The Best Ways to Password Protect PDF File

File Imagine this — you need to share a record with your co-employee, but you don’t need other human beings to see it. Now, what will you do? Well, the most obvious element would be to convert that report into a PDF document after which password protect it. Right? So, right here is some first-rate way to password protect a PDF on a one of a kind platform.

Password Protect PDF File PDF is an exceptional layout for diverse reasons. It can incorporate both snap shots and wealthy text. Also, one cannot alter a PDF, with out leaving a digital footprint. And the quality part is, password protective PDF is platform independent, i.E. If you encrypt a PDF using a Windows application, the recipient can still decrypt it on a distinct platform like MAC, Android or even on e mail. You don’t want the identical software on both sides.

There are varieties of password safety on PDF — proprietor password and user password. The proprietor password is wanted if you need to alternate permission settings like copying or printing a PDF. And the open password is used to open the PDF file.

Now, if you inquire from me, there may be no point of setting an proprietor password on the grounds that it is able to be without difficulty pass. For instance, if the person can see the report, they also can easily replica or print it with the aid of taking its screenshot and the usage of a very good OCR reader. So, here, we’ll awareness only on person password or the password required to open a PDF report. So let’s get began.

Password Protect PDF File Password Protect PDF

Password Protect PDF File Windows

The most popular program to encrypt PDF in Windows is Adobe Acrobat. But, if you handiest need to password guard few PDF, there’s no want to spend money on Adobe Acrobat. A unfastened program like pPDFmate can do the equal element for you.

Password Protect PDF File Simply down load and set up this software like you do with every other Windows utility. Then open the pdf in it, which you need to encrypt. Select the report > safety > open password > assign a robust password > click on construct.

Password Protect PDF File Mac

Password Protect PDF File Encrypting a PDF is very simple in MAC. You can use the built-in Preview for that. Simply open the PDF record with MAC’s preview. Next, go to File > Export as PDF. A new window will open, click on show detail. Now test mark Encrypt alternative > assign password > keep changes. You will observe the report’s thumbnail modified to a lock icon.

Password Protect PDF File Android

It’s strange that Adobe Acrobat’s Android app, do now not have any option to shield a PDF. But you may use other unfastened apps like PDF Utility. Start via downloading the app from Google Play. Next, open it > password safety > import the PDF out of your device reminiscence. If you don’t see any directory, clean the app statistics and strive again.

File Now, you’ll see password alternative — proprietor password and person password. As defined at the beginning of this article, the proprietor password is for permission and person password is what we need to open the report. To keep away from confusion enter the equal password on both and shop adjustments. And that’s it.


Sadly there’s no loose manner to encrypt PDF in iOS. And that’s not a marvel to me; most appropriate iOS apps are paid anyway. But, if you are prepared to spend a few cash, strive Pages from Apple. For $10 you get masses of options such as password defensive a PDF report. But in case you want to do it free, then you may still do it through using on-line provider.

Password Protect PDF File Online Service

Password Protect PDF File There are many on line equipment that password guard a PDF. I choose PDFprotector for two motives. One they use https and 2d, as per their privacy regulations they do now not examine/store your PDF on their server

The accurate component approximately those on-line offerings is that they’re free and platform independent. But as they are saying, there may be no free lunch; this additionally comes with a few danger. Like, you are importing your personal facts to a 3rd celebration server, and in the event that they need they could see all its content. And this why, I prefer the laptop app over online tools.

Password Protect PDF File Closing phrases

So here we’ve got visible specific approaches to encrypt a PDF file. Though do not forget, PDFs are not very comfortable, it’s rather clean to decrypt PDF with easy brute force assaults, so ensure to pick out a strong password and no longer some dictionary phrases.