How to Supercharge Apple Reminders with Goodtask

Apple Reminders Like a lot of Apple software program, Reminders is simple, smooth to apply, and ubiquitous, as a minimum it’s miles if you’re heavily invested within the Apple ecosystem. Using Siri to remind yourself approximately an email may be outstanding useful. That stated, Reminders is not a energy consumer’s venture control device. The software can’t be blamed, because it’s not simply meant to be that powerful.

What if you want Reminders enough that you don’t want to move to a more effective app like Things three or OmniFocus? In that case, Goodtask has exactly what you need. Goodtask builds on pinnacle of Reminders, maintaining the simplicity and features while adding every other feature set of its very own.

What does Goodtask add to Reminders

With Goodtask, Reminders becomes plenty greater powerful, however it doesn’t get rid of some thing. You can nevertheless use Reminders exactly as you probably did earlier than and turn to Goodtask while you need those extra effective functions.

One of the main features is the presentation. Goodtask really looks greater cutting-edge and cleanser than the getting old Reminders interface. It’s now not all simply aesthetics, although. Goodtask integrates your calendar into each view, letting you see the whole lot you need to plot your day, week, or month all in one area.


Apple Reminders, If you add an item to your Reminders only to later realize it’s a larger task than you thought, subtasks are a lifesaver. These let you break a task up into smaller, easily completed chunks. Instead of having to rethink the task to break it down further, just add a few items that need to be done before the main task can be completed.

Smart Lists

Reminders gives list items a whole lot as you will write them down on a chunk of paper. This enables keep things easy but can get messy when you have lots to maintain tune of. Goodtask’s Smart Lists assist you to organize and think about your responsibilities in some of useful ways. Smart Lists aren’t new – Wunderlist had them years ago – however they’re very effective in Goodtask.

Pre-present Smart Lists like High Priorities, Scheduled, and Overdue are handy, but that’s only the beginning. You can create your personal clever tags based on what list a challenge is assigned to, date fame, and even what textual content is included in a list object. You can also create a view that carries one tag however no longer any other. This might also look like overkill, however if you have a whole lot of duties for your lists, it is exceptionally beneficial.

Apple Reminders, Quick Actions

Apple Reminders Part of what makes some people reluctant to use greater powerful challenge control apps is how hard it’s miles simply to create a easy to-do item. Goodtask’s Quick Actions make this a snap. When growing a mission, various due dates, tags, and different gadgets show up in the Quick Actions beneath.

Want to be reminded day after today? All it takes is a unmarried tap. Do you need this to be a excessive precedence object? Tap the exclamation point icon. Want to be alerted in at some point, faucet the alert icon.

Goodtask combines this with natural language enter, meaning that regardless of how you need to enter a venture, it’s smooth to do.

Apple Reminders, Snoozing

We’ve all been there: We’re superb formidable on Sunday night, making plans fifteen activities the following day. Then Monday arrives, and there’s just too much to do.

Goodtask’s easy dozing makes it clean to do away with obligations until you’ve got time to deal with them. Want to cast off writing that file until day after today? No trouble.

Apple Reminders, Getting started with Goodtask

Unlike some mission control apps, the barrier to access here in all fairness low. Goodtask is unfastened on each iPhone and iPad. On the Mac it’s going to value you $20. Considering many challenge control apps charge extra than that per year, the charge is reasonably low.


Installing Goodtask is as easy as locating it in the iOS App Store or the Mac App Store. Launch the app, and after a guided excursion, it’ll request permission to get admission to your Reminders and Calendar. Once you’ve everyday, you’re geared up to start the usage of the app.

If you want assist getting started, just visit the Help section at the Goodtask internet site.