Troubleshooting File and Printer Sharing (Windows )

Troubleshooting File and Printer Sharing, This checklist describes common issues encountered when putting in peer-to-peer document sharing on a Microsoft Windows network. Follow the steps beneath to troubleshoot and solve those Windows report sharing problems. Many objects in the checklist are specifically vital on networks that run more than one variations or flavors of Windows.

Troubleshooting File and Printer Sharing, Name Each Computer Correctly

On a peer-to-peer Windows community, all computer systems should possess unique names. Ensure all pc names are precise and every follows the Microsoft naming suggestions. For instance, do not forget heading off spaces in pc names: Windows 98 and different older versions of Windows will no longer assist file sharing with computers having spaces in their name. The length of laptop names, the case (higher and decrease) of names and the use of unique characters should also be considered.

Name Each Workgroup (or Domain) Correctly

Each Windows computer belongs both to a workgroup or a domain. Home networks and other small LANs make use of workgroups, while larger business networks perform with domain names. Whenever viable, make sure all computers on a workgroup LAN have the equal workgroup name. While sharing files among computer systems belonging to unique workgroups are possible, it’s also greater tough and blunders-inclined. Similarly, in Windows domain networking, ensure every pc is set to enroll in the precise named area.

Install TCP/IP on Each Computer

TCP/IP is the best community protocol to use while putting in a Windows LAN. In a few situations, it is viable to use the alternative NetBEUI or IPX/SPX protocols for simple report sharing with Windows. However, those different protocols normally do not offer any additional capability beyond what TCP/IP presents. Their presence also can create technical difficulties for the community. It is strongly endorsed to put in TCP/IP on every computer and uninstall NetBEUI and IPX/SPX each time viable.

Set up Correct IP Addressing and Subnetting

On domestic networks and different LANs having a unmarried router or gateway laptop, all computers have to function in the identical subnet with precise IP addresses. First, make sure the network masks (every now and then called “subnet mask”) is about to the equal fee on all computer systems. The community mask “255.255.255.Zero” is usually accurate for domestic networks. Then, make certain each computer possesses a unique IP deal with. Both the network mask and different IP cope with settings are located inside the TCP/IP network configuration.

Verify File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is Installed

“File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks” is a Windows community provider. This provider have to be mounted on a network adapter to enable that laptop to participate in report sharing. Ensure this carrier is installed through viewing the adapter’s residences and verifying that a) this service appears inside the listing of mounted objects and b) the checkbox next to this service is checked inside the ‘on’ position.

Troubleshooting File and Printer Sharing, Temporarily or Permanently Disable Firewalls

Troubleshooting File and Printer Sharing, The Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) feature of Windows XP computers will interfere with peer-to-peer file sharing. For any Windows XP computer on the network that needs to participate in file sharing, ensure the ICF service is not running. Misconfigured third-party firewall products can also interfere with LAN file sharing. Consider temporarily disabling (or lowering the security level of) Norton, ZoneAlarm, and other firewalls as part of troubleshooting file sharing problems.

Verify Shares are Correctly Defined

To share documents on a Windows community, in the long run one or extra community shares have to be defined. Share names that stop with a dollar signal ($) will now not appear within the listing of shared folders whilst browsing the community (although those can nevertheless be accessed). Ensure stocks have been described on the community as it should be, following the Microsoft guidelines for proportion naming.