Authy vs google authenticator — Which one is Better?

Authy vs google authenticator, are just two exclusive apps doing the equal issue; i.E. Making the 2-Factor Authentication simple. These apps generate a time based 6 digit code, that you input after you publish your username and password.

If you don’t know what 2FA is and how it works with Authy, then first watch this video academic. It’ll bring you on top of things.

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Now, ever when you consider that I switched to Authy from Google Authenticator, I have never seemed returned. Authy is better looking and gives more functionalities. So, let’s check some of those difference in detail.

Authy vs google authenticator

1 Authy vs google authenticator,Look n Feel

I realize, appearance and experience are relative terms. But nevertheless, the general public (consisting of me) locate Authy interface higher. There is also has a replica to clipboard choice in Authy, which makes it clean to duplicate paste the codes.

2 Authy vs google authenticator,Multiple Devices

Authy is available for Android, iOS, Windows or even for Desktop the usage of the chrome app. And the satisfactory part is, you could use it in each device concurrently.

This is beneficial whilst you need to login to your Google account and your smartphone is saved in a distinctive room, then you could just use the Authy desktop app. No want to get up from your seat.

But on the other hand, Google Authenticator paintings on a unmarried device. (no computing device assist either). So, in case you try and sign up a new tool with Google authenticator, it’ll automatically unregister the preceding one.

Now, if you assume, having Authenticator app on a couple of gadgets is risky. Then Authy additionally gives you the option to disable it. You can discover it below settings > devices > uncheck allow multiple gadgets.

Authy vs google authenticator,three Cloud sync

Authy lets you take cloud backup of all of your money owed. This is beneficial in conditions. One, in case you misplaced your phone, you can nonetheless log into your Authy account from other devices. And 2d, say you purchased a brand new cellphone, then you can easily migrate your Authy account to it, with the aid of truely installing the app and verifying it.

However, in Google authenticator, there are no alternatives for cloud backup or sync. So, in case you misplaced your cellphone, you misplaced get right of entry to to all of your account. Similarly, if you buy a new phone, you’ll have to manually switch all the money owed, that’s a tedious procedure.

Again, in case you assume, cloud backup option in Authy, will compromise your security, then you definately have the choice to disable it.

four Secure

When it comes to in-hand use, Authy is extra cozy than google authenticator. How? Well, you can set a PIN/MasterPassword/Fingerprint to open the app. But there’s no such choice in Google Authenticator. Yes, you could use a third birthday party app locker to guard it, but by using default, there is no gatekeeper in Google Authenticator.

And if that is any comfort, you should recognise that Authy encrypts your money owed before importing them to the server. So even though a person get access for your Authy backup, they nevertheless received’t be able to use it, as they don’t have your grasp password.

Also, you cannot take screenshot (or report/forged display screen) of Authy’s Android app. But you could do that with Google Authenticator app. So, if someone is secretly recording your display screen, atleast Authy will make it difficult for them, if no longer impossible; even as Google Authenticator will offer no resistance.

Closing Words

Overall, Authy does quite an awful lot the whole thing that Google authenticator does. Plus, it additionally comes with some beneficial functions, like — higher format, replica to clipboard, multiple devices aid, PIN and cloud backup etc.

Off path, some may say that these more features additionally make it inclined (that’s actual to some extent), but however, if you don’t need them, you have got the option to disable them. And Authy will nonetheless work like Google authenticator.

In a nutshell, Authy is a clear winner here. And there is no purpose why you must no longer use it over Google Authenticator.