Wireless Problems — Dropped Signals and Spotty Connections

Wireless Problems,What to Check When You Have Intermittent Wireless Connection Problems

Wireless Problems,Some of the equal troubles that have an effect on not being capable of get a wireless connection at all (the primary component in our wi-fi troubleshooting collection) also can reason a vulnerable wireless sign or one which frequently drops out.

Dropped wi-fi alerts can, but, produce other specific causes and feasible answers.

Wireless Troubleshooting: Wireless Signal Drops Out Frequently

Here’s what to do when you regularly locate your self having to restart your laptop or wi-fi router to “fix” the wireless connection.

Wireless Problems,01.Remove Interference and Get Closer to the Access Point/Router

One of the biggest causes of dropped or weak wireless signals is interference from different objects (which include partitions, steel items like submitting cabinets, etc.).

Being very some distance from the wi-fi signal supply additionally negatively influences sign strength. To solve these problems, attempt to flow toward the wireless router or access point and get rid of any obstacles you may — a clean path to the router is your excellent bet. Also, try placing your property wireless router in a greater significant location of your home.

Wireless Problems,02.Update Your Wireless Network Card Drivers and OS

Another reason of dropped wireless indicators is outdated drivers on your gadgets (pc, wireless router) or your running machine. Windows XP, for example, significantly advanced its guide for WPA/WPA2 wi-fi protection with XP Service Pack 3;

in case you most effective have the earlier SP1 or SP2 update, that may be the source of your intermittent wi-fi problems. Use Windows Update to peer if there are running system and tool driver updates available; additionally visit your router producer’s website for any firmware upgrades wished.

03.Change the Wireless Channel

Sometimes interference is as a result of different wi-fi networks or gadgets within the area. You may be able to get a clearer signal on your property community by means of changing the channel that the wi-fi router is the usage of.

You can use a application like NetStumbler to peer what channels close by wi-fi networks are using and pick out a different one to your wi-fi community. Follow the commands in your router’s manual to get to the executive controls (typically you will be directed to visit a URL like and locate the segment in which you may choose a exceptional channel.

04.Boost Your Wireless Signal With a Wireless Repeater

If being too some distance from the wi-fi access factor or router is the hassle, you could get a wireless repeater or wireless extender to extend the range of the wi-fi network. These “sign amplifiers” are available from Linksys and different makers of networking merchandise; expenses move from around $50 and up (test fees and evaluations at the satisfactory wi-fi extenders)

05.Replace Your Wireless Router

Unfortunately, the reason of some wireless problems — especially regularly dropped wi-fi indicators — is the router itself (I’ve for my part visible 3 cases in which wireless routers just died after constantly losing the wireless sign).

If the suggestions above don’t paintings, strive resetting your wireless router to the defaults and checking out if it is able to keep a wi-fi sign. If now not, you probable need to get a new router (while you are at it, you could take into account upgrading to wireless-ac).