Thumb App Tips and Tricks

Thumb App Tips,A Beginner’s Guide to Opinionaided’s Mobile Opinion App

Thumb App Tips,One element immediate messenger, one element recommendation meter on-the-go, Thumb for iPhone and Android devices (previously Opinionaided) is an thrilling cellular app which permits its customers to put up questions to the network and buddies across their social media bills and advantage immediately remarks in a number of categories.

Answer questions and add remarks to gain Good Advice stars, get identified on the Thumb weblog as a top consultant, and make new pals from around the globe as you proportion and provide feedback.

Thumb includes social media integration so that you can percentage your questions with buddies and own family on Facebook and Twitter, plus get admission to contacts out of your tool contacts.

Thumb App Tips,Getting Started on Thumb

Before you can enjoy membership in the Thumb community, you have to follow these easy steps for your device:


  1. Access the Android Market from your device.
  2. Download Thumb for Android.
  3. Create a free Thumb account or check in with Facebook.

iPhone/iPod Touch

  1. Locate the App Store on your device.
  2. Download Thumb for iPhone.
  3. Create a free Thumb account or sign in with Facebook.

Once you’ve got downloaded your free copy of the Thumb app in your tool, you are prepared to use the app to advantage feedback on questions or provide advice to others. In each phase below, you’ll analyze extra approximately the features on Thumb and a way to use them to your cellular tool.

Thumb App Tips,How to Sign In to Thumb

Signing in to your app calls for either a unfastened account you can create once you’ve got launched the software program or by way of connecting Facebook to Thumb. Learn a way to sign up for iPhone/iPod Touch or Android right here:

  • How to Sign in to Thumb for Android
  • How to Sign in to Thumb for iPhone/iPod Touch

Thumb App Tips,How to Navigate Through Thumb

Once you have signed in to the app, you will be aware big buttons labeled “Ask for Opinions” and “Give Your Opinions,” in addition to a tab menu which incorporates navigation to:

  • Ask Questions
  • Give Opinions
  • View Results
  • View Your Profile

Thumb App Tips,How to Ask for Thumbs

One of the app’s primary goals is to connect customers who’re in want of recommendation or critiques with the ones equipped and willing to proportion. You can ask questions about buying decisions, this-or-that kind questions and more on Thumb, in some of classes (see beneath). Learn greater approximately asking questions about iPhone/iPod Touch or Android here:

  • How to Ask Questions on Thumb for Android
  • How to Ask for Opinions on Thumb for iPhone/iPod Touch

How to Share Opinions on Thumb

Thumbs up, thumbs down or impartial? On this app, this is the query on all of us’s thoughts. Learn a way to supply recommendation and opinions for iPhone/iPod Touch or Android here.

  • How to Give Opinions on Thumb for Android
  • How to Share Opinions on Thumb for iPhone/iPod Touch

How to View Your Thumb Results

Whether you wish to check the recommendation you have received on a question or whether or no longer your comment scored you a Good Advice megastar, you could learn how to view outcomes for iPhone/iPod Touch or Android right here. You also can discover ways to deliver Good Advice stars, which might be a pleasant manner to praise those who have given thoughtful recommendation.

  • How to View Thumb for Android Results
  • How to See Your Answers on Thumb for iPhone/iPod Touch

How to View, Edit Your Thumb Profile

Learn how to check out your profile, edit your photograph, bio, view Good Advice stars and more for iPhone/iPod Touch or Android right here:

  • How to Access Your Thumb for Android Profile
  • How to View Your Thumb for iPhone/iPod Touch Profile

Learn More About the History of Thumb

In a single year, the Thumb app with the aid of Opinionaided, Inc. Had made top notch strides to emerge as second to Facebook in average length of time according to user per month. Lifewire.Com sat down with CEO Dan Kurani to talk approximately the history of the app and how it has risen in the ranks so quickly. Read on:

  • The Rise of Thumb: An Interview with CEO Dan Kurani
  • 5 Extra Tidbits from the Thumb Revolution

How to Write Questions People Will Jump to Respond

If you are looking for quite a few reviews or feedback for your Thumb questions, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the feedback you’re looking for, says Opinionaided, Inc. CEO Dan Kurani. Follow those easy suggestions and you’ll be crafting properly-formulated queries as a way to get attention from the Thumb network:

  • Make Sure It’s Opinion-Based. “[The app is] now not for doing homework, like answering a math question or to find out who turned into the sixteenth president,” Dan shared. So, make sure you are soliciting for an opinion or give up with something like “Any pointers?” to set off greater remarks.
  • Don’t Ask an Open-Ended Question. Some of the satisfactory questions solicit an opinion between things, whether or not it’s far a yes or no decision (“Should I purchase these footwear? TU or TD”) or a comparison (“Tacos or Enchiladas?”), Dan said.
  • Go for the Emotional. In phrases of remark-grabbers, matters which resonate emotionally including paintings often prompts greater feedback, he stated.

Top Tips for Getting More Good AdviceStars

Good Advice stars are the foreign money of the Thumb network and go an extended manner to helping you get recognized as a top adviser among other users. This can lead to popularity from Thumb’s builders and cause all styles of perks. But, the secret to getting greater Good Advice stars is writing thoughtful feedback. Here’s a way to do it:

  1. Read the Question Carefully. When you method a query at the app, make certain you recognize what they’re asking for before you solution. Then, craft a reaction which offers them a direct opinion or solution to what they’re asking.
  2. Consider the Source. If someone is looking whether or not you like some thing particular, like a singer or a film, the possibilities are probably more they like that subject matter or thing themselves. Answering for this reason, but be type.
  3. Mind Your Manners. Especially if the question revolves round a hot button difficulty, answer really however without passing judgment. Even if your answer does not in shape how the Thumber feels about the difficulty, your capability to discuss with out name calling or being poor can move a protracted manner to building proper rapport with people.
  4. Always Comment. There can be instances in that you do not know how to answer, and that is ok. That’s why there is a impartial button. But, in case you consist of a pleasing praise, whether or not it’s approximately the photo they used or a notion on the topic, irrespective of how you vote, you’ve got a better shot of having a comment.
  5. Look for Free Star Opportunities. Some Thumbers will deliver a star for any answer, so usually take benefit of those questions.
  6. Change Your Category to Suit Your Specialty. If you have a number of expertise in a sure challenge, getting questions from a restricted number of classes allow you to gain greater Good Advice stars faster. Learn the way to trade your class for Android and iPhone/iPod Touch here.

What Categories are Available on Thumb?

Believe it or not, the app capabilities a fantastically robust 24 categories and topics from which you may plant your query under. These classes encompass:

  • Art, Design & Photography
  • Style & Fashion
  • Food & Drink
  • Apps, Technology & Gadgets
  • Relationships
  • Appearance
  • Music, Movies & TV
  • Places & Travel
  • Gaming
  • Sports & Activities
  • Cars, Boats & Cycles
  • Life & Lifestyle
  • Health & Fitness
  • Parenting & Family
  • Pets & Animals
  • Home & Garden
  • World Events & Politics
  • Books & Literature
  • Religion, Philosophy & Science
  • Education & Career
  • Business & Finance
  • Humor
  • Random
  • Questions about Thumb