The most effective method to Download Your Gmail MBOX Data and What to Do With It

It’s extremely simple to download a duplicate of your Gmail information because of Google Takeout. In any case, Google gives you a MBOX record, and what would you be able to do with that? Indeed, you can do a great deal. It’s optimal for keeping a disconnected reinforcement or moving every one of your messages to another email administration or Gmail account.

We’re demonstrating how to utilize Google Takeout, how to make a disconnected reinforcement utilizing Thunderbird, and how to move your Gmail information to another email administration.

Stage 1: Download Your Gmail Data With Google Takeout

To start with, you have to download the fare of your Gmail information from Google Takeout.

As a matter of course, the entirety of your Google administration information will be chosen, so this incorporates stuff like Chrome and Drive. In the event that you simply need Gmail, click Deselect all at the head of the rundown. Look down to Mail and mark the case.

You will see that MBOX position has been chosen. You can click this, however you can’t change the arrangement for Mail, however you can for other Google administrations.

As a matter of course, all your Gmail messages from every one of your classifications will be incorporated. In the event that you need to modify this, click All Mail information included, expel the checkmark from Include all messages in Mail, pick the organizers you need, at that point click OK.

Look down and click Next. Here you can pick your Delivery strategy, Frequency, and File type and size. You can leave everything as default, however transform them on the off chance that you need. At the point when prepared, click Create send out.

Your fare will at that point procedure. You will get an email notice when it’s prepared. On the off chance that you just remembered Mail for the fare, it won’t take excessively long—simply look out for the page for it to wrap up. At the point when it has, click Download.

Open the packed record on your PC and fare it. The fundamental MBOX document is in the Takeout > Mail envelope.

Stage 2: Import Your Gmail MBOX Into Thunderbird

You can bring your Gmail information into any email customer that bolsters MBOX. You could likewise utilize an utility like Windows MBox Viewer.

On the off chance that you utilize a Mac, you can import the MBOX record into your Mac’s Mail application by clicking File > Import Mailboxes. In the event that you use Microsoft Outlook, you’ll need to initially change over the MBOX document into another organization Outlook bolsters—Outlook has no local method of bringing in MBOX records.

For the point by point steps of this guide, we’ll use Mozilla Thunderbird since it’s free, open source, and supports MBOX records locally. It likewise runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Along these lines, introduce Thunderbird on your PC and open it.

Follow the wizard to add any email record to Thunderbird. You don’t need to really utilize the email represent anything; this will simply guarantee Thunderbird is set up appropriately for email.

Close Thunderbird in the wake of including an email account. You currently need to explore to a particular Thunderbird envelope on File Explorer with the goal that you can put your Gmail MBOX in it. Here’s the means by which to do that.

Press Windows key + R to open Run, input %appdata%\Thunderbird\Profiles\

At that point click OK.

This will open File Explorer. You should see an organizer in here called xxxxxxxx.default, where the x is eight arbitrary characters. Explore inside this envelope and afterward go to Mail > Local Folders.

Get the MBOX document you downloaded before and place it inside the Local Folders organizer. You can left snap and drag the record across between the open windows or use duplicate (Ctrl + C) and glue (Ctrl + V).

Run Thunderbird once more. The downloaded substance of your Gmail record will show up under Local Folders in Thunderbird.

Stage 3: Use Thunderbird as an Offline Archive

Thunderbird presently gives a disconnected method to peruse your downloaded email. You can peruse through it, read messages, search, get document connections—anything you could do with Gmail on the web.

This is a fantastic reinforcement arrangement that gives true serenity. You can store a disconnected reinforcement of your Gmail account in MBOX position on an outer hard drive or USB some place, alongside the entirety of your other significant reinforcement documents. Obviously, you’ll need to routinely download another MBOX reinforcement record in case you’re despite everything utilizing Gmail, just to stay up with the latest.

Regardless of whether you lose access to your Gmail account, Google closes down Gmail, or the whole web breakdown, you’ll generally have an approach to get to your email document.

Import Your Emails Into Another Email Service

You can likewise utilize the disconnected duplicate of your Gmail to bring your Gmail information into other email accounts. This stunt just necessitates that the email administrations support IMAP so you can get to it from Thunderbird. The old POP3 convention won’t work, we need IMAP.

Here’s our guide on the contrast among IMAP and POP3 on the off chance that you need that clarified.

With this stunt, you can bring your messages into another Gmail account, move them to a Microsoft account, add them to a Yahoo! Mail record, or import them into some other IMAP-supporting help. This is helpful on the off chance that you need to move to another assistance and abandon Gmail or in the event that you’ve chosen you simply need another Gmail address as your principle Google account.

To do this, you’ll have to add the other email record to Thunderbird. On the left sheet, click the high level email address to go to the Thunderbird review segment. From here, underneath Accounts > Set up a record, click Email.

Enter your mail account subtleties. Thunderbird will endeavor to naturally download the suitable server data so you don’t need to design it by hand, however click Manual config to check the subtleties. Guarantee the Incoming server alternative is set to IMAP.

Thunderbird may not consequently distinguish your email administration’s arrangement, so you may need to look into your email administration’s IMAP hostname, port, and SSL design. Allude to your supplier’s assistance documentation if so.

When you’ve set up your email account, it will show up in Thunderbird’s sidebar. You can move messages between your neighborhood Gmail reinforcement and the IMAP account. Truth be told, you can even move all the messages from your MBOX record to some place in the other IMAP account. Thunderbird will transfer them and they’ll show up in your new record.

This stunt exploits the way IMAP works, as it permits you to transfer messages and move them around. The other email administration doesn’t need to know anything about MBOX records or Gmail; it just needs to help IMAP.

You can likewise import your Gmail to another record without utilizing a downloaded MBOX document. Simply add both email records to Thunderbird, and afterward simplified messages between them. For another model, here’s the manner by which to set up Gmail in Microsoft Outlook.

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That is all that you have to think about how to snatch a chronicle of your Gmail information and how to peruse a MBOX document effortlessly.