Atari Finally Reveals the Launch Date for the New Atari VCS Console

We currently know when we can purchase the Atari VCS, where to purchase the control center from, and the amount it will cost.

Finally, after seemingly an age (it essentially is an age; four years is a whole age in gaming!), the Atari VCS console is prepared for discharge. This is what to expect on dispatch day.

The New Atari VCS Will Launch in June 2021

Along these lines, gamers who have been standing by persistently for Atari’s new control center PC—the Atari VCS—can cheer today, as the maker of a portion of history’s most well known home control center has declared the arrival of the new gadget.

As of June 15, 2021, you will actually want to buy Atari’s amazing VCS console. It will be accessible through the authority Atari VCS site, Best Buy, Micro Center, and GameStop, with a value point of $299 applied to the base Atari VCS Onyx version (which is all dark).

This essayist has one (audit approaching soon) and can advise you, it is a magnificent gadget.

What Do You Get With the Atari VCS at Launch?

There are a few mixes accessible to you that differ both in cost and what you get with the gadget.

As referenced, the all-dark Onyx variant of the control center is accessible for $299. The control center comes as an independent unit, implying that you will have to purchase at any rate one regulator to play your games.

You can likewise buy the control center in packs, which cost $399. These packs include either the Onyx or the Black Walnut rendition of the control center (the Black Walnut adaptation has wood-impact framing to the front, reflecting the first VCS, which post-1982 got known as the 2600), alongside one of every regulator type.

“Regulator type?” you say? Indeed, yes. You can get two distinct regulators for the Atari VCS. Both expense $59 independently, and PowerA has created both. You’ll likely know PowerA as it makes outsider regulators for the Nintendo Switch also.

All in all, what are the regulators? You can get the Atari Modern Controller; a joypad which will have a recognizable arrangement in case you’re accustomed to playing Xbox or utilizing a Switch Pro regulator. You can likewise get a more customary Atari Classic Joystick, which looks similar as the model sent with the first VCS/2600.

As referenced, the two regulators are $59 discrete, so you’ll save yourself $20 in the event that you purchase the control center groups.

Will There Be Any Launch Exclusives?

Totally! Purchasing your control center from Best Buy or GameStop will likewise net you one of Atari’s cool speaker caps. As you would expect, these are caps… with speakers in the pinnacle. There are two accessible. The two of them are covers and you can get it in one or the other blue or charcoal, with a major Atari Fuji front and center.

On the off chance that you purchase your control center from Micro Center or the Atari VCS site, you get a free duplicate of Missile Command: Recharged (which is an astounding, cutting-edge rendition of Missile Command, total with huge blasts and heaps of neon), prepared to play when you unpack your gadget.

It is safe to say that you are Ready for the Atari VCS?

We’ve never been readier. Having stood by persistently for the control center’s delivery, it is urging to see that Atari VCS has endured the hardship that the COVID emergency carried with it.

Presently you should simply get your hands on one when June 15 moves around!