The Ultimate Guide to Xbox Achievements

The inside scoop on your Gamerscore

Microsoft’s Xbox Achievements gadget for its Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles gives players a way to quantify their virtual prowess. By finishing video games or appearing sure obligations in them, players obtain virtual awards that upload to their standard Gamerscore, which represents a free aggregation of a player’s overall gaming potential. Achievements offer greater incentive to replay titles and offer some opposition between buddies as they are trying to get a total higher Gamerscore than their buddies.

A Brief History of Xbox Achievements

Microsoft created Achievements for the Xbox 360 in 2005. Originally, they were simple, and players could free up every one in a game just via gambling it from starting to end. They have seeing that grow to be greater complicated and now consist of responsibilities like playing at the toughest trouble mode or completing a shooter while best the usage of precise (or maybe no) guns. Microsoft has guidelines in region for what number of Achievements builders can include in games and how frequently they could add to the listing, but they are not publicly available and have changed over time. For example, sport makers used for you to consist of Achievements that weren’t worth any factors at all, however the ones are not allowed anymore. Your Achievements and Gamerscore are completely related to your Gamertag, that is the profile you created whilst you first set up your Xbox 360 or Xbox One console. Unless you are making a new one, your Gamertag and all of the information tied to it’s going to comply with you throughout hardware if you ever upgrade.

Achievements and Gamerscore

When you are speaking about Achievements, you’re truely speaking approximately two matters: the Achievements themselves, and a person’s total Gamerscore. When a player unlocks an Achievement, a notification appears on display screen and they earn a certain wide variety of factors. These are normally based totally on the difficulty of the underlying task. So, as an example, an Achievement for finishing a game’s first level might be really worth 10 factors, even as the one for finishing the whole sport is probably well worth 100. The Gamerscore is the total of those points across every recreation someone has performed. If you performed games and earned 500 Achievement factors from one and 240 from the opposite, your overall Gamerscore might be 740. Achievements and Gamerscore are totally virtual principles. You don’t earn any rewards, either in sport or in lifestyles from unlocking them. It’s all approximately bragging rights and crowning glory.

How to See Your Gamerscore and Achievements on Xbox One

If you haven’t any idea how many factors you’ve got racked up at some stage in your Xbox gaming profession, you could check it for your Xbox One console. 01. From the Home Screen, navigate to your Gamertag in the upper-left corner.
02.You’ll notice that your Gamerscore seems beneath your Gamertag. So if the variety is all you want, you’re executed. You can also press A with your profile decided on to open a facet menu for more statistics.
note: You can also press the Home button in the middle of your Xbox One controller to open the side menu.
03.Navigate to the left to pick the Achievements tab. The icon is formed like a trophy.
04. Highlight See all my achievements and press A.
05.This opens a menu with every recreation you’ve got performed in your Xbox One. This includes Xbox 360 games which can be backward-well suited.
06.Navigate to the game you want to check the Achievements on and Press X. 07.At the top of this page, you may see how an awful lot of the sport’s total potential Gamerscore you have earned and how a number of the to be had Achievements you’ve got unlocked. Below this, you may see character Achievements, the factors you earned from them, and when you unlocked them. Achievements you have not unlocked yet will have a lock image subsequent to them. Achievements now not loads of different players have earned will have a diamond subsequent to their factor fee.
note:Most unlocked Achievements will inform you what you need to do to get the Gamerscore. However, a few are mystery and might not show an outline till you earn them.
08. That’s it!

How to See Your Gamerscore and Achievements on Xbox 360

The last-generation Xbox 360 also lets you check out your stats, but the process is a little different.


01.Your Gamerscore seems beneath your Gamertag whilst you sign in for your profile upon commencing the console. You can also navigate to the Social tab or, like on the Xbox One, appearance next on your profile photo at the top of the display.
02. Press A with your avatar selected on the Social tab to go to your profile.
03.Navigate right to get popular facts about your Achievements and Gamerscore. This includes the total wide variety you have unlocked as opposed to what number of are to be had throughout all video games and what kind of of your Gamerscore you earned at the Xbox 360.
04.If you need to understand extra approximately man or woman video games and Achievements, navigate again to the left and choose the Achievements field.
05. That’s it!


01.You can also press the Home button on your Xbox 360 controller from any display to open the menu, then navigate left to the Games & Apps tab.
02. Select Achievements.
03.The Achievements menu lets you examine the Achievements you’ve got unlocked on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. 04.Navigating this menu is just like how you get around the same menu on Xbox One: Select a game to see the Achievements you have unlocked and the ones you continue to must earn.

Tracking Achievements on Xbox One

Some games on Xbox One have an choice with the intention to show your development on selected Achievements. To flip this on, pick out Turn fulfillment tracker on from the Achievements menu after you press the Home button.
This setting locations a window on display screen that includes popularity bars displaying how near you’re to unlocking your subsequent Achievements.

Websites for Tracking Achievements

Several websites exist to assist Achievement hunters hold tune of what they have unlocked and to manual them in getting the most Gamerscore out of every name. Two of the most famous ones are Xbox Achievements and True Achievements.


This internet site is a first rate useful resource for finding Achievement lists and techniques to unlocking them. Each game has its own web page listing all the to be had Achievements and their Gamerscore price. Some of the more tough ones additionally include hyperlinks to boards, wherein players percentage guidelines and guidance. The lists also share the info of hidden achievements in case you want to recognise them.
Xbox Achievements also has handy Road Maps providing facts like how hard it’s miles to release everything, which Achievements are missable, and the way normally you’ll need to play via the game to get they all.


True Achievements has many of the same features as Xbox Achievements, but with an extra spin on the hunt.
In addition in your trendy Gamerscore, True Achievements additionally calculates a “TA Ratio” for every Achievement that modifies their value. The ratio is based on how many people unlocked it, which indicates how difficult it is to reap. So, a more hard Achievement (i.E. One fewer those who performed the game have unlocked) may have a better TA Ratio and, consequently, a higher changed rating, than an easier Achievement. So relying on which video games they play and how difficult the Achievements are, two players with the same Gamerscore might have massively one-of-a-kind TA Scores.