The Top Puzzle-Adventure Games for the iPad

Puzzle-Adventure Games,While there are plenty of natural puzzle video games on the iPad like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, there is nothing quite just like the puzzle adventure recreation that immerses you in the story, dazzles you with lovely landscapes and taunts you with a number of the most tough puzzles ever to offered. But it isn’t always all about difficult puzzles.

While some games on this listing will have you pulling your hair out or searching Google for recommendations, others are more approximately the amusing, the journey, or definitely the abnormal and eerie.

Puzzle-Adventure Games,The Room

While this listing is in no way in order of quality-to-worst, it might be a criminal offense now not to position Apple’s 2012 Game of the Year on the pinnacle of the journey-puzzle list. “The Room” has a easy enough idea: You share a room with a safe, and your goal is to open that secure. But do not worry, you’ll have a bit assist. Early on you’ll find out a unique eyeglass in order to allow you to see objects that could in any other case pass unseen. Beautiful pix and a excellent experience for creating a scene, the game’s addictive puzzles fast draw you in and their increasing problem will preserve you there.

Puzzle-Adventure Games,Machinarium

An antique-faculty adventure puzzle sport wrapped in lovely art work, “Machinarium” is not for the without difficulty pissed off. Some of the puzzles are quite tough in that quite addicting “I need to figure it out” manner. A recreation with out speak wherein you manage a robotic who’s capable of squish and stretch his body, “Machinarium” offers a completely unique enjoy and a few thrilling puzzles.

Puzzle-Adventure Games,The Silent Age

Not many games solid the protagonist as an average Joe running as a plumber. But alternatively, not too many games use 1972 as a placing. But it works in this journey recreation, with Joe the plumber crossing paths with a time-touring stranger from future that (you guessed it) need to be averted. A first-class twist at the genre, The Silent Age will have you ever travelling backward and forward between two instances so one can acquire the whole thing you need to solve the puzzles.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

“Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery” isn’t quite an adventure puzzle, but then again, it’s not quite an action-fantasy rpg, either. Designed to take into full account the unique controls of the iPad, you’ll be tapping, swiping and even tilting as you explore and battle your way through the game, which is depicted in a very old-school 8-bit side-scrolling style that has gone 3D. The game is as much about the journey as anything, where even combat becomes its own puzzle.


If you have ever had amusing manipulating your fingers to make shadowy shapes of bats and ducks at the wall, you will love “Shadowmatic.” It’s essentially a create-the-shape recreation the use of shadows. You are tasked with manipulating items inside the middle of the room to create a specific shadowy form. This game is definitely gorgeous as well as massively addicting.

Device 6

One of the most imaginitive video games you will ever play, “Device 6” is a mashup of an interactive novel with an journey puzzle game locked inner of it. As Anna, you are attempting to escape a fort on a remote island. The game performs out inside the confines of a e book, but as you study the text, you may see glimpses of the arena around you. And the textual content itself takes on a abnormal existence of its personal, forcing you to rotate your iPad to maintain up with it. And interspersed throughout are (of path) a number of terrific puzzles which will solve.

The Tiny Bang Story HD

A incredible factor-and-click on adventure sport this is perfect for the entire family, “The Tiny Bang Story” depicts existence on Tiny Planet after a meteor crashes to the floor. A hidden object sport that has you accumulating jigsaw puzzle pieces, you may need more than sharp eyes to get all of the objects collectively.

Many portions would require you to clear up puzzles earlier than they emerge as to be had. There’s no talk in the game, and those looking to end up immersed in a story may become annoyed, however the beautiful photographs provide best eye sweet and the simplistic style works.


There aren’t too many games which might be extraordinarily fun for both the youngest and the oldest of game enthusiasts. A brief journey – don’t expect to be gambling this one for hours – it is though very entertaining.

It may seem peculiar to pay for a sport that can be solved in a unmarried sitting, but however, it truly is a good deal less expensive than going out to a film. And in case you stay with a circle of relatives of poser-lovers, there’s sincerely some cost here.


“Myst” changed into initially released in 1993 and turned into the pleasant selling game of its time, holding that title until “The Sims” got here along almost a decade later. A surreal puzzle recreation, Myst become considered one of the maximum difficult and beautiful games of its time. And in case you surely love Myst, you can step into the arena within the unfastened-roaming “realMyst” remake of the sport.

Slender Rising

It is not frequently that an Internet meme turns into a game, an awful lot less an entire host of games. And whilst a number of the Slender Man games don’t stay up to the call, a few stick out. But if you like puzzle video games which are at the creepy aspect, “Slender Rising” may be your solution.