What Is an IP Address?

An IP Address,Definition of IP address and why all computers and devices need one

An IP address, brief for Internet Protocol deal with, is an figuring out range for a piece of network hardware. Having an IP cope with lets in a device to speak with different devices over an IP-primarily based community just like the net.

Most IP addresses seem like this:

Other IP addresses you might encounter could appearance extra like this:


There’s a lot extra on what the ones variations mean within the IP Versions (IPv4 vs IPv6) phase underneath.

What Is an IP Address Used For?

An IP cope with offers an identification to a networked tool. Similar to a home or commercial enterprise cope with imparting that particular physical location with an identifiable deal with, devices on a network are differentiated from each other thru IP addresses.

If I’m going to send a package deal to my friend in another country, I need to recognize the precise vacation spot.

It’s no longer enough to simply placed a package along with his name on it thru the mail and expect it to reach him. I need to rather attach a specific cope with to it, which you may do by means of looking it up in a smartphone e-book.

This identical fashionable process is used whilst sending data over the internet.

However, in place of using a phone book to appearance up someone’s call to locate their physical cope with, your laptop makes use of DNS servers to appearance up a hostname to locate its IP cope with.

For instance, when I input a website URL like www.Lifewire.Com into my browser, my request to load that page is despatched to DNS servers that look up that hostname (lifewire.Com) to discover its corresponding IP deal with (151.One zero one.Sixty five.121).

Without the IP address connected, my pc will haven’t any clue what it is that I’m after.

Different Types of IP Addresses

Even if you’ve heard of IP addresses before, you may not recognize that there are precise varieties of IP addresses. While all IP addresses are made up of numbers or letters, not all addresses are used for the equal purpose.

There are private IP addresses, public IP addresses, static IP addresses, and dynamic IP addresses. That’s pretty a ramification! Following those hyperlinks will provide you with an awful lot greater information on what they every mean.

To upload to the complexity, each sort of IP cope with may be an IPv4 deal with or an IPv6 address — once more, extra on those at the lowest of this web page.

In short, personal IP addresses are used “internal” a community, just like the one you possibly run at domestic, used by things like pills, Wi-Fi cameras, wireless printers, desktops, and many others.

These forms of IP addresses are used to provide a way on your gadgets to talk along with your router and all of the different devices for your private community. Private IP addresses can be set manually or assigned routinely through your router.

Different Types of IP Addresses

Public IP addresses are used on the outdoor of your network and are assigned by way of your ISP.

It’s the principle cope with that your home or commercial enterprise community makes use of to speak with the relaxation of the networked devices around the world (i.E., the internet).

It affords a manner for the gadgets in your house, as an instance, to reach your ISP, and therefore the outside world, permitting them to do things like get right of entry to web sites and speak directly with different human beings’s computer systems.

Both private IP addresses and public IP addresses are both dynamic or static, which means that that, respectively, they either trade or they don’t.

An IP address this is assigned by means of a DHCP server is a dynamic IP address.

If a tool doesn’t have DHCP enabled or would not assist it, then the IP cope with should be assigned manually, in which case it’s known as a static IP deal with.

What Is My IP Address?

Different gadgets and working structures require unique steps to discover the IP deal with.

There also are different steps to take if you’re searching out the public IP deal with provided to you through your ISP, or in case you want to see the personal IP deal with that your router passed out.


There are masses of ways to find your router’s public IP deal with, but websites like IP Chicken, WhatsMyIP.Org, WhatIsMyIPAddress.Com, or icanhazip.Com make this incredible smooth.

These sites work on any community-related device that helps an internet browser, like your telephone, iPod, laptop, computer, pill, and many others.

Another neat way to locate your outside IP cope with in Windows is in Command Prompt:

nslookup myip.opendns.com. resolver1.opendns.com

Finding the private IP deal with of the unique device you are on isn’t always as easy.


Command Prompt ipconfig consequences in Windows 10 In Windows, you may find your tool’s nearby IP deal with thru the Command Prompt, using the ipconfig command.

TIP: See How Do I Find My Default Gateway IP Address? In case you need to discover the IP cope with of your router, or anything tool that your network makes use of to get admission to the public net.

Linux customers can release a terminal window and enter the command hostname -I (this is a capital “i”), ifconfig, or ip addr display.

For macOS, use the command ifconfig to find your nearby IP cope with.

IPhone, iPad, and iPod touch gadgets display their private IP cope with via the Settings app in the Wi-Fi menu. To see it, just tap the small “i” button subsequent to the community it is related to.

You can see the local IP cope with of an Android device through Settings > Network & net > Wi-Fi, or relying to your Android version, Settings > Wi-Fi or Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi settings.

You might need to enlarge an Advanced location of the network’s information page to see the private IP cope with.

IP Versions (IPv4 vs IPv6)

There are variations of IP: IPv4 and IPv6. If you’ve got heard of those terms, you in all likelihood recognise that the former is the older, and now previous, model whilst IPv6 is the upgraded IP model.

With all of the devices we have constantly related to the net, it’s important that there may be a unique deal with to be had for each one in every of them.

The way IPv4 addresses are built means it’s capable of offer over 4 billion precise IP addresses (232).

While that is a completely huge wide variety of addresses, it is simply not enough for the modern-day international with all the specific devices people are the use of at the net.

Think about it — there are several billion human beings on this planet.

IP Versions (IPv4 vs IPv6)

IPv6, alternatively, helps a whopping 340 trillion, trillion, trillion addresses (2128). That’s 340 with 12 zeros! This approach all and sundry on earth may want to connect billions of devices to the internet. True, a piece of an overkill, but you may see how effectively IPv6 solves this problem.

Visualizing this allows apprehend simply what number of greater IP addresses the IPv6 addressing scheme permits over IPv4. Pretend a postage stamp should offer sufficient area to maintain every and every IPv4 deal with. IPv6, then, to scale, would want the whole sun gadget to include all of its addresses.

addresses, plus auto-configuration, no motive for Network Address Translation (NAT), extra efficient routing, less complicated administration, integrated privateness, and extra.

IPv4 presentations addresses as a 32-bit numerical number written in decimal layout, like or Because there are trillions of possible IPv6 addresses, they should be written in hexadecimal to show them, like 3ffe:1900:4545:three:2 hundred:f8ff:fe21:67cf.