Using the Apple Hardware Test to Diagnose Problems

Diagnose Problems You can use the Apple Hardware Test (AHT) to diagnose issues you are having along with your Mac’s hardware. This can consist of issues with your Mac’s display, portraits, processor, memory, and garage. You can use Apple’s Hardware Test to rule out most hardware failures as the wrongdoer whilst you’re trying to troubleshoot problems you are experiencing together with your Mac.

Actual hardware failure is uncommon, but it does occur from time to time; the most commonplace hardware failure is random-get admission to reminiscence (RAM). The Apple Hardware Test can take a look at your Mac’s RAM and assist you to realize of any troubles with it. With many Mac fashions, you may replace faulty RAM your self, and shop some dollars in the method.

Diagnose Problems Which Macs Can Use the Internet-Based Apple Hardware Test?

Not all Macs can use the Internet-based totally AHT. Some should use a local model that’s either mounted at the Mac’s startup drive or blanketed at the OS X installation DVD.

Diagnose Problems 2013 and Later Macs

Macs made after 2013 ought to use a newer model of the hardware take a look at, known as Apple Diagnostics. You’ll discover commands for testing newer Macs the usage of Apple Diagnostics at Using Apple Diagnostics to Troubleshoot Your Mac’s Hardware.

Diagnose ProblemsMacs That Can Use Internet Version of AHT

ModelModel IDNotes11-inch MacBook AirMacBookAir three,1late 2010 through 201213-inch MacBook AirMacBookAir three,2late 2010 via 201213-inch MacBook ProMacBookPro 8,1early 2011 through 201215-inch MacBook ProMacBookPro 6,2mid 2010 thru 201217-inch MacBook ProMacBookPro 6,1mid 2010 thru 2012MacBookMacBook 7,1mid 2010Mac MiniMac min i4,1mid 2010 via 201221.Five-inch iMaciMac11,2mid 2010 via 201227-inch iMaciMac11,3mid 2010 through 2012

Note:Mid 2010 and early 2011 models may additionally require an EFI firmware replace earlier than you could use Apple Hardware Test over the internet. You can test to peer if your Mac needs the EFI update by means of doing the subsequent:
  • From the Apple menu, pick out About This Mac.
  • In the window that opens, click the More Info button.
  • If you’re running OS X Lion or later, click on the System Report button; in any other case, continue with the next step.
  • In the window that opens, ensure Hardware is highlighted within the left-hand pane.
  • From the proper-hand pane, make a word of the boot ROM Version wide variety, in addition to the SMC model number (if gift).
  • With the version numbers in hand, visit the Apple EFI and SMC Firmware update internet site and evaluate your version in opposition to the contemporary available. If your Mac has an older version, you can download the brand new model the use of the links on the above website.

Using the Apple Hardware Test Over the Internet

Now that you recognise your Mac is capable of the use of the AHT over the internet, it’s time to actually run the take a look at. To try this, you need a stressed or Wi-Fi connection to the internet.

  • Make positive your Mac is grew to become off.
  • If you are checking out a Mac transportable, join it to an AC electricity supply. Do no longer run the hardware take a look at the use of only your Mac’s battery.
  • Press the power button to begin the strength-on procedure.
  • Immediately keep down the Option and D keys.
  • Continue to keep the Option and D keys till you see a Starting Internet Recovery message for your Mac’s show. Once you spot the message, you can release the Option and D keys.
  • After a short time, the display will ask you to pick out a network. Use the drop-down menu to select from the available community connections.
  • If you selected a wireless community connection, enter the password and then press Enter or Return, or click on the checkmark button at the show.
  • Once you’ve got linked in your network, you may see a message that announces “Starting Internet Recovery,” which may take some time.
  • During this time, the Apple Hardware Test is being downloaded on your Mac. Once the down load is complete, you will see the option to pick out a language.
  • Use the mouse cursor or the Up/Down arrow keys to highlight a language to use, and then click on the button within the bottom proper-hand corner (the only with the right-dealing with arrow).
  • The Apple Hardware Test will test to peer what hardware is established to your Mac. This process can take a touch bit of time. Once it’s entire, the Test button will be highlighted.
  • Before you press the Test button, you could check what hardware the take a look at found with the aid of clicking at the Hardware Profile tab. It’s an amazing concept to take a cursory take a look at this, just to ensure that every one of your Mac’s predominant additives are displaying up efficiently. Verify that the ideal quantity of memory is being suggested, in conjunction with the perfect CPU and pictures. If whatever appears to be incorrect, you have to confirm what your Mac’s configuration should be. You can do that by using checking Apple’s assist website for the specs at the Mac you’re the usage of. If the configuration information does not in shape up, you can have a failed tool.
  • If the configuration records appears to be accurate, you can continue to the trying out.
  • Click the Hardware Test tab.
  • The Apple Hardware Test helps forms of testing: a popular take a look at and an extended take a look at. The extended test is a good option if you suspect an difficulty together with your RAM or video/portraits. Generally, even though, beginning with the shorter, general check is a good concept.
  • Click the Test button.
  • The hardware take a look at will begin, displaying a status bar and any error messages that end result. The test can take a piece of time, so be patient. You may additionally listen your Mac’s lovers rev up and down; this is regular during the testing technique.
  • When the take a look at is whole, the reputation bar will disappear. The Test Results area of the window will show either a “No trouble observed” message or a listing of problems. If you notice an mistakes within the take a look at consequences, test the mistake code segment under for a list of commonplace errors codes and what they imply.
  • If no hassle was determined, you can nonetheless need to run the extended test, which is better at locating reminiscence and snap shots problems. To accomplish that, location a checkmark in the Perform Extended Testing (takes considerably greater time) box, after which click on the Test button.

Diagnose Problems Ending a Test in Process

You can stop any test in process by clicking the Stop Testing button

Diagnose Problems Quitting the Apple Hardware Test

When you end the usage of the Apple Hardware Test, you could give up the check by using clicking either the Restart or Shut Down button.

Diagnose Problems Apple Hardware Test Error Codes

The error codes generated with the aid of the Apple Hardware Test have a tendency to be cryptic at satisfactory and are meant for Apple provider technicians. Many of the mistake codes have emerge as well known, but, and the subsequent list ought to be helpful:

Error Code Description
4AIR AirPort wireless card
4ETH Ethernet
4HDD Hard disk (includes SSD)
4IRP Logic board
4MEM Memory module (RAM)
4MHD External disk
4MLB Logic board controller
4MOT Fans
4PRC Processor
4SNS Failed sensor
4YDC Video/Graphics card

Most of the above errors codes imply a failure of the associated component and can require a technician’s help to determine the reason and the value of a restore. Before you send your Mac off to a store, even though, try resetting the PRAM in addition to resetting the SMC. This can be beneficial for some errors, which include logic board and fan issues.

You can carry out extra troubleshooting for RAM, hard disk, and outside disk issues. In the case of a drive, whether or not inner or outside, you can attempt repairing it the use of Disk Utility (that’s included with OS X), or a 3rd-birthday party app, together with Drive Genius.

If your Mac has user-serviceable RAM modules, strive cleaning and reseating the modules. Remove the RAM, use a easy pencil eraser to clean the RAM modules’ contacts, after which reinstall the RAM. Once the RAM is reinstalled, run the Apple Hardware Test again, using the prolonged trying out choice. If you still have reminiscence problems, you can need to update the RAM.