How to Improve Your Voice Over With Audacity

Improve Your Voice,Good Audio = Practice + Quality system + Audio editing. Now, first , takes time and money, but the 0.33 one is straightforward to grasp. All you need is a small software called audacity.

So, Audacity is a famous audio modifying software that has been there for a decade now. People use it to document and edit your musical device, podcast, or voice over, etc.

And in this put up, we’ll see the way to enhance your voice over with Audacity. (video academic)

Improve your VOICE with Audacity

#1 Improve Your Voice,Download Audacity

You can download Audacity from here and install it for your computer like you do with every other application. The software is unfastened and available for all popular application like Windows, Mac, and Linux, and many others.

Once executed, open Audacity.

#2 Improve Your Voice,Record or Import your Audio.

-> If you have already recorded your audio using some external tool, like a transportable mic or some thing, then just import that recording to Audacity.

To do this visit File > Import > and choose your recording. It’s constantly a terrific practice to create a copy of your voice recording, before importing it Audacity.

-> Or you can also file your audio with Audacity itself. Yes, Audacity is both an audio recorder and editor.

To record your audio with Audacity, connect your mic with you computer (or use the integrated one), ensure the right mic is selected underneath input device. Next, click the purple button to start recording and start speaking. Once you’re done, click the Stop button.

#3 Improve Your Voice,Remove Bad Audio

Only professional get their audio right in the first attempt. And since you are reading this, probabilities are you aren’t a expert (at the least no but). So permit’s cast off the repeated audio or gaps you have to your audio.

Select the portion of the waveform you want to delete and click on scissor icon. You can also press the delete key; it’s tons faster.

If you can not delete the selected audio, make certain you have stopped the recording.

ProTip: If you are making any mistake like deleting something by accident, then use undo/redo button on Audacity (CTRL+z and CTRL + SHIFT +z).

#4 Improve Your Voice,Remove Background Noise

Unless you are recording your audio in a professional studio, there’ll continually be a few history noise or hum sound. So allow’s eliminate it.

First choose a sample of pure noise and go to Effects > Noise Removal > Get Noise Profile.

Now that Audacity knows what to filter; move back on your recording and choose the complete audio (press ctrl+A). Now, again go to the noise elimination talk box. Make positive you have got default settings (see the screenshot beneath) and hit OK.

Usually, the default settings are enough. ButN, if you have greater noise on your recording then pass the slider subsequent to Noise reduction to the proper after which hit OK. Audacity will do away with all noise from the recording.

Pro Tip: It’s precise practice talk after 5 seconds after urgent the start button. This way you will be able to pick up the noise pretty effortlessly.

#5 Improve Your Voice,Normalize

What normalization does is, it increase the audio degree of the entire clip with out affecting the dynamic variety. So, if you sound is low, this can increase it.

But in case you overdo this (or some other results per say), it’ll kill your audio excellent.

So select your complete clip (CTRL + A) and visit Effect > and then Normalize. Keep the settings as default (see screenshot underneath) and hit the OK button.

#6 Improve Your Voice, Compression

Now, what compression does it decrease the difference among low and high of your audio, such which you audio sounds extra even.

So, again choose your audio clip, go to Effects > Compressor.

What settings should you use? Well, there’s no fixed value for it, since it relies upon at the individual voice. I endorse your play a touch bit with the brink (preserve it among -5 and -15). Keep the relaxation as default and hit the OK button. You will notice a reduction in high and coffee stop of you waveform.

#7 Improve Your Voice,Equalization

We’ll add filters here — Bass Boost and Treble Boost.

Bass raise makes your voice sound greater bassy or deeper. So again choose your complete clip, visit results > equalization > pick curve > bass boost.

Now, modify the curve. By default, it’s 9 dB. If you convey the curve up, it’ll add greater base on your voice and vice-versa.

Next, we’ll add Treble Boost; it makes your voice crisp and clean. To do this repeat the identical manner and as we did above. Select the complete clip > go to outcomes > equalization > pick out curve > treble raise. Again, I like to hold it between three-6 dB. And then hit OK.

However, I highly endorse not to overdo them because this will boom your voice quality, however on the same time, you are also sound like someone else. And whilst you talk without those filters your audience will not realize who you are.

#8 Hard limit

This is optionally available, but making use of these filter might also increase the amplitude of your voice over. So in case you see spikes to your waveform that touches the ceiling, then use the tough limiter. It chops off the high pitch.

Select the entire audio > impact > scroll down till you spot Hard restriction. Under dB restrict pick out the cost between 0-five bB and maintain different as default and hit OK.

ProTip: Add Chain

Finally, when you get the candy spot in your recording. You observe the chain impact to automate the entirety you simply did. This will prevent plenty of time.

To a brand new chain visit File > Edit chain > Add > Give it a name. Then click at the insert choice in the proper half of of the dialog field and upload the consequences one after the other.

To apply the chain to a modern assignment, select the whole clip > File > Apply Chain > Select your chain and use it on the current venture.


So these are a few settings I use to enhance my voice over. Now that is just an overview; it’ll take some trial and mistakes to get the excellent settings for yourself. That stated when you have any problem let me realize within the remarks underneath.