Apex Legends Update to Fix Intel CPU Crashes

Apex Legends Update,Respawn has found out the information of Apex Legends‘ large monthly patch. The cutting-edge replace largely focuses on solving various audio issues, although it may even improve hit detection,

and solve an trouble that was causing the game to crash on Intel-powered PCs. In a alternate some players won’t be glad approximately,

a glitch that allowed players to stick items to Gibraltar’s Gun Shield is likewise getting the boot.

Apex Legends Update,Audio

One of our biggest issues to address was improving the audio performance to address problems suggested of sounds dropping out,

sounds missing for extended time,

Fixes And Improvements

or distortion for a period of time. We have made enhancements both in our code and with our content so as to hopefully restore those issues for lots gamers,

and for others, as a minimum lower the amount and length of time they come across audio troubles.

Apex Legends Update,Performance

  • Improved audio engine to be around 30% extra CPU green, lessening the chance of distortion or dropouts.
  • Lowered impact on records loading via code and content material changes to improve potential dropout troubles.

Quality Of Life

  • Lowered the grasp volume of all sounds all through the man or woman pick display screen via the cease of the drop sequence.
  • Lowered the quantity of Wraith’s ambient kunai knife sound for people who are sensitive to the sound. If it’s miles still bothersome we will cast off it in a later patch.
  • Increased the volume of near proximity enemy footsteps for all Legends.

Apex Legends Update,Quality Of Life

  • Increased the concern of enemy footsteps to ensure the sounds play even in heavy fight conditions.
  • Slightly decreased the volume of Pathfinder footstep sounds heard from the first character view.
  • Fixed lacking or quiet dryfire and coffee ammo sounds for the R301, Hemlok, Flatline and RE45.
  • Increased the quantity of the song that plays whilst winning a healthy.
  • Added extra specified audio to the Training task.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed occlusion malicious program for the “wind down” sound for the Havoc.
  • difficulty with computerized weapon hearth sounds from time to time getting stuck on, normally after a Legend respawns.
  • Fixed computer virus with RE45 lacking tail sounds (the echo in the surroundings after the shot) while in close proximity.

Other Improvements

As we mentioned final week, on this patch we’ve pushed some fixes that need to do away with many cases of wrong hit registration. This patch also includes a few behind-the-scenes tracking of bullet harm logic. We assume there will nonetheless be some final hit registration problems,

however with these fixes and diagnostic statistics, we’re better prepared to track them down.

Hit Detection Fixes

One capability cause of hit registration bugs can be simple internet connection problems. In order to determine how plenty of a thing this is in truth, we’ve got put a while into refining

the capability in the back of our Apex Legends community trouble indicator icons in the top proper of the display. These icons are actually pickier approximately your connection fine and may display up extra regularly than they did before.

Fix For Lifeline “Pick Me Up” Banner Bug On Ps4

  • The problem has been resolved and we will be re-allowing the banner after the patch is live.
  • NOTE: We made changes to customer and backend to deal with this and it’ll take a touch time to take complete effect. We’re expecting the error to remedy inside some hours after the patch is live.

[Pc Only] Crashes Specific To Intel CPUs

We investigated the crash reviews from many folks that had been crashing often.

A not unusual instance become an coaching that only reads a register crashed on writing to invalid memory. With the assist of many discussion board customers, we found that reducing the clock pace continually constant the crashes,eThanks all and sundry, with a large shout out to Falkentyne, TEZZ0FIN0, JorPorCorTTV and MrDakk!

we’ve placed a workaround on this patch to keep away from the crashing at your authentic clock speeds simply by way of converting


the commands used by that one function. Please hold to ship your crash logs to our forums so we can examine and fasten any troubles you stumble upon!

from the crashing at your authentic clock speeds simply by way of converting the commands used by that one function. Please hold to ship your crash logs to our forums so we can examine and fasten any troubles you stumble upon!

Additional Bug Fixes And

  • Fixed problem with the Fortified Passive ability for Gibraltar and Caustic where they could take harm through shields.
  • Fixed the malicious program that allowed players to paste objects to Gibraltar’s Gun Shield. Admittedly it’s been fun to look effects this however the conduct is not supposed with the aid of layout and could get out of control. Items will no longer persist with Gibraltar’s Gun Shield, but, it will now deflect Arc Stars.
  • We have identified few troubles with -novid, and could be disabling the flag until we can deal with the problems. Thank you to your staying power.

Additiona bug Changes

Respawn haven’t provided a specific date this today’s Apex Legends patch, but it’s going to drop someday this week. Also, no word on if the promised anti-piggybacking measures could be rolled out with this patch, however it seems possibly.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.