Best image loading libraries for android analyzed

Best image loading libraries, Working with photographs is one of the unavoidable elements of android application improvement. Maybe it’s from the neighborhood storage or from the net. Loding pictures into perspectives need to be efficient in order fewer sources are being used. From retrieving photo contents from the internet to caching them for pleasant user experience. Android picture loading libraries come in available to make the process easier. In this put up. we’ll take a glance a number of the maximum common. And the pleasant android libraries that can be used to load photos faster and correctly.

1. Glide

Glide takes the no. 1 spot a few of the photograph loading libraries to be had today. And is the goto library in terms of photograph caching and other cool features this library offers. Glide is an open supply challenge developed via BumpTech and is currently at is v4 release. From the GitHub page we are able to see the outline as.

Glide is a fast and efficient picture loading library for Android targeted on easy scrolling. Glide gives an clean to use API, a performant and extensible resource decoding pipeline and automated useful resource pooling.


Glide wins the heart with it’s smooth to apply API and powerful one liners. Which helps in doing greater in a single line of code.

  1. Glide.with(fragment)
  2. .load(url)
  3. .into(imageView)

To use Glide, without a doubt upload the following traces of code. Into the dependencies of your app degree construct.Gradle document.

dependencies {
  implementation ("com.github.bumptech.glide:glide:4.8.0") {
    exclude group: ""
  implementation ""

Best image loading libraries, Glide offers extra capabilities of cropping. The photo while loading into an ImageView and is one of the few libraries which supports loading GIFs into ImageViews. Here’s a quick example on how to use Glide to load an photo with the round crop. You can learn more approximately Glide and it’s all other capabilities from it’s legitimate docs.

RequestOptions options = new RequestOptions();

2. Best image loading libraries, Picasso

Best image loading libraries, Picasso is likewise one of the most famous libraries obtainable. Which is known for the rate and extraordinary caching abilities in android. Picasso is open supply and is advanced by using Square Inc. A enterprise regarded for it’s top notch contributions to the Android network. Picasso robotically handles picture recycling and download cancellation. While used with recycler adapters, and makes complicated adjustments feasible with lower reminiscence footprint. One advantage over Glide would be the smaller library size which makes Picasso extremely mild weight.

You can easily add Picasso into your undertaking through absolutely adding the following lines into your construct.Gradle document.

implementation 'com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.71828'

You can now start the use of Picasso in your application. By means of a easy syntax to load photograph into ImageViews.


Picasso additionally supports using placeholders for pics. Whilst they are loading and when any mistakes happens at some point of loading of the furnished picture. You can research extra approximately Picasso from the authentic medical doctors of Picasso by way of Square.


3. Best image loading libraries, Fresco

This effective library developed by way of the coolest folks. At Facebook is a full-fledged photo loading library with incredible features. Fresco supports out of the box picture loading with variable placeholders and it also helps streaming of innovative JPEGs. Show of lively GIFs and WebPs, great customization of photograph loading and display and lots of greater. One of the outstanding functions of Fresco is that it uses both Main memory and garage memory for caching. Which increases the performance of the software.

To use Fresco for your venture, surely upload the following dependecy into your app stage build.Gradle report.

implementation 'com.facebook.fresco:fresco:1.11.0'

Unlike the other libraries mentioned above, Fresco desires to be initialized once from the Application elegance of your challenge.

public class MyApplication extends Application {
    public void onCreate() {

Since all the capabilities supplied by way of this library comes in a large library size. To leverage the full benefit of the library we need to use. The SimpleDraweeView magnificence object within the View of your layout. As the reputable API doctors of the library recommend

<com.facebook.drawee.view.simpledraweeview android:id="@+id/my_image_view" android:layout_width="130dp" android:layout_height="130dp" fresco:placeholderimage="@drawable/my_drawable">

And then in the Java file associated to the format. We can without difficulty load the picture the use of the following code.

Uri uri = Uri.parse(url);
SimpleDraweeView draweeView = (SimpleDraweeView) findViewById(;

For more information on Fresco and a way to use all the rich functions. It offers, go to the respectable doctors.


While Glide and Fresco gives certainly fast photograph loading compared to Picasso. These libraries are absolutely huge in size in comparison to the tiny length of Picasso. Glide comes full of all of the vital functions and it’s easy make bigger-ability to create custom loaders easily enables. It have an upper hand from Fresco. Glide has a fairly easy syntax and API shape. While Fresco’s API may seem to be of greater paintings and complicated. All the above referred to libraries comes with built in assist for WebP pics. Where as simplest Glide seems to have an out of the field performance. Whilst working with animated snap shots and GIFs.