Where Are Samsung Phones Made?

Samsung is a South Korean organization, yet where are its heap gadgets produced?

As a buyer, you need to know where your cash goes and the organizations you support. Yet, while most items have “made in” composed plainly on the bundling, it’s harder to pinpoint where a cell phone was made, particularly from a worldwide brand like Samsung.

Where Are Samsung Phones Made?

Samsung, or the Samsung Group, is a South Korean electronic assembling organization with base camp in Seoul. In any case, on the grounds that a business works from a specific area doesn’t mean they make their items in a similar spot—or even in a similar country.

All in all, where is Samsung equipment made?


Roughly 50% of all Samsung telephones are made in Vietnam. The rate is relied upon to radically increment after Samsung reported another $3 billion cell phone production line in Vietnam to match the rivalry of arising cell phone brands.

Samsung as of now has two telephone manufacturing plants in Vietnam liable for creating 120 million gadgets every year for worldwide circulation. Truth be told, in case you’re in North America or Europe or sourced your Samsung telephone from one of them, odds are it was made in Vietnam.


Samsung’s Indian processing plant, the biggest portable industrial facility, produces more than 100 million gadgets per year. The plants in India principally produce the Galaxy M and Galaxy An arrangement gadgets. While most of Samsung gadgets made in India are sold locally, a little rate is sourced to Europe, Africa, and West Asia.

Concerning tentative arrangements, in 2017 Samsung reported a speculation of more than $600 million into their Indian manufacturing plants to twofold their cell phone creation around there.

South Korea

Regardless of being a South Korean organization, Samsung just creates eight percent of its gadgets in South Korea. Be that as it may—and also to Indian creation—Samsung cell phones made in South Korea are primarily sold in the neighborhood market.

With regards to worldwide deals and fares, under 10% of all worldwide circulations of Samsung gadgets are made in South Korea.


In case you’re getting your Samsung telephone from Latin America, it was likely made in a creation office in Brazil. Samsung has been fabricating in Brazil since 1999 and has utilized more than 6000 nearby specialists.

Samsung exploits Brazil’s assessment laws to offer their telephones at moderate costs to different nations around there.


Indonesia is a genuinely ongoing undertaking on Samsung’s end. The assembling interaction just began in 2015, and they just produce around 800,000 units each year, however it’s generally to cover the neighborhood interest.

This assembling preliminary is by all accounts working, making it almost certain that Samsung would put more underway in Indonesia.


Samsung has been fabricating in Taiwan since 1994. It delivered around 600,000 units each month in Taiwan, and rates are relied upon to develop consistently. The most unmistakable Samsung items made in Taiwan are the Galaxy arrangement and the Galaxy Note arrangement.

Yet, Not China

While Samsung used to produce telephones in China, it ended all assembling tasks in China in mid-2019. So except if you buy an old model, Samsung cell phones are not made in China.

Samsung’s choice was met with a huge drop in Chinese deals. Presently, they make short of what one percent of cell phones sold in China. In any case, that is for the most part since Chinese residents lean toward buying less expensive gadgets that were made locally rather than imported.

Knowing the Source

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to take an interest in a blacklist or backing your neighborhood economy, knowing where the items you support were produced can help.

The cost additionally changes relying upon the nation of creation and how the materials were sourced. Also, you can likewise utilize this information to measure the inexact nature of your buy contingent upon the nation’s assembling strategies.