The 8 Best PlayStation 4 VR Games of 2019

It’s easier than ever to experience a whole new world

Best for Beginners: VR Worlds

Best PlayStation 4 VR Games, The shift to virtual fact games and a consumer’s anatomy in them can get some time being used to. Fortunately, VR Worlds is a VR sport specifically made for freshmen.

Supplying ease of use with exceptional gaming eventualities, from sea exploration to unlawful avenue racing.

VR Worlds turned into created for the player in mind, with an assurance of a clean transition into VR.

VR Worlds permits gamers to choose from 5 distinctive quick video games that excellent exemplify PlayStation 4’s virtual truth competencies.

The Ocean Descent game puts you inside the perspective of a diver, exploring breath taking underwater attractions and marine lifestyles floating frivolously in the front of you.

The London Heist – a miles more extreme sport – pits you in London’s gritty crook underworld as you relive a dramatic heist shootout, spraying bullets from an UZI in a getaway car.

For digital reality beginners, VR Worlds is the best choice before something else.

Best PlayStation 4 VR Games, Best for Driving: Wipeout: Omega Collection

Wipeout: Omega Collection is remastering of three Wipeout games: Wipeout HD, Wipeout HD Fury and Wipeout 2048.

It is a futuristic anti-gravity pilot racing sport that isn’t for the faint of coronary heart.

It’s the kind of game with a view to get you clutching your PS4 remote as you go at pinnacle speeds on tracks that twist and flip.

With over 26 reversible circuits, forty six character ships and 9 game modes, the Wipeout:

Omega Collection offers a plethora of content material that’ll final you greater than your ordinary PS4 virtual truth game.

Players will zip around publications and fireplace exceptional weapon pickups on tracks on ships that have various records. Inclusive of dealing with, thrust, pinnacle velocity and defend electricity.

The sport functions a soundtrack with artists together with The Chemical Brothers and Swedish House Mafia. And has a multiplayer mode with offline splitscreen and on line matchups with up to 8 players.

Best Tank Game / Co-Op Multiplayer: Battlezone

November 1980 may want to mark the time when first-man or woman shooters began their debut – such is the case with Battlezone.

Now, the conventional virtual reality tank combat arcade recreation subsequently receives a remake on the PlayStation four, bringing with it a sparkling show of neon polygonal graphics and excessive gameplay.

Battlezone works nicely in tangent along with your PS4 and its controls, giving easy fluid gameplay with mic-audio features.Strafing and advancing thru levels together with your tank, providing you with a enormous sense of scale in landscape cognizance as enemies drop in.

It functions a multiplayer co-op campaign where you and 3 other friends can fight aspect-with the aid of-side with drop-in, drop-out gameplay taking into consideration each person to leap in at any time that will help you alongside.

There’s a large amount of replay value in Battlezone, as no play-throughs are the equal because of maps, missions and enemies constantly converting in every try.

Best PlayStation 4 VR Games, Best Scariness Factor: Resident Evil 7: BioHazard

For thrill seekers, Resident Evil 7: BioHazard is the remaining worry-inducing VR sport for PlayStation four.

Players are thrust right into a decrepit plantation mansion in which they must remedy puzzles, manage objects, explore demanding environments and combat off horrific monsters that stand up near and private (and proper in the back of you.)

The sinister environment will play on each your visual and audio senses, on occasion tricking you, however always turning in a true horror revel in.

Resident Evil 7: BioHazard is the most likely sport at the list to preserve you up at night.

Its disturbing photorealistic revel in and immersion will have you ever believing the terrors are real as they bounce out at you from in the back of closed doorways.

Forcing you to combat them off (or throwing off the headset) with anything you may attain for.

It’s not simplest one of the maximum frightening virtual reality games on PlayStation four, however in life.

Best Online Competitive Matches: RIGS Mechanized Combat

RIGS gets you perfect up with centered lasers, strolling you via a tutorial of fundamental maneuvering. Then propelling you right into a combating arena where you’ll struggle other pilots of their mechanized bots.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League helps you to face off with different gamers on-line where your skills could be positioned to the test.

Best PlayStation 4 VR Games, RIGS Mechanized Combat League consists of 24 unlockable awesome Hero RIGS with their personal traits.

The game features a single-player mode that breaks in a three-department league, but players will find most the usage of the various on-line gameplay modes.

Online gameplay consists of three playable match sorts: Team Takedown, that is much like crew death in shape fashion modes; Power Slam, wherein two teams compete by means of jumping into a ring.

And Endzone, which mimics American soccer by using taking manage of a ball and attaining an give up sector.

Best First Person Shooter: Farpoint

Farpoint is the vital VR first-person shooter on PlayStation 4 proper now. The riveting space adventure thrusts gamers on a adverse alien planet in a seek, rescue and break out challenge.

Players will explore the secrets of this unknown planet. Taking pictures through hordes of alien existence in an epic fight for survival.

While different VR games on the listing might also have a short story mode. Farpoint offers a complete-length single player marketing campaign, which gives it a extra complete feeling.

There are multiple weapons to find out consisting of plasma rifles and rail guns. There’s additionally a multiplayer cooperation mode which you and a pal can dive into.

To maximize realism, gamers can purchase the PS4 PSVR Aim Controller for Farpoint.

Best PlayStation 4 VR Games, Best for Flying: Eagle Flight

By far the most cozy recreation at the list. Eagle Flight places you in the attitude of an eagle. Allowing you to experience relaxing unfastened flight if you so select.

Similar to Disneyland’s ‘Soarin’’ Epcot experience. Eagle Flight soars you over breathtaking landmarks in the skies of Paris, France without a responsibility however to fly.

Best PlayStation 4 VR Games, The game isn’t a total snore-fest, although. Multiple modes allow so that you can kick gameplay up a notch.

You can dive via slender streets, appearing aerials and even have interaction in dogfights in multiplayer with up to six other human beings.

Eagle Flight’s controls are programmed effortlessly and intuitiveness in thoughts, taking into account definitely anybody to experience their flight.

Reviewers have cited that gameplay induces no vertigo or motion sickness, so those vulnerable in stomach can play relieved.

Best PlayStation 4 VR Games, Best for Kids: Psychonauts In the Rhombus of Ruin

Psychonauts In The Rhombus Rain is a first-man or woman animated cartoony puzzle-centered sport that makes a specialty of point-and-click on gameplay.

The lighthearted adventure is suitable for kids of every age. And gives an environment of amusing characters, mastering and specific goals.

Best PlayStation 4 VR Games, Psychonauts In The Rhombus Rain has kids solve various puzzles. And riddles at the same time as using psychic powers which include telekineses.

Players sit down in a seated function, so there isn’t too much movement occurring besides the game’s ongoing story. In which they use clairvoyance to look the sector from the perspectives of different characters. If you want to gain records and entire goals.

This is the sport for any parent who doesn’t need an openly stimulating VR recreation, but alternatively. One which focuses extra on essential questioning and listening skills.