Use AOL Mail Through an Email Client

Make sure you input the proper server settings

To send mail from an electronic mail patron thru your AOL Mail account, provide this system commands to get admission to the AOL Mail Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server. AOL Mail uses this server to send mail from your account.

If an electronic mail program or app would not realize the way to get entry to the AOL Mail SMTP server, it won’t ship electronic mail messages. The Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) settings down load e-mail to the mail patron and the SMTP server settings send mail through AOL Mail.

AOL Mail SMTP Settings

The AOL Mail SMTP server settings are the equal no matter what software or device you operate. Enter these SMTP server settings to send mail out of your AOL Mail account using your chosen approach:

  • SMTP server cope with: smtp.Aol.Com
  • SMTP username: Your AOL Mail screen call, which comes earlier than “@aol.Com” in the email deal with. For example, if your address is [email protected], “me” is the corresponding display name.
  • Password: Your AOL Mail password
  • Port the usage of SSL/TLS: 587
  • TLS/SSL required: yes (permit SSL encryption for incoming and outgoing e-mail)
Important:SMTP sends email messages. To obtain e-mail messages, provide the email program with the perfect POP or IMAP server settings.

Troubleshoot Your Settings

If the email consumer doesn’t ship mail well, the password may also were entered incorrectly or there is a misconfigured putting. Confirm that each one the settings are accurate. If you still have trouble, delete the email account, go out the e-mail customer, and restart this system. Or, restart the tool and strive once more.

The Downside of Using Other Mail Apps for AOL Mail

Some of the capabilities of AOL Mail are not to be had whilst e-mail is accessed from an e mail purchaser. For example, if the purchaser makes use of POP and is set up to delete e mail from the AOL Mail server after messages are downloaded, then the equal emails may not be available to a consumer using IMAP (considering IMAP depends completely on mail nevertheless located at the server).

Here are different functions which might be affected by some e mail servers:

  • No Report Spam button: If you want to file an e mail as spam, pass it to the Spam or Junk folder.
  • Deleted messages is probably lacking: Deleted e mail may additionally appear within the unique folder with a mark for deletion, or you may no longer be able to see deleted mail. This depends on the e-mail server.
  • Messages study on one tool won’t be marked as “read” on some other tool: The equal is true for emails that are marked as unread, emails which can be marked as important, and messages which are starred. In a single customer. These messages might not be marked the identical way in some other client.
  • Can’t check the popularity of a despatched message: Since POP would not store despatched messages on the e-mail server, another e-mail patron might not show messages that had been despatched from a POP-configured patron.