Get The Best New And Updated Software For Ubuntu

Updated Software For Ubuntu Software And Updates

Updated Software For Ubuntu Let’s start by way of discussing the repositories which might be already to be had inside Ubuntu.

Press the fantastic key (Windows key) in your keyboard to carry up the Ubuntu Dash and start attempting to find “Software”.

An icon for “Software & Updates” will seem. Click this icon to carry up the “Software & Updates” display.

There are five tabs available on this display screen and in case you read a preceding article displaying a way to update Ubuntu you will already realize what those tabs are for however if no longer I may be protecting them once more right here.

The first tab is referred to as Ubuntu Software and it has 4 checkboxes:

Canonical-supported loose and open source software program (important) Community-maintained loose and open source software (universe) Proprietary drivers (constrained) Software restricted with the aid of copyright or prison issues (multiverse) The most important repository carries formally supported software program whereas the universe repository includes software program furnished by using the Ubuntu community.

The limited repository carries non-unfastened supported software program and multiverse carries non-unfastened community software.

Unless you have got a purpose now not to, I would ensure most of these boxes are ticked.

The “Other Software” tab has two checkboxes:

Canonical Partners Canonical Partners supply code The Canonical Partners repository consists of closed supply software program and to be sincere there isn’t always a good deal of hobby in there. (Flash participant, Google compute engine stuff, Google Cloud SDK and Skype.

You can get Skype by using studying this educational and Flash by studying this one.

At the lowest of the “Other Software” tab is an “Add” button. This button lets you upload different repositories (PPAs).

Updated Software For Ubuntu What Are Personal Package Archives (PPAs)?

When you put in Ubuntu for the first time your software programs may be at a particular model as tested previous to launch.

As time is going through that software program remains at the older model except for malicious program fixes and security updates.

If you’re the use of a protracted-term assist release model of Ubuntu (12.04/14.04) then your software program may be significantly in the back of the contemporary variations by the time the support ends.

PPAs provide repositories with up to date versions of software program as well as new software program packages now not to be had in the major repositories listed inside the preceding segment.

Updated Software For Ubuntu Are There Any Downsides To Using PPAs?

Here is the kicker. PPAs can be created by anybody and therefore you ought to be very careful earlier than including them to your device.

At the very worst anyone could offer you with a PPA full of malicious software program. This isn’t always the simplest factor to observe out for but because despite the best intentions matters can go wrong.

The most possibly trouble you will stumble upon is ability conflicts. For example, you would possibly add a PPA with an up to date version of a video player. That video player wishes a positive model of GNOME or KDE or a particular codec to run but your computer has a specific version. You, therefore, replace GNOME, KDE or the codec best to find other packages are got to work underneath the vintage version. This is a clean struggle which needs to be cautiously controlled.

Generally speaking, you should steer clear of the use of too many PPAs. The foremost repositories have lots of top software program and if you like updated software program use the modern-day version of Ubuntu and preserve updating it every 6 months.

Updated Software For Ubuntu This Best PPAs

This list highlights the high-quality PPAs to be had for the time being. You don’t want to hurry into including they all on your system but take a glance and in case you suppose one will offer added benefits on your gadget follow the commands to put in supplied.

This article covers item five on the list of 33 activities after putting in Ubuntu.

Updated Software For Ubuntu Get Deb

Get Deb offers a number of packages that aren’t available inside the main repositories along with thoughts mapping tools, novel writing gear, Twitter clients and different plugins.

You can install Get Deb via beginning the Ubuntu Software And Updates tool and clicking the Add button at the “Other Software” tab.

Enter the following into the field provided:

deb wily-getdeb apps

Click the “Add Source” button.

Go to the “Authentication” tab and click “Import Key File” and choose the file you just downloaded.

Click “Close” and “Reload” to update the repositories.

Updated Software For Ubuntu Play Deb

Whilst get deb provides access to applications,  provides access to games.

To add the Play Deb PPA click the “Add” button on the “Other Software” tab and enter the following:

deb wily-getdeb games

Click the “Add Source” button.

You will get access to games such as Extreme Tux Racer, The Goonies and Paintown (Streets Of Rage-esque).


To get an up to date version of LibreOffice add the LibreOffice PPA.

This is one PPA that is worth adding especially if you need some of the new functionality within LibreOffice or better integration with Microsoft Office.

Click the “Add” button in “Software & Updates” and add the following into the box:


If you have just installed Ubuntu 15.10 then you will be using LibreOffice 5.0.2. The current version available in the PPA is 5.0.3.

The 14.04 version of Ubuntu will be significantly further behind.

Updated Software For Ubuntu Pipelight

Anybody remember Unfortunately it hasn’t gone away yet but it doesn’t work within Linux.

It used to be the case that you needed Silverlight to watch Netflix but now you just need to install Google’s Chrome browser.

Pipelight is a project which make it possible to get Silverlight working within Ubuntu.

To add the Pipelight PPA click the “Add” button within “Software & Updates”, “Other Software” tab.

Enter the following line:


Updated Software For Ubuntu Cinnamon

So you have installed Ubuntu and you realised that you would much prefer to have Mint’s Cinnamon desktop environment rather than Unity.

But it is so much trouble to download the Mint ISO, create a Mint USB drive, backup all your data, install Mint and then add all those software packages you just installed.

Save yourself the time and add the Cinnamon PPA to Ubuntu.

You know the drill by now, click that “add” button on the “Other Software” tab and enter the following: