How to Revoke an Application Password for Gmail

Revoke an Application,Enabling 2-Step Verification maintains your Gmail account about as cozy as it can be. However, the verification codes generated by means of the two-step verification procedure don’t work with a few apps and gadgets.

When that takes place, you can generate an app-precise password for the app or device to authorize it to access your get right of entry to mail and folders through IMAP (or mail via POP).

When you now not use the app or tool or not believe it to hold the password relaxed,

it’s far clever to revoke the password to maintain your Gmail account and your mail cozy.

Deleting an App password is as easy as producing one.

Revoking one app-particular password does no longer have an effect on other passwords you generated for one of a kind programs or devices.

Revoke an App Password for Gmail Using 2-Step Verification

To delete an utility-precise password generated to get right of entry to your Gmail account thru IMAP or POP:

  • Click your avatar or call near the pinnacle proper corner in Gmail and choose Google Account.
  • Choose the Security tab in the left panel and select App passwords.
  • Enter your Gmail password when brought about to accomplish that.
  • Choose an App password from the list on the App password display screen and choose Revoke.
  • If you do not see any App passwords, you are not currently using any. You can add new App passwords on this equal display screen.

Revoke an Application,Manage Third-Party Apps With Account Access

Revoke an Application,You can manage 1/3-birthday celebration apps that,

have get admission to for your Gmail (and different Google offerings) even if you don’t use 2-Step Verification or app-particular passwords.

  • In the identical Security display screen,
  • scroll down and pick out Manage 0.33-birthday celebration get admission to inside the Third-celebration apps with account get entry to segment.

Select one of the apps in the list of apps that have access to your account to expand it and show the access it has.

  • If you want to revoke the get right of entry to, click on Remove Access.

Repeat the method with every app you want to prevent from gaining access to your account.

Other Security Features


The Security tab carries several different approaches to keep your account at,

ease beginning with the Security Checkup that offers personalized tips to comfy your account along side indicators concerning any ongoing troubles.

Also located on the Security tab display are:

  • A listing of devices that are presently signed in or were active to your account inside the preceding 28 days
  • A method to control a lost or stolen telephone
  • A listing of the web sites and apps you check in to along with your Google account
  • Recent protection activities associated with your account
  • Your restoration smartphone and recuperation electronic mail
  • Your password
  • Any connected bills