A Guide to the 5 Best Books on Mobile Game App Development

Game App,The demand for games has grown with the proliferation of mobile devices. Developing mobile game apps is a complex process, which involves several stages of planning, design, execution, and finally, deployment of the app to different mobile device app platforms. Whether you’re developing games for ​iOS devices or Android devices, these are five of the most popular and instructive books on the many different aspects of game development.

Game App,Game Development Essentials: Mobile Game Development

Game App,“Game Development Essentials: Mobile Game Development,” authored by Kimberly Unger, goes into the details of the art and science of game app development. The book tutors aspiring game developer in the initial stages of game development, and through the design for their app. It includes examples, detailed illustrations, interviews by well-established game developers, and also provides questions and assignments at the end of each chapter. This book is very informative, providing a wealth of useful information to amateur game developers, looking for a way to begin game programming.