The Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions Google Chrome is no doubt the quickest browser. But you can make it even higher. Meet a number of the best Google Chrome extensions to make your surfing enjoy even better. (Video Tutorial)

1. Grammarly: Correct spelling errors, grammatical and punctuation errors. You can also double click on an surprising word to see its that means or synonym. Works on the same window.

2. Project Naphtha:Copy-paste (or even edit) text in the images.

3. Chrome remote desktop: Remotely manage different computers or Android. But in contrast to TeamViewer, this doesn’t require authorization.

4. uBlock Origin:Better opportunity to Adblock or Adblock plus. It positioned much less load in your computer reminiscence.

5. ARC WelderWorks like Android emulator. Lets you run Android apps (like Instagram or WhatsApp) on the laptop. (Video)

Update: Google shut down this mission. Arc Welder do no longer work find it irresistible used to be.

6. Be Limitless: Replace your new tab with a customized dashboard that consists of a excessive-resolution wallpaper, time, to do listing and an suggestion quote. Also, tracks how a great deal time you spend on each internet site.

7. Pushbullet: See your telephone notification on your pc. Also useful to ship hyperlinks, media, textual content from mobile to computer systems and vice versa. File length is limited to twenty-five MB for now.

8. Pocket: Save thrilling articles on the web to study later. The phone app works offline as properly.

9.Streak for Gmail:Find out in case your send e mail became read or now not. Though it’s not an professional function, it labored awesome in my testing.

10. One tabLets you awareness on your paintings, by means of suspending all of the different open tabs. Also make the computing quicker, because it saves massive system memory. To repair all the tabs, click on the one tab icon once again.

11. Streamus: No need to open YouTube.Com if you simplest want to hear simplest tune. With Streamus, you can stream YouTube’s movies on the same tab you are running on.

Update: YouTube has shut it down

12. TunnelBear: Free VPN service to surf anonymously. You handiest get 500 MB facts however evaluate to other options, it’s more secure.

13. Unseen: Block the ‘seen’ feature on Facebook and

14. AlienTube: Replaces YouTube comments with Reddit’s comments.

15. Panic Button:Quickly cover all the open tabs and replaced it pre-designated web page with a unmarried click.

16. Fatkun: Batch download snap shots from any net web page. Also, support a few advanced alternatives like filter via resolution or hyperlinks.

17. HoverReader: Preview the content material of the link, without clicking on it. Useful if spend a variety of time on Reddit or analyzing at the internet.

18. Disconnect: Block trackers and substantially increase your surfing speed with the aid of compressing the content material.

19. Magic action for YouTube:  All in a single YouTube addon with many beneficial alternatives like video loop, clear out, cinema mode, automobile HD etc.

20. LastPass: A secure password manager that sync your login credentials across all device. Useful in case you don’t like to don’t forget passwords for more than one accounts.[Video Tutorial]

21. Https Everywhere: Robotically open the https version of the website, each time feasible. Protects you from the person-in-the-center attack. Use it even as surfing the net on public WiFi.

22. RES: It adds useful capability (like keyboard shortcut, better layout) and so on to Reddit interface. A should have extension in case you use Reddit daily.

23. StayFocused: Blocked time wasting websites and assist you to get extra paintings completed in much less time. Highly configurable.

24. Off The Record History Can Save browsing history even in incognito mode for that precise session.

#25 Select Go: Automatically copy the chosen textual content on your clipboard. Save time.

Extensive use of extensions can significantly sluggish down the browser. Enable only the only, you operate each day.