The 7 Best Rechargeable Battery Chargers of 2019

Rechargeable Battery Chargers,Our editors independently studies, test, and recommend the best products; you may research greater approximately our evaluation technique right here. We may additionally get hold of commissions on purchases made from our selected hyperlinks.

The Rundown

  • Best Overall: Zanflare C4 Battery Charger at Amazon,
  • “It’s a ‘clever charger’ that is aware of to prevent charging when a mobile’s at full ability.”
  • Runner-Up, Best Overall: Panasonic Eneloop Quick Charger at Amazon,
  • “Provides a ‘fast charge’ that fills one or two batteries in 1.5 hours.
  • a complete set of four in 3 hours.”
  • Best Budget: AmazonBasics Battery Charger at Amazon,
  • “Offers a USB output as a bonus characteristic to charge telephones and other devices.”
  • Speed: MiBoxer C4-12 Smart Charger at Amazon,
  • “It can deliver a totally rapid three A charging contemporary on every of the 4 independent slots.”
  • Features: Nitecore SC4 Superb Charger at Walmart,
  • “Can display info on each battery starting from its fitness to its rate stage to inner resistance and more.”
  • Bulk Charging: Bonai 18 Bay Battery Charger at Amazon,
  • “Offers a charger for 16 AA or AAA batteries of any logo, plus slots for 9V batteries.”
  • Best Design: Powerowl Rechargeable Battery Charger at Amazon,
  • “The 7.Eight-inch diameter and one-inch top makes it clean to carry around and find an area for.”

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Zanflare C4 Battery Charger

Rechargeable Battery Chargers,At its middle, powering up a rechargeable battery is a easy task,

and the Zanflare C4 can take care of your regular charging needs effortlessly and efficiently. It fits and fees all types of battery types, from preferred-sized AAs and AAAs rechargeable batteries to diverse Li-ion alternatives.

You may even blend and suit different sorts to fee at extraordinary quotes on the identical time in view,

that each of the four slots prices independently.

And it’s a “clever charger” that is aware of to prevent charging while a mobile’s at complete potential,

a essential function to avoid overcharging your batteries and negative their lifespans.

But past the basics, if or when you want to step up your battery-charging sport,

the Zanflare C4 nonetheless has you blanketed.

It serves as a battery analyzer, displaying live facts about every battery on its returned-lit LCD (which dims with inaction). You can cycle via information which includes voltage, how tons has charged and how time is left until it’s full. You can manipulate the contemporary on every slot, either 300, 500, seven hundred,

or a thousand mA – basically the charge you want to rate each battery.

There also are check modes that can serve to refresh and more correctly analyze batteries,

by way of absolutely discharging after which re-charging them once more.

Rechargeable Battery Chargers,Though it’s a fairly large charger that commonly plugs into the wall,

Zanflare also includes a car adapter as an on-the-cross alternative. Plus, a USB output shall we your rechargeable batteries serve as a portable electricity financial institution for different gadgets.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Panasonic Eneloop Individual Battery Quick Charger

For most customers, a reliable, cost-effective battery charger without greater complicated capabilities is enough for the process,

and the Panasonic Eneloop Quick Charger is a few of the great.

The BQ-CC55 charger version provides a “fast price” that fills one or two batteries in 1.5 hours.

a full set of four in three hours,

and its smart charging characteristic lets you rapid fee with out hurting battery lifestyles in any large way.

You can fee any aggregate or number of AA or AAA batteries.

A reachable strip of coloured LED lighting fixtures flip red, yellow, or inexperienced to indicate the price level of each battery,

and that they flash yellow or purple for batteries close to or at the cease of their lifespan.

Rechargeable Battery Chargers,You can choose a package that includes 4 AA or AAA Eneloop batteries,

which make a pleasant starter set if you don’t already have your personal.

The Eneloop brand is a trusted name in “low self-discharge” batteries,

which means they’ll keep eighty five percentage of their rate for a 12 months and 70 percentage after five years.

There are bundles with Eneloop “Pro” batteries which have better capacities,

however unless you actually need longer periods among expenses, your cash can be better spent on additional popular-potential batteries.

Rechargeable Battery Chargers,Best Budget: AmazonBasics Battery Charger

If you’re inside the marketplace for frill-unfastened recharging,

Amazon gives its very own low cost 4-slot charger for any Ni-MH AA or AAA rechargeable batteries.

Not all merchandise on the charge level offer true “clever charging,

” but the AmazonBasics charger does cut off the rate whilst cells are complete.

It also expenses extraordinarily fast — relying on capability,

price times are estimated at between 3 to four.Five hours for AAs and a pair of to three.5 hours for AAAs.

Like most price range chargers, this one calls for you to rate batteries in matching pairs, as in AAs, AAAs, 4 of both, or two of each.

This may be restricting if you want one or three batteries charged,

and it has some terrible effect on battery existence seeing that two batteries won’t normally be at the precise equal rate degree, leading to 1 getting overcharged.

The charger additionally gives a USB output as an advantage characteristic to price telephones and other gadgets.

USB charging takes precedence over battery charging, although, so you can’t do both at the identical time,

and you can’t unplug the charger from the wall and feature your batteries feature as a energy bank.

Rechargeable Battery Chargers,Best Speed: MiBoxer C4-12 Smart Charger

Compatible with a wide selection of Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, and Li-ion batteries,

the MiBoxer C4-12 can actually and accurately charge essentially any battery kind you’d need.

Like different top class chargers, it may additionally provide extra powerful performance and superior battery studying capabilities — but there are important factors it handles better than others.

It can supply a totally speedy 3 A charging current on each of the four impartial slots, for up to 12 A overall.

That involves about an hour to absolutely price 4 2000-mAh capability cells.

The device will mechanically choose an appropriate contemporary for the sort of battery and its capacity,

Rechargeable Battery Chargers

but you could additionally manually choose the speed for every slot.

It doesn’t discharge batteries, even though, so that you’ll must discharge them manually for greater entire evaluation.

The MiBoxer C4-12’s display won’t look fancy, but it detects and gives a wealthy array of statistics in a totally clean, smooth-to-digest way.

The charger’s one button cycles via which slot to display records from.

You can then see the battery kind, temperature, inner resistance, rate percentage, rate time ultimate,

and even extra data for the battery in that slot, all at the display right now.

The charger also can serve as a 5-volt USB energy bank if it’s powered by using a Li-ion battery in the 4th slot.

Rechargeable Battery Chargers,Best Features: Nitecore SC4 Superb Charger

Nitecore produces a extensive variety of pleasant battery chargers for plenty different wishes,

and the SC4 Superb Charger is designed to offer premium performance and versatility.

Its four slots guide almost any type or size of battery. Put one in and the SC4 will perceive and begin charging at an optimal default contemporary.

But you may additionally manually choose the charge contemporary for every slot independently,

anywhere from three hundred to 3000 mA (3 A).

The fast 3 A price is the limit for a unmarried slot, with a max total output of 6 A (no discharge is supported).

Some users reported the actual fee being less than display suggests, however it still gives one of the fastest charges around.

The display, in preferred, is enormously above and beyond what maximum chargers provide.

The LCD display screen uses advanced Multi-domain Vertical Alignment (MVA) era to provide a crisp,

Battery Chargers

coloured show with a hundred and sixty-degree viewing angles.

It can display data on every battery ranging from its health to its price stage to inner resistance and greater. There’s additionally a USB output that we could the SC4 supply electricity to different gadgets whilst now not charging batteries.

Best for Bulk Charging: Bonai 18 Bay Smart Rechargeable Battery Charger

If you’ve got a whole lot of rechargeable batteries which you frequently want to strength up,

there are chargers with slots for 8, 12, and even sixteen batteries straight away.

Bonai offers a charger for 16 AA or AAA batteries of any emblem, plus slots for 9V batteries.

While 9V rechargeable batteries may not be as generally needed,

this may be a available choice if you do have them or in case the want comes up.


Each of the 18 bays can charge a single battery in my view,

and the fee fame of every is displayed at the wide, vivid LCD display screen.

The tool’s smart capabilities shield against overcharging, overheating, and defective or non-rechargeable batteries.

Typical fee instances are indexed as 4 to 6 hours for 1 to sixteen AAs,

or 1.5 to a few hours for 1 to 16 AAAs.

There’s no discharge feature to refresh your batteries, however for high-amount charging classes, the Bonai 18 Bay charger has room to spare.

Rechargeable Battery Chargers,Best Design: Powerowl Rechargeable Battery Charger

Rechargeable battery chargers don’t have a tendency to interrupt new ground with their layout,

but the round form of the Powerowl 16-bay charger offers refreshing variety.

Beyond the visuals, its layout offers some practical blessings.

The 7.Eight-inch diameter and one-inch top are pretty compact for one of these huge variety of slots,

making it easy to hold around and discover an area for.

Each of the slots has 3 air vents built in to assist keep temperatures down,

a small LED light that turns from purple to inexperienced whilst charging is executed.

On the realistic aspect, every slot can fee a single Ni-MH.

Ni-Cd AA or AAA battery independently and in any aggregate.

Its 300 mA charging cutting-edge isn’t in particular rapid,

score at seven hours to price 1 to 4 AA batteries and 3.33 hours for 1 to 4 AAAs.

But go away it on in a single day and clever functions will deal with the rest,

reducing off the modern-day whilst charging completes and switching to a trickle fee to make up for self-discharge.