The Complete Guide to the Ubuntu Unity Dash

Ubuntu’s Unity Dash is used to navigate around Ubuntu. It can be used to search for files and programs, pay attention to song, watch movies, view your snap shots and reveal your on line money owed together with Google+ and Twitter.

What Is the Command to Open the Unity Dash?

To access the Dash inside Unity, click on at the pinnacle button on the launcher (The Ubuntu Logo) or press the exquisite key in your keyboard (The outstanding secret’s the only that seems like the Windows brand on maximum computers).

Unity Scopes And Lenses

Unity implements something referred to as scopes and lenses. When you first open the Dash you’ll see some of icons at the lowest of the screen.

Clicking on each of the icons will display a brand new lens.

The following Lenses are set up by means of default:

Home Applications Files Videos Music Photos On each lens, there are things called scopes. Scopes provide the records for a lens. For instance, at the tune lens, the data is retrieved thru the Rhythmbox scope. On the pix lens, the statistics is supplied through Shotwell.

If you make a decision to uninstall Rhythmbox and determine to install another audio participant together with Audacious you can install the Audacious scope to view your music inside the music lens.

Useful Ubuntu Dash Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts

The following shortcuts take you to a particular lens.

  • Super key – Home Lens
  • Super+A keys – Application Lens
  • Super+F keys – File Lens
  • Super+M keys – Music Lens
  • Super+V keys – Video Lens
  • Super+C keys – Photo Lens
  • Ctrl+Tab – Switch between lenses

The Home Lens

The Home Lens is the default view while you press the great key at the keyboard.

You will see 2 classes:

Applications Files And Folders You will most effective see a list of about 6 icons for each class but you may enlarge the lists to reveal extra by means of clicking at the hyperlinks See extra effects.

If you click on on the Filter Results hyperlink you’ll see lists of categories and resources.

The categories currently decided on could be packages and files. Clicking on more classes will show them on the house web page.

The assets decide wherein the facts comes from.

The Application Lens

The track lens helps you to view the audio files that are mounted on your machine and play them from the computer.

Before it’s going to paintings however you want to open Rhythmbox and import song into your folders.

After the song has been imported you may filter out the outcomes within the Dash via decade or with the aid of genre.

The genres are as follows:

Blues Classical Country Disco Funk Rock Metal Hip Hop House New Wave R&B Punk Jazz Pop Reggae Soul Techno Other The Photo Lens The photo lens lets you examine your photographs thru the Dash. As with the tune lens you need to import the pics.

To import your pix open Shotwell and import the folders you desire to import.

You will now be able to open the pix lens.

The filter out consequences alternative permits you to filter with the aid of date.

Enable Online Search You can activate online outcomes by way of following those instructions.

Open the Dash and search for “Security”. When the Security & Privacy icon seems click on on it.

Click at the Search tab.

There is an alternative on the display known as When looking inside the Dash encompass on-line search consequences.

By default, the setting may be set to off. Click on the transfer to show it on.

You will now be able to seek Wikipedia, online films and other online resources.