What Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn in 2019?

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,Introduction

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,It’s now not information that STEM abilties are in incredible demand and are paid well. Online postings for software program jobs across the U.S. Grew 31% from 2007 to 2012 – nearly 3x quicker than ordinary job postings. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates software developer jobs to keep growing at 22% from 2012~2022, with a median pay of $one hundred,080 for software program app builders as of May 2016.

If you’re seeking to learn how to code, the sheer variety of programming languages may be overwhelming – what language should you certainly analyze? This article hopes to offer you some pointers via evaluating the revenue, reputation, and prospective destiny associated with special programming languages.

Here’s a Fun Quiz to help you determine the great programming language you should study.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,Table of Contents

  • An Overview of Programming Languages
  • Job Opportunities
  • Programming Resources
  • The Future of Each Programming Language
  • Conclusion

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,An Overview of Programming Languages

Before we cross into evaluating programming languages, allow’s first take a look at the languages we’re going to be masking.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,Dynamic Languages

Dynamic languages are generally less difficult for general novices to analyze due to the fact they’re flexible and fun. You can quick construct an app from scratch with less strains of code, and there may be no hard rule on how to write matters to behave inside the way you want them to. As dynamic languages are commonly very excessive level languages, you would spend much less time looking to get the info right and extra time gaining knowledge of programming standards, that is another cause dynamically typed languages are famous with beginners who are motivated by using being able to build things and spot results fast.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,JavaScript

Not to be careworn with Java, JavaScript is more often than not a consumer-aspect scripting language used for front-quit improvement. JavaScript is compatible throughout all browsers and is used to create interactive net apps, frequently thru libraries which include jQuery and front-quit frameworks which includes AngularJS, Ember.Js, React, and extra.

JavaScript can also be used as a server-facet language via the Node.Js platform. Two years ago, Node.Js become nonetheless pretty younger, however its network has grown a lot seeing that then, and you could now discover many sources right here. You also can construct hybrid mobile apps with JavaScript thru the usage of frameworks together with phonegap, while Facebook’s React Native allows you to build local mobile apps with JavaScript.

However, JavaScript is likewise referred to as a difficult language because it’s far untyped and, therefore, hard to debug. There are statically typed variations, consisting of Microsoft’s TypeScript or the JSX, that React uses.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,Ruby

Ruby became evolved so builders may have fun and be effective on the identical time. Ruby changed into made famous with the aid of the Ruby on Rails framework, a full-stack net framework optimized for programming happiness. As Ruby reads like English and Rails has tools that make commonplace development obligations easier “out-of-the-field”, many would suggest gaining knowledge of Ruby as your first programming language.

Ruby is mostly used for lower back-stop improvement, and famous sites such as Airbnb, Shopify, Bloomberg, Hulu, Slideshare, and extra, have been all constructed with Ruby on Rails.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,Python

Python is every other fantastically encouraged language for novices, and is the maximum famous introductory language at Top U.S. Universities. Developers have used Python to build computer apps and internet apps alike, and it has extraordinary tools for statistics mining. In addition, Python is specially popular in educational groups for clinical computing, facts evaluation, and bioinformatics.

Google, Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, BitTorrent, Civilization IV, and extra, were constructed with Python.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,PHP

PHP is a server-aspect scripting language and is usually taken into consideration amateur-pleasant. It’s clean to conceptualize what the PHP code will do, which makes it easy to pick out up. Most websites have been constructed with PHP because the language is heavily specialized for the net.

Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Tumblr, WordPress, and more, were constructed with PHP.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,Statically Typed Languages

Apps built with statically typed languages are acknowledged to be extra scalable, strong, and maintainable. Static languages are typically extra strict in catching mistakes thru type checking, and it takes more code to construct a prototype. Game engines, cellular apps, and agency-level lower back-ends are typically built with statically typed languages.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,Java

As a preferred-purpose language, Java is used to construct Android apps, desktop apps, and video games. Java is also generally used as a server-side language for agency-degree returned-give up improvement – 90 percentage of Fortune 500 groups use Java.

Furthermore, Hadoop is a famous Java-based framework used for storing and processing massive information, and is carried out by using enterprises consisting of Yahoo, Facebook, and Amazon Web Services.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn ,C

C is often used to program system software program and is the lingua franca of Operating Systems.

C has encouraged almost every programming language we’ll be examining in this newsletter, in particular Objective-C and C++. So, in case you know C well, it might possibly be less difficult as a way to select up different popular languages. Since C takes greater complicated code to carry out easy responsibilities, novices may locate it tough to live motivated if this is their first language. However, understanding of C will sincerely assist you as a programmer in the long run.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn, Objective-C / Swift (for iOS development)

Objective-C is a layer constructed on pinnacle of the C language, which makes it static. With that stated, it could also be used for dynamic typing. Apple’s Swift is a static language designed to be compatible with Objective-C, however its static-typing makes it extra resilient to mistakes.

Inspired by way of Python, Swift is designed for coding beginners to pick it up without difficulty and is aimed toward solving some of the problems of Objective-C.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn, C++

C++ is a powerful language based on C. It is designed for programming systems software program, but has also been used to construct video games/recreation engines, desktop apps, cell apps, and web apps. C++ is robust and rapid — even Facebook has evolved several excessive overall performance and excessive reliability additives with it.

Many softwares were built with C++, together with Adobe Systems, Amazon, Paypal, Chrome, and extra. Much like C, C++ is usually taken into consideration harder for novices to research on their very own. So, if making a decision to learn C++ as your first programming language, sense free to look for a mentor via Meetups or discover a C++ Codementor.

Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn,C

C# (“C Sharp”) is evolved for use for Microsoft’s .NET framework, which runs normally on Microsoft Windows.

C# is used for net improvement, recreation improvement, and standard Microsoft improvement. Although Microsoft has not been regarded for being move-platform compatible within the past, Xamarin has been operating on an open-source project known as Mono, which objectives to port C# to different structures and produce higher development gear to Linux developers. Recently, you can additionally use C# to build native cell apps for iOS and Android via Xamarin.



SQL (“Sequel”), or Structured Query Language, is a question language used to speak with databases. Although SQL can not be used to build apps, it is used to control the records in apps that use relational database manipulate structures (RDMS).

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Job Opportunities

So, now you understand a piece about extraordinary programming languages and their perceived problem. With that stated, no longer all languages have the identical demand or salary. If your aim in studying a way to application is to growth your job possibilities and also you aren’t going to be dissuaded by means of how difficult people say a language is going to be, right here are a few hints to help you determine out what language you ought to examine.

Based on the salaries estimations from certainly.Com’s evaluation of task ads, we can quite a whole lot divide programming languages into nine stages:

Based in this end result, it seems that Ruby/Ruby on Rails will rake you within the most cash, while Python, C++, iOS and JavaScript are also decent alternatives. In addition, if income is your fundamental concern, then perhaps C, PHP, and SQL aren’t the most perfect picks… Or are they?

Average profits can be suffering from many stuff together with call for (what number of process postings there are), supply (what number of builders understand the language) and revel in (a junior developer could evidently earn much less than a senior developer), so it’s an awesome concept to take a deeper take a look at those elements before jumping to any conclusions.

Job Trends

How probable are you to get a task primarily based on the programming language you recognize? Here’s a quick study process developments from indeed.Com:

We can see that C, SQL, Java, and JavaScript are regularly referred to in process postings, whilst C#, C++, and Python are also available languages to realize.

However, if your purpose is to work at a startup, then possibly the process trends from certainly.Com is not the first-class indicator. AngelList is pretty a great deal the go-to region for startup process postings, so we’ll take a look at the demand for programming capabilities based on the software developer advertisements in AngelList.

Again, JavaScript turns out to be the maximum demanded skill, but startups seem to favor Python and Java (it was Ruby (on Rails) 2 years in the past!) greater than Ruby, PHP, C, or C#.

The Developer Supply Market

Let’s take a look at what mentors on Codementor are professional at:

Of direction, this is never an correct depiction of the actual market, however it should give you a good idea of developer materials. As you could see, despite the fact that the cell app commercial enterprise has been booming for a while now, Objective-C professionals are still strong scarce. With a scarce supply of precise Objective-C builders, their compensations might clearly be better.

PHP, alternatively, appears to have a healthful amount of supply in the group of workers, because of this employers could have extra options, and consequently, more bargaining energy in phrases of income. With that said, PHP builders aren’t as highly demanded as Java, SQL, or JavaScript builders. Therefore, PHP builders commonly earn less.

JavaScript is a quite special case. Despite having the very best supply, JavaScript builders are not at the bottom of the revenue tier — we’ll check JavaScript later in this text.

Salary Range

Now which you have an concept of what the demand and supply for every language is, permit’s test the capacity revenue you may earn based on revenue statistics from job ads. The data comes from gooroo.Io, wherein earnings is commonly derived because the common price of the salary variety presented by individual job ad.

Here, you can see that developers who realize Ruby, C++, or Java appear to have better beginning salaries. Python and Ruby builders seem to have the best potential salaries, this means that proper Ruby/Python developers are scarce and particularly demanded. JavaScript seems to have experienced a large drop in capability earnings, achieving its excessive at 188,168 USD in April 2015 — now it’s at roughly $107k. Nonetheless, JavaScript stays a special case, and let’s have a look at why.

Special Case: JavaScript Frameworks

Merely comparing the JavaScript language against other programming languages is an misguided outlook on how a great deal you can earn in case you realize JavaScript.

As referred to in the overview of programming languages, JavaScript is a huge class. Many frameworks had been advanced to facilitate front-stop internet site improvement, so if you only understand JavaScript and jQuery, you’d probable earn much less than other JavaScript builders who understand some type of JavaScript framework.

Let’s take have a look at the common salary for specific JavaScript framework developers in the US (be aware: arguably, React & Backbone are libraries, no longer frameworks, and Node.Js is greater of an environment):

Now the common salaries do not look that terrible. Node.Js, especially, has a totally high-quality destiny outlook. Since you’d ought to recognise JavaScript to analyze these technology, JavaScript is a rather profitable skill.

Let’s also take a look at the demand for developers of these frameworks:

Node.Js is usually used for lower back-stop improvement, so if we’re simply searching at the front-cease frameworks, you can see that AngularJS appears to be a clean winner with rocketing call for. Thus, if you need to get into the front-give up JavaScript improvement, you would possibly want to research AngularJS.

React, however, is a fairly new technology, and has been gaining momentum at a pace that rivals AngularJS’s early ranges. It’s in all likelihood still within the level of gaining momentum and may potentially grow to be extra widely demanded, as it’s miles in wellknown greater performant than AngularJS and consequently will provide a higher consumer enjoy.

Programming Resources

If you recognize a touch bit about the developer global, you’ll likely recognize how essential and beneficial it’s miles to have assist from different builders, specially in case you plan to examine to your own.

Being part of a supportive network will truely make your improvement existence easier.


StackOverflow is, with the aid of far, the most important network used by developers around the sector to assist and get help from different programmers, so, we’ll be inspecting how big/popular a programming language network is in addition to how beneficial the groups for distinct languages are.

Language Popularity

Based on the tag fans on StackOverflow, we will see the overall recognition of a language:

We already know from inspecting job traits that Java and JavaScript builders are in highest demand, so it’s no marvel additionally they have the most tag followers. JavaScript is now the most used tag in StackOverflow, superseding Java. (Interesting how Stanford University currently determined to update Java with JavaScript in its introductory programming route!)

SQL, Ruby, and Swift have the least fans, even though that is probably due to the fact Ruby is nearly strictly used for web improvement, whilst Swift is a especially new language.

StackOverflow Answer Rate

StackOverflow has an unspoken rule in which you need to phrase your query “correctly”, or people gained’t hassle answering you. With that during mind, permit’s check how possibly your questions might be replied for every language:

Based on our data, even though fewer StackOverflow users observe C, SQL, and C++, over 60% in their associated questions get replied. Those inside the realize could probably argue that C and C++ are superior languages, which means that the customers who are asking those questions are maximum in all likelihood greater experienced programmers who realize how to phrase their questions better. SQL, alternatively, isn’t always used to construct matters.

What’s noteworthy is how supportive Python and Ruby developers are on StackOverflow. Since Python and Ruby are the maximum encouraged languages for beginners, there are substantially more questions about these languages. As we hinted at earlier, beginners generally have hassle asking their questions correctly. One might count on that amateur questions could move largely unanswered — incredibly, almost 60% of the questions about Python and Ruby get spoke back inside 30 days.

On the other hand, PHP, whilst being quite a broadly-followed language, has one of the lowest answer prices. This way quite a few people are asking approximately PHP, however no longer many are becoming their questions spoke back.


Once you get into the development degree, you’ll in the end examine that it’s great to apply an existing solution in your personal initiatives whilst viable. You’d normally get this from open-sourced initiatives, and GitHub is the way to head for these things. Users can celebrity projects they prefer, and the extra stars a task has, the more useful it is probable going to be.

Thus, from inspecting statistics from GitHub, we can also determine the relative ease in developing projects the usage of one-of-a-kind sorts of languages. We can also have an concept of the way speedy a language is innovating new technologies. Without in addition ado, here is a easy chart to visualise the distribution of famous GitHub projects:

Clearly, JavaScript has the maximum vivid new equipment, even if we exclude all of the fashion-courses, learning sources, and tutorials. JavaScript is thought for being an exceptionally fast-moving language with a high churn charge for frameworks and new technologies — builders may additionally on occasion locate it difficult to keep up with the constant innovations. Additionally, other than the Node.Js platform, JavaScript is more often than not used for front-quit improvement, so it’s now not without delay “competing” with different lower back-stop languages consisting of Ruby, Python, Java, and PHP. With that in thoughts, it isn’t always unexpected that there’s the sort of large gap among JavaScript and other programming languages.

Ruby and Objective-C, on the other hand, also have a variety of tools and resources for development. Now, we’ve visible in the StackOverflow contrast that both languages aren’t as popular as languages like Java. Contrary to StackOverflow, developers have generally determined the open supply tasks in GitHub pretty beneficial. Here’s an overview of the number of GitHub repositories for particular languages:

In addition, most open supply projects written in C/C++ aren’t for C/C++ improvement itself — they’re simply equipment written to help improvement in fashionable (for example, the most generally used Python interpreter is CPython, that is written in C). As cited earlier within the introduction to programming languages, C/C++ are in the main used for growing systems applications, so it makes experience that the open supply tasks on GitHub are gadget gear. Nonetheless, you may examine plenty from these open supply tasks.

Finally, SQL and Swift are lagging at the back of in phrases of resources available.

The Future of Each Programming Language

How relevant will a specific programming language be within the future? First of all, the destiny of a language will in large part rely upon the boom of its community, as fresh blood/adoption charge is what continues a language popular and guarantees that it’ll keep to have resources. Thus, let’s take a look at what languages human beings are most inquisitive about learning:

Looks like Python, JavaScript, Java (C# came in 1/3 in 2014), and C++ have acquired the maximum growth in interest. Based on present day recognised trends, we can draw the following conclusions:


JavaScript is, definitely, simply going to turn out to be increasingly famous, mainly due to the fact it may now be used for again-give up improvement and may even potentially construct local cell apps (thru React Native). JavaScript maintains to get more tools and updates at a fairly fast pace, so you can anticipate it to stay extraordinarily crucial inside the destiny.


Startups love Ruby on Rails. Many well-known websites, consisting of Airbnb, Twitch, Hulu, and so on., are constructed with Rails, this means that they’re usually searching out Ruby builders. Also, on the grounds that builders commonly have lots fun with Rails and it’s fairly easy to select up, Rails will maximum possibly continue to be famous amongst coding learners.

That stated, the upward thrust of Node.Js will simply have an effect on the recognition of Ruby on Rails — Node.Js has already overtaken Rails on Github. While this isn’t an absolute signal that Node.Js will overtake Rails, we have to be aware that a few years lower back, Rails overtook Python’s biggest net framework, Django, for lower back-end development, and Rails had extra stars than Django.

Moreover, a brand new trend for “isomorphic” apps will probably affect Rails adoption, a exercise that is said to enhance internet app overall performance. Since isomorphic apps pretty an awful lot need to run at the Node.Js platform, that’s in JavaScript (the identical language used in front-quit), Node.Js will maximum probably simplest emerge as more famous with time. The appeal of simplest having to be properly-versed in one language (JavaScript) may additionally shift a few capacity new blood far from gaining knowledge of Ruby. Google’s Go is any other lower back-cease alternative that has acquired a few attention in the final two years.

However, seeing that Rails continues to get common updates, it’s going to nonetheless continue to be applicable for a while. Not to say, it has a exceedingly dependable community with tons of useful gear to help make development less complicated. Thus, no matter a decline in popularity, Ruby will nevertheless be sticking around.


Python is popular amongst instructional researchers and information scientists, and as mentioned before, many faculties pick out to introduce beginners to coding via Python. This approach Python will keep growing progressively and continue to be applicable. While Python received’t be evolving as speedy or seeing the identical explosive growth in recognition and call for as JavaScript, it’s going to keep sturdy, specially whilst there is this type of high demand for information scientists.


The traits for backend improvement has been shifting away from PHP for some years now, however eighty% of web sites on the web are nevertheless constructed with PHP — it become a language designed for the web, in any case.

Nonetheless, in case you Google what programming language novices need to study, you’d discover that developers generally don’t propose learning PHP. In fact, many builders reputedly hate it.

The PHP network is trying to shake off its bad reputation with new guidelines on a way to code PHP the Right Way and new tools, however in preferred, the future of PHP seems rather stagnant as of 2015 (at least inside the U.S.). Though some had was hoping that PHP7 would revitalize the community, it’s miles nevertheless recognised to be quite fragmented.


Android has been a massive increase in preserving Java the maximum famous programming language, and most companies additionally love Java for its relative stability and scalability.

With the rise of Spark (which uses the Scala language) and Cassandra (which helps different languages), it’s difficult to say how lengthy Hadoop will hold to reign as the most famous huge records framework. With that stated, given how big businesses behave in relation to exchange, Hadoop won’t be going away. The equal can be said about the Java programming language in general, as Java has high-quality gear for returned-end improvement and is a good deal extra set up for employer development.

Thus, Java will maintain robust as one of the most relevant programming languages within the following few years.


Since Apple launched Swift, and Objective-C handiest works for Apple merchandise, one cannot anticipate Objective-C to stick round an excessive amount of longer inside the future. Swift, then again, will of path be relevant for the years to come, so long as humans continue to apply Apple merchandise.

With that stated, this doesn’t imply you shouldn’t analyze Objective-C in 2017, because maximum open-source projects for iOS development are still written in Objective-C. Generally talking, the usage of something you don’t recognize isn’t an amazing concept. Not to say, it is now not that difficult with a purpose to analyze Objective-C in case you know Swift or vice versa.


C is quite low-level compared to different programming languages, however given that it’s the OS lingua franca and lots of improvement gear are written in C, consisting of Linux, it will be sticking round.


SQL is sort of universally understood with the aid of database administrators. For some time, SQL seemed to have lost its relevance with the upward thrust of NoSQL services, along with MongoDB and Redis, and non-SQL-the use of Big Data computing systems, together with Hadoop, Spark, and Cassandra. Many people were howling about how SQL was demise.

Apparently now not any more. As a result, even NoSQL needed to reposition itself as “Not Only SQL.

With the upward thrust of big facts and the issue of coping with it, SQL is hotter than ever (as you recognize from the process developments). Google has additionally lately updated its BigQuery carrier so it is able to now ingest as much as one hundred,000 rows in line with 2nd according to desk, and BigQuery uses SQL. Spark’s additionally had the Spark SQL Module considering version 1.Three. For merchandise like ClustrixDB, DeepSQL, MemSQL, and VoltDB, all you want to do is add commodity nodes in place of bulking up a database server.

All in all, SQL is relevant once more because it’s had to manage and analyze (no longer save) huge facts. The developer’s community is even predicting some type of unification of SQL and NoSQL. Either manner, now not most effective is SQL everywhere, however it’s additionally secure to say SQL will stay relevant.


C++ remains considered the most powerful language in phrases of performance and talents (even in opposition to Rust), C++ will maximum probable stay applicable in certain regions consisting of things that want excessive performance (e.G. Game engines). Since ISOCPP (International Organization for Standardization) has finished its work on C++17, that’s in its very last ISO vote casting manner, it’ll maximum in all likelihood begin working on C++20 in July 2017. All that to mention, it is nevertheless an evolving language.

In the destiny, Rust may additionally doubtlessly update C++ in a few regions of structures programming, as Rust ambitions in order to produce less-susceptible software program than C++ does. Read extra about how Rust compares to different languages right here. Regardless of whether Rust will virtually take over C++, now is a superb time to research Rust if you’re a complicated developer.


Being restricted to Microsoft systems and being closed-sourced did no longer paintings in C#’s desire within the beyond, however fortunately Mono got here to the rescue (although Mono had some overall performance problems in the beyond, its current updates have stepped forward them).

Developers who’ve labored with C# appear to love the C# programming language, and the ardour maintains to fuel the sturdy network. Not to mention, C# is the number one language for Unity 3D, a rather popular game engine that would also works on iOS, Linux, etc. The rise of Unity3D because the de facto indie recreation engine and VR apps has solidified C#’s future. Since VR is a massive thing, and will stay a huge aspect, C# is certain to have a quite vivid future.

Besides, C# is likewise pretty famous for business enterprise improvement in countries aside from the U.S., such as the United Kingdom. Obviously, Microsoft will hold C# alive for a while and hold it relevant for the .NET platform. In fact, it’s been aggressively open-sourcing its products and making it extra accessible so developers can undertake it.


What language ought to a coding novice learn? Clearly, if you want to get into internet development, you’d should analyze JavaScript, whether or not you want it or no longer. If you want to do back-end web development, you ought to study a few form of SQL.

Furthermore, in case you want to mine websites for records or in case you’re interested in being a facts scientist, then Python is a superb language to analyze. If you need to paintings for an corporation, then Java is the manner to head. If you’re virtually now not that inquisitive about constructing matters and also you’re more inquisitive about process opportunities, then perhaps SQL is a nice location to begin (in particular if you want math).

Altogether, what programming language you must research in 2017 will in the long run rely upon what you need to do.