4 Stretch Reminder Apps for Windows

4 Stretch Reminder Apps When it comes to operating with computer systems, it is very common for most folks to spend hours sitting down with very little movement.

Studies have shown again and again once more that sitting lengthy hours with none bodily interest can lead to obesity, lower back ache, and different extreme health troubles.

One of the motives why we spend hours in the front of a laptop display screen is that we surely forget about to take a spoil.

Thankfully, there are several unfastened programs that may remind or even force you to take stretch breaks. Here are some of the exceptional and clean-to-use stretch reminder apps for Windows to hold you active and wholesome.

1. Big Stretch Reminder

4 Stretch Reminder Apps Big Stretch Reminder is a totally simple, lightweight,

and unfastened utility that helps you to create stretch reminders with a hard and fast interval of time and custom messages. The utility allows you to set 3 unique sorts of reminders which range in how intrusive they may be. If you are stubborn and in all likelihood to disregard the reminder(s) with made-up excuses, then you can configure the app to disable the laptop for a set quantity of time, for that reason forcing you to take a ruin.

Other capabilities of the application consist of pre-defined stretch recommendations, reminder sounds,

capacity to boom reminder frequency, motivational charges in the course of stretch reminders, and many others.

2.4 Stretch Reminder Apps Stretchly

Stretchly is a unfastened, open-supply, multi-platform utility that makes it quite clean to remind your self to take a destroy from your pc.

Using Stretchly, you can create distinct styles of reminders, namely Micro Breaks and Regular Breaks. As you may tell from the names itself, micro breaks are useful to relaxation your eyes, and regular breaks are useful to take a walk to stretch your legs. Additionally, the app also performs a sound when it is time to take a wreck. Just like with Big Stretch Reminder, you may configure the app to prevent you from skipping breaks.

As good because the application is, despite being minimum, the consumer interface is a bit complicated,

particularly the time c programming language configuration panel with its blended in “+” and “-” buttons. Other than that little gripe, the application is quite correct. Do give it a attempt.

3. WorkRave

Of all of the applications in this listing, WorkRave is the most characteristic-crammed and relatively configurable stretch reminder application for Windows. When you first installation and launch the software,

you will see a tiny window with progress bars for three one of a kind varieties of reminders called micro damage, rest break, and each day restriction. Just proper-click at the utility, pick “Preferences,” and you’ll see all the available alternatives that allow you to completely personalize the reminders.


One of the interesting functions of WorkRave is that it keeps music of all of your breaks. This permits you to see what number of breaks you took. The utility also consists of some basic stretch sports. Just pick “Exercises” from the right-click on menu to see the workout instructions.

If you’re searching out a fully-customizable stretch reminder that also can preserve track of all your breaks,

then do attempt WorkRave.

4. 4 Stretch Reminder Apps EyeLeo

As you could tell from the software name, EyeLeo is especially designed to offer your eyes a relaxation with consistent brief and long breaks.

These wreck times may be configured from the application settings window to fulfill your desires. When it’s time to take a spoil, the application takes over the screen, creates a black obvious layer and suggests simple physical activities to loosen up your eyes.

Generally, those breaks can be skipped with the click of a button, but you can configure the application to not permit your self to bypass the breaks.

Use this utility in mixture with Windows 10’s Night Light function or F.Lux to get the most out of it.