CCleaner v5.57

A Full Review of CCleaner, a Free Registry Cleaner

CCleaner v5.57, CCleaner tops our list of loose registry cleaners for several accurate motives.

Aside from being completely loose and running with all variations of Windows, two additional matters certainly stand out.

For one, I’ve by no means had CCleaner cause a problem inside the Windows Registry.

which some much less-nicely-carried out registry restore tools do on a everyday foundation.

Because it’s optionally to be had in a portable layout (i.E., it does not want to be established).

Download CCleaner

CCleaner v5.57,Read our full CCleaner evaluation beneath for a list of features, professionals & cons.

my reviews at the software, and some primary commands, or head instantly to their download web page related above.

Important: Please download CCleaner from Piriform’s website simplest (CCleaner.Com), which we’ve related to above! There are malicious packages that appearance and sound like CCleaner but fee for the cleaning. See Why Is CCleaner Asking Me to Pay? For greater.

Note: This overview is of CCleaner v5.57.7182, which become released May 14, 2019. Please allow me recognize if there’s a more moderen version I need to review.

CCleaner v5.57,More About CCleaner

CCleaner v5.57, CCleaner works with 32-bit and sixty four-bit variations of Windows 10.

Windows 8 (such as Windows 8.1 & Windows 8.1 Update), Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Two installation techniques are available.

The first is known as “Installer” and is a full deploy of CCleaner.

which incorporates an option to also installation Google Chrome and the Google Toolbar for IE.

The second is the “Portable” version, which we advocate, and would not require installation at all.

Note: A “Slim” version is also from time to time to be had, which is the same as the “Installer” alternative however without the Google software set up options.

CCleaner is honestly more than only a registry cleaner tool.

It’s probably extra appropriately known as a device cleanser because it in reality cleans a lot greater than simply your registry.

CCleaner v5.57,As a ways because the registry cleansing functions are involved, CCleaner, like any registry cleaners, is more often.

than not worried with eliminating entries inside the Windows Registry that talk to documents, packages, or other assets that now not exist.

For example, CCleaner will get rid of registry keys and registry values that factor to packages and documents that not exist in Windows.

These abilities are exactly why running CCleaner, or every other well-designed registry purifier, is a first-rate troubleshooting step .

when faced with a “lacking document” or “cannot discover a record” form of mistakes, in particular as Windows starts.

Specifically, CCleaner will remove registry entries that factor to the subsequent in the event that they now not exist: DLL documents, file extensions.

COM/ActiveX items, type libraries, applications and application paths, fonts, help documents, installers, sound events, and offerings.

CCleaner v5.57, Outside of the registry, CCleaner also eliminates temporary.

browser information like cookies, records, and the cache from all popular browsers.

You can also do such things as empty the Recycle Bin, clear MRU lists, empty the thumbnail cache in Windows.

take away antique reminiscence dumps and log documents, and much greater.

CCleaner also has a “Tools” place in which you could mechanically uninstall packages, view and exchange the packages that startup with Windows.

locate and remove documents which can be taking up plenty of disk space, find duplicate files, cast off restore factors, or even wipe a pressure.

CCleaner v5.57,Cleaner Pros & Cons

As you could see, there’s a lot to like about CCleaner:


  • Installs speedy
  • Multiple installation alternatives
  • Keeps cookies that it is aware of you probable do not need to delete (like webmail logins)
  • Unobtrusive context menu addition to the Recycle Bin
  • Long records of everyday application updates
  • A backup document is created earlier than any adjustments to the registry are made
  • Killer feature set
  • Can keep away from scanning registry keys and values you tell it to pass over
  • Support for a spread of Windows variations
  • Support for macOS 10.6 to ten.Thirteen High Sierra
  • Available as an Android app


  • Standard down load web page is perplexing and makes this system appear to cost cash, which it does not
  • The installer will add some other application in your computer except you explicitly deny it

Thoughts On CCleaner

If it is not apparent already, I love CCleaner. It’s tiny, fast, and thorough.

It doesn’t promote it to repair all the problems beneath.

the solar like such a lot of “registry restore” equipment do.

It does what it does and that’s properly sufficient. I like that.

I very just like that there are two ways to “deploy” CCleaner.

And while I’m generally a totally massive fan of portable programs.

one advantage of actually putting in CCleaner is the addition of Run CCleaner and Open CCleaner right-click alternatives for your Recycle Bin.

If you are making plans on the use of CCleaner for general gadget cleaning, this is a certainly reachable feature.

My handiest actual criticism approximately CCleaner is the perplexing down load page, which you can see right here.

While I hyperlink to their plenty more clean builds page some other place in this review.

The usual CCleaner download page that most people turn out to be on is a touch complicated.

On first glance, their download web page makes it looks like you need to pay for CCleaner in case you want it to truly do something.

I absolutely get ordinary emails approximately CCleaner being now not loose.

However, it’s miles free, however you could choose to pay for their Professional or Business Edition variations and get non-public assist.

a software program updater, and some other capabilities.

CCleaner Free capabilities a hundred% and could now.

not prompt you to pay for whatever to complete any of the duties.

Another trivial hassle I actually have with CCleaner is that at the very start of the installer.

you are requested if you need to put in some other software together with CCleaner.

I’ve seen Avast! Free Antivirus advertised right here however others is probably, too.

If you don’t want whatever but CCleaner, simply uncheck something.

software is referred to, after which hold putting in CCleaner generally.

In summary, if you suppose a registry cleaner is essential to resolve some computer problem you’re having, I fantastically advocate you select CCleaner.

If you are interested in a number of the opposite actually cool machine cleaning capabilities, understand that among the ones applications, CCleaner is also probably your quality wager. It’s truly a exceptional software.

Note: Piriform, the agency in the back of CCleaner, also makes a number of other free and surprisingly rated device programs like Recuva, that is a free records recovery device, and Defraggler, a completely loose defrag application, and Speccy, a loose system facts utility.

How to Use CCleaner

CCleaner is easy to put in. Just head to their builds web page and pick the set up option you need.

Choose “Installer” or “Slim” (if to be had) to put in CCleaner as you’ll any regular application.

Choose the “Portable” version in case you’d like to run CCleaner from a flash force or would simply as a substitute now not set up but another application in your pc.

You’ll need to unzip this system before running it in that case.

Once it’s up and strolling, comply with these steps to clean the registry:

01 Select the Registry icon at the left.

02 Under the Registry Cleaner heading, make certain all the alternatives are checked.

Note: If you have a terrific concept what you would like CCleaner to “clean” from the registry then, with the aid of all method, limit the choice. For instance, if you’re receiving an errors when Windows starts about a program you not have hooked up, you could likely leave only the Run At Startup checked.

03 Choose Scan for Issues. CCleaner is accomplished scanning your registry for pointless entries while the green development bar at the pinnacle of the display screen reaches a hundred%.

Tip: If you make a decision to cancel the experiment midway via it—perhaps as it’s taking too lengthy to complete — you will nevertheless be able to repair what was located before you cancelled it.

04 Choose Fix selected Issues.

Note: While all the registry entries that CCleaner observed are checked by default, you can uncheck any entries you need to maintain.

One of the awesome things about CCleaner in comparison to its competition is that it does not pass overboard. You’re likely safe casting off something that it finds.

05 Select Yes on the conversation box that asks “Do you need to again up the registry before making modifications?”.

If you are not asked approximately backing up the registry, you can make sure you’re subsequent time via permitting Show set off to backup registry problems in Options > Advanced.

06 Choose the suitable vicinity to store the REG document after which pick Save.

This REG report may be used to undo the adjustments CCleaner is set to make to the registry.

See How to Restore the Windows Registry if you later decide to apply the REG backup.

07 On the following screen, pick out Fix All Selected Issues.

CCleaner v5.57, You may also pick Fix Issue to put off every entry one after the other, however probabilities are you’re now not certain which entries have to be kept or deleted.

Fortunately, CCleaner does an excellent task at figuring out that for you, so you’re quality off simply disposing of they all straight away, specially if there are loads or lots.

08 Select Close after all the modifications are whole. This might take only a 2nd or , as much as numerous seconds, relying on what number of registry keys CCleaner is eliminating or converting and the way fast your computer is.

It’s now safe to shut CCleaner or carry out a few other gadget cleansing mission with this system.

It’s an amazing idea, however, to copy the above steps again even in case you’ve simply completed a registry clean-up with CCleaner.

A repeat scan is essential considering a few items that have been previously eliminated would possibly create in addition objects that want to be removed, in which case most effective a second scan (or 0.33 or fourth, etc.) is important so as to delete those new orphaned entries.

Note: If you run an additional experiment and the effects are the precise same as the earlier scan (i.E. The equal entries had been removed in both times), you could give up repeating the easy-up method. One purpose this might happen is that if a manner wishes those entries, and so the system is rebuilding them even after you delete them.

CCleaner is fully documented on Piriform’s website and is a great resource if you need some help.