How to Fix Ntdll.dll Errors

Fix Ntdll.dll Errors,The causes of ntdll.Dll blunders messages can vary greatly. However, maximum ntdll.Dll mistakes result from a corrupt or broken version of the ntdll DLL document itself, corrupt hardware drivers, or troubles between Windows and other applications.

Ntdll.Dll errors can from time to time mean that a bit of hardware on your laptop is malfunctioning, but this is rare.

Fix Ntdll.dll Errors,There are many one of a kind methods that ntdll.Dll mistakes can be displayed in your laptop. They can be because of a number of different things which result in many exceptional errors messages, but these are some of the maximum not unusual:

STOP: 0xC0000221 unknown hard error C:\Winnt\System32\Ntdll.dll
STOP: C0000221 unknown hard error \SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll
AppName: [PROGRAM NAME] ModName: ntdll.dll
[PROGRAM NAME] caused a fault in module NTDLL.DLL at [ANY ADDRESS]
Crash caused in ntdll.dll!
Unhandled exception at [ANY ADDRESS] (NTDLL.DLL)

Ntdll.Dll error messages might seem before or after a application is used, whilst a software is walking, when Windows is started or close down, or maybe all through a Windows installation.

Ntdll.Dll blunders messages can observe to nearly any Windows-based software program application, driver, or plugin on any of Microsoft’s working structures from Windows NT up thru Windows 10, Windows eight, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

How to Fix Ntdll.dll Errors

01 Restart your pc. The ntdll.Dll errors you’re receiving will be due to a one-time, transient problem and a easy reboot may additionally remedy the trouble absolutely.

02 Reinstall this system if the ntdll.Dll mistakes handiest shows when you operate a particular application.

Fix Ntdll.dll Errors,If the software program has any updates or provider packs available, install them, too. The software program’s programmers might also have diagnosed an trouble with the program that precipitated the ntdll.Dll errors and then issued a patch for it.

Note: Third birthday celebration software packages which have been installed on your laptop are almost usually the cause of ntdll.Dll mistakes. The remainder of these troubleshooting steps resolves ntdll.Dll issues best not often.

03 Fix Ntdll.dll Errors,Check the Windows provider percent level you’re walking and then test this page to see if there’s a greater current provider % available for installation. Some issues that precipitated ntdll.Dll errors were corrected in those carrier packs from Microsoft.

The simplest manner to update your Windows pc with the most modern service percent and different patches is to use Windows Update. Follow our guide on How to Check for and Install Windows Updates if you want assist.

04 Fix Ntdll.dll Errors,Selectively disable Internet Explorer add-ons. If your ntdll.Dll mistakes is showing while you start, run, or close Internet Explorer, an add-on can be causing the problem. Disabling every add-on, one at a time, will decide which upload-on is the perpetrator (if any).

Note: As a workaround, assuming the ntdll.Dll error truly is Internet Explorer associated, set up and use a competing browser like Firefox.

05 Fix Ntdll.dll Errors,Rename the NLSPATH system variable. If your Windows machine does no longer have this environment variable, bypass this step.

Note: This is a troubleshooting step for this problem simplest. Be sure to set this path again to its unique name if this does not resolve the ntdll.Dll trouble.

06 Fix Ntdll.dll Errors,Disable Data Execution Prevention for Explorer.Exe. As inside the previous step, this is for troubleshooting the ntdll.Dll problem best. If this doesn’t clear up the problem, go back the Data Execution Prevention settings to their preceding settings.

07 Disable UAC. This is a workaround for some causes of ntdll.Dll problems, however could serve as a everlasting answer if no longer the use of User Account Control is some thing you are at ease with to your computer.

08 Update drivers for any hardware to your laptop in which updated drivers are to be had. Outdated drivers sometimes reason ntdll.Dll errors.

09 Test your reminiscence for harm. If you are receiving ntdll.Dll messages, one viable motive can be a bad memory module to your device. Testing your reminiscence will both identify a problem or clean your RAM of any duty.

Replace your reminiscence if it fails any of your checks.

10 Ntdll.Dll mistakes may want to occur if you have an Iomega Zip force at the identical IDE cable because the difficult drive inner your laptop. If so, pass the Zip drive to a committed IDE controller.

11 Replace the IDE cable connecting the hard force to the motherboard. If this cable is damaged or malfunctioning, one symptom may be the ntdll.Dll mistakes you are seeing.

12 Repair your set up of Windows. If individual software reinstallations fail to solve the hassle, a restore installation of Windows will replace the ntdll.Dll report.

13 Perform a clean set up of Windows. A clean installation will absolutely eliminate Windows out of your PC and deploy it again from scratch. I don’t suggest this feature except you have exhausted all previous troubleshooting ideas and you’re comfortable that the ntdll.Dll blunders isn’t due to a unmarried software (Step #2).

Note: If a unmarried software or plugin is inflicting the ntdll.Dll errors, reinstalling Windows and then reinstalling all of the identical software can also lead you right again to the same ntdll.Dll mistakes.

14 If everything else has failed, inclusive of the easy set up from the last step, you could be handling a hardware trouble with your hard force. However, this is extremely uncommon. If so, update the hard force after which perform a brand new installation of Windows.

Need More Help?

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