What is Windows’ Steps Recorder?

Windows’ Steps Recorder Steps Recorder is a aggregate keylogger, screen capture, and annotation device for Windows. It’s used to fast and easily document actions made on a pc for troubleshooting purposes.

Below is the whole thing you need to recognize approximately Steps Recorder — what it is used for,

which variations of Windows it is compatible with,

a way to open this system, and the way to use it document your steps.

NOTE: Steps Recorder is sometimes referred to as Problem Steps Recorder or PSR.

Windows’ Steps Recorder What is Steps Recorder Used For?

Windows’ Steps Recorder Steps Recorder is a troubleshooting and assistance device used to report actions taken by using a user on a laptop.

Once recorded, the facts may be sent to something man or woman or group is assisting in the troubleshooting.

Without Steps Recorder, a person might have to provide an explanation for in detail every step they may be taking to copy the issue they are having.

The quality manner to try this might be to manually write out what they’re doing and take screenshots of each unmarried window they see.

However, with Steps Recorder, all of that is performed routinely even as the user is on their pc,

which means that they do not must worry approximately whatever however starting and stopping Steps Recorder after which sending the result.

IMPORTANT:Steps Recorder is a program that should be manually started out and stopped by way of you. PSR does now not run in the historical past and does now not accumulate or ship information to all and sundry mechanically.

Steps Recorder Availability

Windows’ Steps Recorder Steps Recorder is most effective to be had in Windows 10,

Windows 8 (along with Windows eight.1),

Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008.

Unfortunately, there may be no equal Microsoft supplied application to be had for Windows Vista, Windows XP,

or other Microsoft running structures prior to Windows 7.

How To Access Steps Recorder

Steps Recorder is to be had from the Start menu in Windows 10 and the Apps Screen in Windows 8. You also can begin Steps Recorder in Windows 10 and Windows eight with the command from under.

In Windows 7, Problem Steps Recorder,

the device’s authentic call in that model of Windows,

can be accessed most without problems by using executing the following command from the Start menu or Run conversation box:


Steps Recorder is not available as a shortcut in the Start Menu in Windows 7.

How To Use Steps Recorder

See How To Use Steps Recorder for specific instructions or you may examine a quick assessment of the way PSR works under:

Steps Recorder information masses of statistics very beneficial to a person ,

troubleshooting a trouble including each mouse click on and keyboard action.

PSR creates a screenshot of every motion,

describes each motion in plain English, notes the precise date and time the movement passed off,

or even allows the recorder to add remarks at any time at some stage in the recording.

The names, places, and versions of all packages accessed at some point of the recording also are covered.

Once a PSR recording is complete,

you could ship the created report to the man or woman or institution helping to clear up some thing problem is happening.