fix grub rescue error with Fixmbr Command

Fixmbr Command Want to recognize how to restore grub rescue blunders with the assist of unmarried command? All you need is Windows installation or healing disk. If you haven’t made it, you may use Hiren’s boot CD.

Fixmbr Command How It May Happen

There are many reasons, but maximum commons one is- If you have got deploy Ubuntu at the side of windows, and you reduce to rubble with the partition or uninstall Ubuntu. In that case, the Grub is likewise uninstalled and due to the fact home windows can’t find it, we will’t log in.

For Any gadget to boot into important memory, It requires MBR (grasp boot file). When MBR is broken the gadget is harm the system is no longer capable of load within the running machine. And blunders of grub rescue is shown

Fixmbr Command Follow the steps

  1. Insert Windows 7 Installation or DVD win recovery disk, if you don’t have them, you could use Hiren’s boot cd.
  2. Boot in cd/DVD pressure. Usually, that is executed through press mixture of F8 or F12. But on account that this varies from gadget to gadget, I recommend you Google ‘How to boot into cd on _’ accompanied through your computer version no.

3. In Hiren boot menu, select boot from hard drive Windows 7

Hiren’s boot menu

4. Press F8 immediately then Select Click Repair your computer.

5.Select a language to click on next, Click the Command Prompt and input the command bootrec /fixmbr

6. Reboot computer and you are good to go.

If you face any trouble, allow me recognize within the comments beneath.

Next time, in case you are afraid to create another partition for set up, I propose you operate the wubi installer. This lets you could install Linux at the same force wherein you have to installation your home windows and is quite simple to apply. You can select the OS during the begin-up method.