What is MAC address and How to Find it

What is MAC address,So, you are trying to connect to a brand new Wi-Fi, but it’s now not operating. You have all of the right credentials but still, “Can’t Connect”. Now, whilst you convey this problem to the community admin, he smiles and asks for the tool’s MAC address.

So what is the “MAC address” and how can you find it?

In simple terms, each digital tool which connects to a community has a completely unique identifier known as MAC deal with or Physical Address. This MAC address (short for Media Access list) looks something like “F8-28-19-4E-ninety five-sixty one”. Unlike your IP cope with, which changes whenever you connect with the internet, the MAC deal with stays the equal. MAC deal with is hardcoded in the community interface card which means that it’s unique and every tool has a different MAC address.

MAC cope with is handiest applicable until the router level. Once the packet leaves the router, it does not convey the system’s MAC address. Instead, it contains your router’s MAC address. Well, this indicates 2 things: One, a website can’t decide your MAC cope with; and Two, you may exchange your MAC cope with to anything you want. Just ensure, no gadgets on the same community have the equal MAC deal with.

Unfortunately, you may’t locate the MAC cope with of the device from its serial quantity or on-line. The only manner is as well your device and the usage of the subsequent methods. That said, you could use 0.33-birthday party apps to find the MAC cope with of any device on the network by means of locating their IP address. We have a seprate article on it here.

Now, if you like to tinker around with your network or join one which has MAC filtering enabled, then you’ll need MAC Address or MAC Spoofing. And in this article, we’ll see the best ways to find MAC address on every popular platform.

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What is MAC address?Find MAC Address

1. How to Find Mac Address Windows 10

MAC address The quickest way to deal with the community is through the command line. In Windows, to see the MAC Address you just need to run a single command to locate the MAC Address. To do that, firstly we want to open the command line. Click at the Start button and kind “cmd” or “Command Prompt”. Once you have the consequences populated, proper click on at the command spark off icon and click on on “Run as Administrator”.

When you get the command prompt window, type the following command.

This command lists down all the network facts about the system’s Network Adapters. From the command output, scroll down to the Network Adapter you are using to connect with the router. In my case, I am linked through Wi-Fi so my lively network adapter is “Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi”. If you’re linked thru LAN, it should be Ethernet Adapter. Below the lively network adapter, you can see Physical Address. Besides the Physical Address, you have your MAC Address.

MAC address If the command line seems too complex to you, there’s an choice to see MAC Address from the GUI as well. To do that, want to open the Network and Sharing Center. Click on Start menu and kind “Network and Sharing Center“.

Alternatively, if you are in Windows 10, proper-click on on the Start menu and click on on “Network Connections”.


Navigate to “Change Adapter Options” and click on on it to open the “Network Connections”.

Once the network connections open, pick your energetic Network. For instance, I am linked thru Wi-Fi, so my energetic community is “Wi-Fi”. Now, proper-click on the Network and click on Status.

Now, when you have the Wi-Fi popularity window open, click on on Details. This will open the Network Connection info.

MAC address Now, in the Connection Details window, you will get the Network Adapter Information. This is much like running “ipconfig /all” on the command line. Here, look for “Physical Address” inside the Property column. Besides, the Physical Address, you’ll get the tool MAC Address.

2. What is MAC address,Find MAC Address on macOS

MAC address If you are on macOS, then the stairs are pretty just like that of Windows. To discover the MAC Address via the command line, you need to run a single command. To try this first, we need to open the terminal. Hit Cmd + Space to cause Spotlight Search. Type “Terminal” at the search bar. Click at the Terminal icon while the search results populate.

Once the terminal window opens, type the following command.

This will display the hardware statistics about all the community adapters in your tool. Since I am connected thru Wi-Fi, the MAC Address for me should appear beneath “Hardware Port: Wi-Fi”. Under Wi-Fi, you have the Ethernet Address that’s not anything but MAC Address. In case you are linked through LAN cable, search for the MAC address under the Ethernet port.

Again, you could do this via GUI as nicely. It won’t be the fastest way however it’s miles greater intuitive. To find the MAC Address, we need to visit the Network settings. To do this, click on on the apple icon at the top left nook of the desktop. Click on System Preferences from the dropdown listing.

On the System Preferences talk container, navigate to Network and click on it to open the Network Settings

MAC address Alternatively, you may also hit Cmd+Space to cause the Spotlight seek. Type “Network” in the search bar and click on the icon as soon as it seems. This will immediately navigate you to the Network Settings.

From the pop-up window, pick out an energetic network interface. For example, I am related to a WiFi network so my lively community is Wi-Fi. In case you are on LAN, it need to be Ethernet. Make positive you’re on the energetic network tab and then click on Advanced.

A new window will open the configuration settings for that adapter. Move over to the Hardware segment with the aid of clicking at the Hardware tab.

In the Hardware Information tab, the first entry will be the MAC Address.

3. What is MAC address,Find MAC Address on Linux/ Ubuntu

Since Mac is based totally on the UNIX OS, the steps to locate MAC Address are identically comparable. Like, at the terminal, you could run maximum of the mac instructions on ubuntu. To discover the MAC Address, we will use the equal “ifconfig” command at the terminal. To open the terminal, proper-click on anywhere at the laptop and click on on “Open Terminal”.

Alternatively, you can additionally click at the Activities button on the pinnacle-left corner. This will carry up a seek bar. Type Terminal on it and click on on the Terminal icon as soon as it pops up.

Once the terminal window opens, we need to run the following command.

This will show records approximately the community adapters. Look for the address except “ether” beneath your energetic network adapter. This deal with is the MAC Address of the specific community adapter. You will discover multiple community adapters with specific MAC Addresses. Make certain, you pick out the only thru which your tool is connected to the community. To know, which adapter is connected to the Internet, look the IP cope with subsequent to it. In my case, enp0s3 adapter is attached to the Internet withIPp deal with

If you locate CLI too complicated, there’s a simple manner to discover MAC Address thru the GUI. The only component is that it calls for extra steps. Open the Network settings. To do this, click at the Network Icon at the top proper nook of the computer.

Now, navigate onto the energetic network. I am related through a LAN cable so it might be Ethernet for me. In case, you are on Wi-Fi you ought to get the same inside the tray. Make sure you click on the lively network and enlarge the menu for greater alternatives. Click on Wired Settings from the prolonged menu to open the Network settings.

Once you get the Network Settings window, make sure you’re on the Network tab. Click at the Settings icon beside the energetic community to open the adapter homes.

When you get the wired settings pop-up window, the first tab will include the Network Information of the adapter. You have to see your MAC Address except the “Hardware Address” label.

4. What is MAC address,Get Wi-Fi Mac Address on Android

In the newer versions on Android ie. Post-Android 7.0, the community equipment are furnished natively. You can do numerous responsibilities along with setting up Static IP, static DNS Server and many others. Natively. So, finding your MAC Address is fairly easy. Head over to the Settings and navigate to “About Phone” and faucet on it. Here, I am the use of Google Pixel three for demonstration, this feature may not be at the exact identical vicinity for you because of manufacturer pores and skin. You can alternatively search it in the Settings search bar.

Navigate to the bottom of the page to find MAC Address.

5. Find iPhone MAC Address

Similarly on an iPhone or iPad, to check your MAC Address you want to visit the Settings. To try this, tap at the Settings icon at the bottom right of the dock


In the settings menu, navigate to General and tap on it.

In the general Settings, tap on About.

Now, the about section shows all the statistics about the phone. At the bottom, you will see “Wi-Fi Address“. Since your phone has handiest 1 community adapter, this is the most effective MAC Address of your tool.


Tip: In case, you want to replicate paste the MAC Address into an software. Tap and maintain on the MAC cope with cost for few seconds and it’ll copy it down to the clipboard.

6. Router

There is probably times if you have to work with the MAC Address of your Router. Or at times, you want to discover the MAC Address of gadgets that don’t have an interface. In that case, you need to log in to the web portal of the router. The internet portal cope with, username, and password are usually printed in the back of the router.

Once you have got the net portal loaded, log in with the credentials. Now each router has a different net UI, but the usual structure is the equal. Here, I am on a custom ROM referred to as dd-wrt and the alternatives I display will be comparable in your router as well.

Now on the first web page itself, you may see your MAC Address beneath System Information. To get the MAC Address of the devices linked to the router, we want to check the DHCP Client listing. This need to be beneath DHCP Server for you or Services tab.

Under the DHCP Client list, you’ll see MAC Address of all of the devices linked to the router.

Now, those MAC Addresses indexed can be genuine in case they have got no longer been spoofed. Yes, you can change the MAC Address of your devices and right here is an in depth article on how to alternate MAC Address.

Wrapping Up

Once you have got diagnosed the MAC Address of the tool, you can further troubleshoot the community or move beforehand and set static IP deal with based totally on it. In case, you want unique devices do no longer hook up with your network you could block them through the MAC in your router.

If you’ve got any greater questions or queries, permit me recognise in the feedback under and I gets again to you.