How to Add Google AdSense Between Posts in WordPress

Google AdSense Between Posts,Google AdSense is one of the maximum popular approaches to monetize your website.

AdSense commercials pay primarily based on price-in keeping with-click on (CPC).

Each time a traveler in your WordPress blog clicks on an ad, you receive a charge.

If you’re the usage of WordPress.Org and are website hosting your weblog thru a 3rd birthday celebration.

upload Google AdSense commercials for your weblog to earn cash. After you set up a Google AdSense account and are authorised.

you can start adding advertisements for your website.

Although many humans use sidebar ads.

you can additionally position ads among posts in your weblog.

Warning: Before you are making changes on your WordPress editor display screen HTML, it’s an excellent concept to duplicate the authentic code and paste it into Notepad or a comparable textual content-editor application. That way, if something goes incorrect, you could delete all of the code from WordPress and update it with the unique code.

Enter HTML Code to Position AdSense Ads Between Posts

To show Google AdSense picture or textual content ads among your posts, log in in your WordPress Dashboard.

go into your subject matter Editor display screen in the Appearance phase.

And open the index.Php record positioned within the right panel.

Enter this code in the center window of your editor display:

Position it at once above the code that asserts:

<?php $count = 1; ?>

(See the red circled locations in the accompanying image for clarity.)

You can exchange the wide variety within the code from 1 (that means the advert will seem underneath the primary submit in your blog)

To any wide variety you need if you want to area the advert under the specific publish in your blog wherein you need it to seem.

Enter the Google AdSense Code

Open another browser window and log in for your Google AdSense account.

Create the ad unit you want to seem between your posts on your weblog and then replica that AdSense code furnished via Google.

Return to your WordPress dashboard window and paste your code inside the same role as it’s far proven in the red circle in the accompanying picture.

It appears right now before the line of HTML code that consists of the –stop .Entry– code.

Click the Update File button to store the modifications.

View Your Blog

View your blog to make sure the adjustments you made show the way you want them to.

Note that a stay advert might not appear at once, but the role holder must be there right away.

It can take Google an afternoon or so to begin displaying contextually relevant commercials in a new advert unit.