WinX MediaTrans Review: Speedy iTunes Alternative, Impressive iOS Video Manager for Windows 10

WinX MediaTrans, is a new iPhone/iPad supervisor for Windows 10/eight/7 and so on. Made by means of the best folks who introduced you WinX DVD Ripper, Digiarty. As an iTunes alternative, WinX MediaTrans guarantees a faster, greater intuitive and more handy manner to manipulate your tune, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, ringtones, and snap shots for your iPhone or iPad. It also comes with a pretty snazzy video converter that makes it easy to observe clearly any video document type to your phone or tablet. It’s rapid, it’s low-priced ($35.95 for an entire life license), and it does some things that iTunes won’t let you do. I idea it changed into worth a shot, so I gave it a whirl. Let me show you.

Winx MediaTrans: Features Overview

WinX MediaTrans has a totally sincere and fast-loading interface. Very few bells and whistles, only a menu with seven alternatives on it:

  • Photo Transfer
  • Music Manager
  • Video
  • Book
  • Voice & Ringtone
  • Flash Drive
  • Settings

You get a bit bit of information about the connected device, too. Compared to iTunes, Winx MediaTrans feels very light-weight and rapid. Usually, whenever I release iTunes, I sense like punching the wall as it struggles through loading all of the extra crap that Apple thinks you want to see. MediaTrans is fairly painless.

Photo Transfer The Photo Transfer function in Winx MediaTrans is a piece uncommon in comparison to the opposite features as it appears to be one-way. I can keep in mind that. The report/folder/database structure at the iPhone is intimidatingly Byzantine, and if you try to tinker with it, you’re susceptible to corrupt your complete picture library. Even if you can discover a third-birthday celebration software that modified your iOS Camera Roll or Photos library from Windows, I don’t recognize if I’d suggest the use of it.

Anyway, exporting out of your iPhone is as you’d count on it to be. Your pics show up; you pick out them, and you hit Export. They display up in a MediaTrans folder on your Pictures library—you can exchange the shop vicinity within the Settings display. Overall, it’s pretty quick.

WinX MediaTrans,Music Manager and Ringtones

Here’s where WinX MediaTrans starts flexing its muscle. MediaTrans lets you copy music to and from your phone.

For transferring on your iOS tool, WinX MediaTrans helps, mp3, aac, m4a, flac, ape, wav, wma, ogg, and oga. Just browse on your file at the hard force and click on Sync.

The songs display up in the Music app in your iOS tool much like it would if you would’ve used iTunes to sync it. (By the way, have you ever heard GOSH!?)

Getting song off your iOS tool is similarly clean. You can browse the music on your phone, select the ones you need and click on Export. This works for files you transferred through a computer in addition to songs you downloaded from the iOS tune app. For instance, this album you spot below is something I bought from iTunes on my telephone. WinX MediaTrans allow me switch the .M4a files immediately to my computer without bellyaching approximately being logged in or authorizing my pc.

The Music Manager screen also lets you create ringtones. To do that, select a song and click the Make Ringtone icon.

Next, you get to pick a 40-second chunk to make into a ringtone. WinX MediaTrans will save the clip and convert it to the .m4r extension.

I recognize there are approaches to make your own ringtones in iTunes, but it’s so bulky I never trouble doing it. WinX MediaTrans is just easy sufficient to inspire me to make a slew of ringtones from my song series.

Videos Video conversion software is WinX’s claim-to-fame. Its massive product is WinX DVD Ripper, but they’ve ported some of that functionality over to MediaTrans, too. With MediaTrans, you could convert nearly any video report to an iOS like minded video, pre-rotated and equipped to observe in your iPhone or iPad. Just pick out Add Video, browse for your file, and then click Convert.

These get saved into the Home Video folder on your phone or tablet.

Just like with the music, you could copy films and films off of your telephone conveniently. This is awesome in case you’ve purchased it immediately in your cellphone and also you need a quick way to back it up without going through all of the iTunes hoopla.

Supported video file sorts consist of: mp4, rmvb, wmv, avi, mkv, mov, m4v, flv, asf, 3gp, ts, ogg, 3g2 and f4v.

WinX MediaTrans,Books, Audiobooks, ePub, and PDF

Same story with the audiobooks and PDFs, distinctive medium. Transferring to and out of your telephone or iPad is a breeze, and getting audiobooks off your cellphone works as nicely. Supported codecs are epub, pdf, and mp3. Yes, you could export m4b, but you’ll nonetheless need to open it in iTunes to deal with the DRM.

Voice & Ringtone & Podcasts

The Voice & Ringtone & Podcasts screen is a little extraneous, since the Music Manager already handles Ringtones and without a doubt, podcatchers work pleasant directly at the device. I had a little problem trying to switch podcasts from my smartphone to my computer, but I can’t think of many circumstances when that’d be essential. You can switch podcasts out of your PC to your smartphone with WinX MediaTrans, but there isn’t a feed supervisor in MediaTrans, so I can’t see myself the usage of it for this very often. It’s essentially the same as moving songs, however they display up within the Podcasts app to your phone.

This is also the screen you use for transferring voice memos. Like with photos, this is a one-way transfer from your iOS device to your computer.

Flash Drive

The flash drive function of WinX MediaTrans uses your iOS tool’s inner storage to save any report type. These files can’t be accessed directly to your smartphone, and I haven’t found out a manner to get right of entry to the documents without the use of WinX MediaTrans. The function is touted as a way to keep documents secret and secure, but I actually have my misgivings approximately whether or now not iOS would appreciate that space at some point of an update or some different habitual upkeep. Best simply get your self a thumb force and encrypt it.


WinX MediaTrans does what it units out to do pretty nicely. It is a faster manner to switch song, movies, audiobooks, and ringtones to and from your iOS tool and pics from your iOS tool. Compared to the ever growing bloat of iTunes, WinX MediaTrans is a dream come proper.

That being said, I assume I’d classify this utility as a convenience rather than a necessity. Now that I actually have a license, I’ll totally use this application all of the time. But for my wishes, I could probably discover a loose (albeit slower and more complex) alternative.

If there’s one function that’s going to make you purchase this software, it’s the video transfer characteristic. I’m supposedly some type of tech professional, however even I from time to time warfare with Handbrake. WinX MediaTrans makes it stupidly easy to get films onto your telephone. WinX MediaTrans doesn’t rip movies from DVDs, but after you do get your motion pictures onto your Windows PC in any format, from there, getting them onto your iOS device is a breeze. If you need to give it a try, you could seize a unfastened trial and take it for a spin.

Quirks, Errors, Etc.

When I turned into walking the software via its paces, I came throughout a pair of factors worth sharing. First is that this caution while you first release the software: To prevent iTunes from routinely erasing the facts in your tool, please observe the steps under to set iTunes successfully. This is right advice, however also a buyer beware declaration. ITunes and iOS get up to date lots. And Apple’s default conduct while something doesn’t seem right is to wipe it smooth and start over. If WinX MediaTrans ever conflicts with iOS, you may lose your statistics. That being stated, I didn’t come across any corruption or confusion on my device after using all of WinX MediaTrans’ functions.

Here is the option that WinX MediaTrans wants you to check: Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.

Another issue: Making ringtones is a bit touch and cross. Some of the ringtones did not save. It advised me to sign off of my Apple ID, but I wasn’t sure if that meant on iTunes, on my cellphone or what. Either way, I didn’t need to log off on my telephone because it deletes a group of iCloud content material whilst you do that. I decided to give up and opened a tech support price tag to find out greater data.

And also some songs just wouldn’t load correctly. I thought it might be an issue of songs downloaded from Apple Music, but some of those worked just fine for me.