android telephone would require the following:

  • The unlocked Apple Watch with LTE
  • An unlocked Android phone
  • An unlocked iPhone 6 or later
  • A SIM card elimination device.

If you’re unsure whether the Apple devices you are the use of are unlocked or now not, you can contact Apple or your provider for greater statistics. If you are uncertain about your Android tool, we nevertheless suggest contacting your service.

TIP: You also need to be on a cell network that supports usage of the Apple Watch. In the USA, this consists of AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.

How to Connect an Apple Watch and Android Phone

Ensure that your Apple Watch is efficiently installation and configured with your selected iPhone tool.

Unfortunately, you’ll want to start with an iPhone to set up the Apple Watch and connect it to your service’s LTE network.

Once your Apple Watch is prepared, proceed with the stairs beneath.

  1. Turn off your iPhone, Android cellphone, and Apple Watch.
  2. Use the SIM card tool (or something appropriate like a paperclip) to dispose of your SIM card from your iPhone.
  3. Place your iPhone SIM card into your Android telephone and then flip it on.
  4. Once your Android telephone has powered on and is hooked up to your cellular service’s community, energy on the Apple Watch. You have to now see your Android device is connected on your provider as typical and that your Apple Watch is likewise connected.
  5. Now you can start receiving calls and more in your Apple Watch, despite having an Android cellphone as your number one device.

What Exactly Is Happening With My iPhone and Android Phone?


Your devices aren’t clearly speaking with one another; from a technical angle, they’re nevertheless absolutely incompatible. However, putting in place your Watch with LTE method it no longer desires to apply an iPhone to complete a number of its number one features.

Be prepared to see a loss in capability, and the consistent use of LTE will drain your Apple Watch battery faster than usual. While it’s a amusing test average, if you love Android, you’re higher off choosing up a committed smartwatch that’s compatible with your smartphone.