What Kind of Games Can I Download for the PS Vita?

At least until hackers control to crack the PS Vita, the most effective place you are going to locate downloadable video games for the PS Vita is on the PlayStation Store. But the PlayStation Store has numerous classes of downloadable games, a number of that allows you to be playable on the PS Vita, and a number of which might not. Below are the unique varieties of video games you’ll locate at the PlayStation Store, with data on whether or now not you can play them on a PS Vita.

Retail Games: PS Vita

Any retail recreation marked as a PS Vita recreation, whether it is a boxed cartridge from a retail keep, a retail card with down load code, or a down load bought immediately from the PlayStation Store, could be playable on any PS Vita. And even as it’s no longer confirmed but, early arms-on reports suggest that the PS Vita will most likely have place-unfastened games, much like the PSP did, meaning you could import games from different areas (or download them, if you are capable of set up a PlayStation community account in every other area). It has also been mentioned that Sony’s aim is to have all retail boxed games additionally available for download, so that you might not ever need to visit the shop to shop for a brand new sport if you do not want to (but you will want a number of reminiscence playing cards to preserve them on).

Retail Games: PSP

All PSP retail video games have to also be playable at the PS Vita, however only if they are downloaded from the PlayStation Store. UMDs will now not work inside the PS Vita, so don’t count on to be able to buy a packaged game at a sport keep and play in in your PS Vita. Only downloads will paintings. Download-handiest PSP video games have to also be playable on the PS Vita. Note, however, that this doesn’t consist of PSOne Classics but.

Retail Games: PS3

Continue playing a sport you have been gambling in your PS3 on the equal point you left off on the console, using your PS Vita. However, don’t anticipate if you want to transfer a PS3 sport onto your PS Vita. For maximum games, you’ll want an actual PS Vita model of the sport, which you may have to shop for one after the other. You will, however, be capable of play some PS3 video games remotely for your PS Vita with the aid of having them run on the PS3 even as the usage of Remote Play to get admission to them at the PS Vita. This additionally manner downloaded PS3 video games will not paintings without delay on a PS Vita.


Currently, PSP demos will now not run on a PS Vita, even though the actual games will.

PSOne Classics

PSOne Classics is a line of video games initially posted for the PlayStation (aka PSOne). These games are ports of the original video games, and no longer re-tooled in any manner besides to lead them to playable with PSP controls. Some older video games, like the first two Final Fantasy games, were launched with images and gameplay updates, however are not a part of the PSOne Classics line. As of this writing, PSOne Classics do no longer run on a PS Vita. This functionality is expected to be addressed in a firmware replace within the destiny.

Neo Geo/PC Engine Games

These games are ports of classic Neo Geo and PC Engine video games, similar to the PSOne Classics line. They are supported by means of the modern-day PS Vita firmware and need to run just high-quality.

Japan Imports

The Japan Imports line functions video games precisely as they were launched in Japan, and might or might not have English textual content. There isn’t any records but approximately whether or not or not they can be anticipated to run on a PS Vita, but if they’re truely Japanese PSP or PS Vita games, they will run. If they are classic video games at the start posted at the PlayStation or PS2, then they may now not paintings.

PS2 Classics

The PS2 Classics line is a observe-as much as the famous PSOne Classics and gives PS2 games minimally re-tooled to run on a PS3.

Homebrew Games

Homebrew games are small video games made through indie builders and hackers and are consequently unavailable from the PlayStation Store. While homebrew for the PS Vita is a future possibility, don’t buy a PS Vita watching for to hack it out of the box. Even the PSP, frequently hacked and outfitted with custom homebrew firmware, by no means had a completely large library of original homebrew games.