Google Assistant May Get Its “What’s On My Screen” Feature Back

The scandalous disappearing order may before long return a shiny new element for Android.

In the Android a long time ago, you may recollect that you could ask Google Assistant “what’s on my screen?” before this element disappeared into the fog. Presently, it appears to be that Google is chipping away at allowing it a second life in another Android area it’s dealing with.

What’s New With “What’s On My Screen?”

The arrival of this convenient component was spotted by XDA Developers during its typical APK teardown. This is the place where the site deciphers open the code of Google’s Android APK and takes a gander at all the fascinating things stowed away in the code.

Now and then, these APK teardowns uncover arrangement work for a future element. This was the case this time round, after the site found proof that Google is dealing with bringing “what’s on my screen?” back from its computerized grave.

On the off chance that you missed the order when it was first near, “what’s on my screen” was a helpful method to get more information on the thing you were seeing. For example, it could look up celebrated individuals in an article, or reveal to you more subtleties of a melody that was right now playing.

Obviously, the APK teardown ought to be thought about while taking other factors into consideration. Designers add code constantly for expected future highlights, however it is anything but an assurance that it’ll become visible. This goes twofold for the “what’s on my screen” order, which Google appears to add and eliminate from Android however it sees fit.

In any case, something intriguing occurred in the most recent update. At the present time, Google is dealing with a “my activities” segment for Android. This will permit you to save orders you utilize a great deal for sometime in the future, so you don’t have to continue to say them each time you need them to fire.

This update adds another part to the new “my activities” window, and it’s called—you got it—”on my screen.” The segment is as yet under development, since nothing is on it and it utilizes a placeholder green tone for the present. Notwithstanding, all things considered, this segment will duplicate the “what’s on my screen” order without you expecting to say a word.

Since this was an APK dive, there is no authority gauge on when—or if—this element will deliver. In any case, if Google stands firm, we may at long last get this helpful element back and in excess of anyone’s imagination.

A Handy Feature, Hopefully on Everyone’s Screens Soon

The “what’s on my screen” order flies all through Android absent really any admonition from Google. Notwithstanding, the tech goliath is playing with making it an order you can conjure whenever without talking. We should trust it remains as such.

Talking about convenient Google Assistant orders, did you realize you can utilize it to bolt and open your telephone? When your Google Assistant can perceive your voice from everybody else’s, you can go through it to open your telephone with a verbal order.