Error Code 0xc000000f: What It Means and How to Fix It

Escape the blue screen of death

An 0xc000000f error code message in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 usually seems after an operating machine replace or after the set up of a brand new application. It may additionally look something like the following:

  • File: Windowssystem32winload.Exe Error code: 0xc000000f

Note: Error 0xc000000f nearly usually appears after a Windows laptop has powered returned on or after a restart as a way to inform the consumer that the Windows operating machine has been unable to complete its startup.

Cause of Error Code 0xc000000f

Getting a Windows failed to start 0xc00000f kind of blunders message is normally the end result of a corrupted document, a broken drive, or a malware or virus contamination. Faulty or dislocated cables have additionally been regarded to reason the 0xc00000f error code message to appear as they can intervene with the device’s capacity to properly access critical files.

How to Fix Error Code 0xc000000f

This tech difficulty has been known to have an effect on both 32-bit and sixty four-bit variations of the Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 running systems. Fortunately, there are several answers that have been recognized to restore it and get devices up and running nicely once more.

01. Follow the on-screen commands. Usually an 0xc00000f errors code can be followed via a few actionable guidelines for repairing your Windows device or restarting it. If your tool is unresponsive, the advised hints don’t paintings, otherwise you aren’t provided with any machine guidelines at all, continue to the following step.

02. Perform a soft reset. Press and preserve the electricity button to your Windows device for at least 10 seconds. After the tool turns off, wait a few seconds, then press the button over again to turn it on. This is a simple trick however can frequently repair any brief system faults or bugs.

Tip: If you manage to get your Windows tool working well again, it’s a terrific idea to carry out a gadget replace that could repair a number of corrupted files and save you this situation from occurring once more. You may also want to perform an Error Check on every man or woman force.

03. Remove any external drives. This has been known to repair the 0xc00000f errors code once in a while. Simply turn off your Windows device, disconnect any outside hard drives, after which flip your tool lower back on. You may want to dispose of any related USB storage gadgets as well.

04. Remove all devices and accessories. Removing any linked mice, webcams, and other digital gadgets from your pc and acting a restart could also fix your trouble.

If you’ve related your Xbox One controller, or any other video game controller, to your PC, it’s an awesome concept to put off them as properly by unplugging their cables and doing away with any dongles used to attach them.

Important: Make sure your Windows pc or tablet is absolutely grew to become off and no longer simply in sleep mode before disconnecting any hardware.

05. Perform a pressure shutdown. A force shutdown is form of like a more potent restart for Microsoft’s Surface line of products that could frequently restoration a buggy Surface tool while a regular restart or shutdown might not paintings.

For the present day Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book 2, and Surface Go models, a force shutdown is usually finished through conserving the electricity button down for 20 seconds until the Windows emblem flashes. The technique can range for other Surface models.

06. Check for defective cables. If you have got a Windows pc that can be opened up, energy it down absolutely, disconnect it from all electricity resources, then open it up and have a examine all of the wiring. Check to make certain all of the cables are firmly connected and if any are showing put on and tear, you could want to update them.

If you decide to smooth the wiring or different inner components of your computer, chorus from using a cleansing agent or some other liquid and rather use a dry fabric.

Important: Some Windows gadgets, together with the Surface line of products, save you users from beginning them up, and trying to do so can void your assurance. Desktop computer systems are generally first-class for inspection, but it’s constantly nice to check your person manual and guarantee papers before making any radical bodily adjustments.

07. Refresh your PC. If you’ve tried the whole lot else and you’re nonetheless unable to put off the 0xc000000f errors message, fresh your computer may additionally do the trick. This method basically reinstalls the Windows running system but doesn’t touch your mounted packages or saved files. This choice is available through the Advanced Startup Options menu on the well-known “blue display of loss of life;” choose Troubleshoot > Reset this PC > Refresh your PC.

08. Reset your PC. Resetting your Windows PC honestly have to be the closing resort as it will completely erase the whole thing to your tool and return it to the way it turned into while you first were given it. The Reset your PC choice is also to be had inside the Advanced Startup Options recuperation alternatives and may be located in Troubleshoot > Reset this PC > Reset your PC.

Note: While resetting your pc can appear pretty daunting, in case you use a cloud storage service consisting of OneDrive or Google Drive, all of your documents stored to these offerings may be redownloaded as soon as the reset technique has finished. Likewise, any apps or media bought from the Microsoft Store or other on line shops can also be redownloaded.

09. Reinstall Windows 10 from set up media. A Windows 10 set up media is an professional Microsoft program that can be downloaded onto a USB force or DVD and used to reinstall the Windows 10 operating device on a damaged PC or a brand new device entirely. The files can be downloaded from the Windows 10 installation media page at the legit Microsoft internet site.

Note: If you’re experiencing the “blue screen of loss of life,” you’ll in all likelihood want to download and create the Windows 10 set up media on a pal or family member’s computer. You also can make a Windows 8 restoration pressure in case you’re the usage of that working gadget.

Once created, insert the power with the Windows 10 installation media on it into your affected laptop, restart the laptop, and it have to immediately boot to the records on your drive. Once loaded, pick out Install Windows and comply with the stairs to reinstall the Windows 10 running device.

10. Contact customer service. If none of those suggestions work, otherwise you’re not able to strive them because of an unresponsive Advanced Startup Options menu or system, it could be time to name the reputable customer service to your Windows device’s producer. While this can be irritating, it’s critical to remember the fact that in case your guarantee continues to be legitimate, you may be able to get a substitute at no cost, or, at least, a reduction.