The 15 Best Weight Loss Apps for Apple Watch In 2019

Weight Loss Apps for Apple Watch ,Keep track of your progress using these Apple Watch apps

Weight Loss Apps for Apple Watch ,Have you started a weight loss adventure? If so, you can have invested in an Apple Watch, an appropriate partner for attaining weight reduction and fitness desires. Track your calories, weight, behavior and extra the use of this collection of Apple Watch weight reduction apps.

Weight Loss Apps,01.Best for Keeping an Eye on Basic Nutrition Facts: Foodvisor – Calorie Counter

What We Like Take pics of your meal to look nutrients statistics. See your present day calorie consumption to your Watch. View how many energy you’ve got left every day. What We Don’t Like You cannot add meals out of your Watch. May not be absolutely nutritionally correct. Missing some famous food manufacturers in nutrition look-up.

Weight Loss Apps for Apple Watch ,Foodvisor is the final calorie counter and nutrients fact finder for nearly any meal you can imagine. Using the in-app features, genuinely take a picture the usage of your iPhone of your plate to see nutrients statistics. The app tells you whether or not your meal is balanced.

You also can log your steps and exercising to peer what number of calories you’ve got burned as compared for your logged food. Unfortunately, you cannot upload meals directly from your Watch, however you may see your modern-day calorie stance out of your wrist.

Although the app is unfastened to download, you should purchase Foodvisor Premium for access to recipes, weight loss plan plans and a stay chat with a nutritionist. Plans variety from $nine.99 a month to $59.88 in step with yr.

Weight Loss Apps,02.Best GPS Running Tracker: Runkeeper – GPS Running Tracker

What We Like Track your workouts in real-time. Receive audio updates as you progress. Workout plan is tailored to fit you. What We Don’t Like Speed and interval workout tracking can experience short delays due to countdown timers. Drains phone battery significantly when used for longer workouts.

Rated as one of the satisfactory GPS strolling trackers within the App Store, Runkeeper by ASICS permits you to music your workout routines, set your very own dreams, create a customised plan, and greater, multi function app.

What units Runkeeper apart from the relaxation of the jogging apps is the ability to music your stats in your Apple Watch with out your iPhone. In-app challenges and exercising rewards preserve you inspired on your weight reduction health journey. Plus, there’s lots of race training plans for the ones wanting to revel in their first marathon.

Runkeeper is loose to download however offers a top rate model which incorporates side-with the aid of-facet exercise comparisons, climate records and extra. Prices range from $9.99 a month to $39.Ninety nine in keeping with 12 months.

Weight Loss Apps,03.Best for Fun Workouts: Zombies, Run!

What We Like

  • Storylines are fun to follow and totally motivating.
  • Listen to your story and your progress in your earphones.
  • There’s no actual competition, just good fun.

What We Don’t Like

  • The instructions aren’t detailed; there’s a small learning curve.
  • App may continue to use your location while not in use, which can drain battery life.
  • It isn’t as practical as other apps when it comes to tracking weight loss goals.

If you need some motivation to lose the ones more few kilos, zombies would possibly do the trick. Zombies, Run is a fun, tale-based exercise monitoring app that immerses you in a zombie apocalypse. Every run you take becomes a challenge of get away.

The app carries 200+ missions, something new for every exercise. As you run or walk, you may concentrate as you’re instructed on what to do next. You’ll collect materials to help you live to tell the tale as you listen on your very own music. And sure, the app works just the identical on a treadmill as it does across the park.

Zombies, Run is loose to down load, however calls for a seasoned subscription to free up all storylines and functions, like unlimited play and interval education. Prices range from $five.99 to $34.Ninety nine.

Weight Loss Apps,04.Best for Tracking Your Weight Loss Success: MyFitnessPal

What We Like

  • Everything you need, from water intake to exercise, can be tracked in this app.
  • See your weight loss progress by updating your weight along the way.
  • Most complete nutrition look-up information out of all apps.

What We Don’t Like

  • Calories are often underestimated.
  • Calories burned through exercise are placed back into daily calorie limit which is inaccurate for most weight loss plans.
  • Although food database is huge, most nutrition information is user-generated.

Weight loss is a method which can sometimes take years to accomplish. You want a stable app that allow you to song your progress from day one. MyFitnessPal is a complete weight loss tracking app that showcases your weight over the years as well as your every day vitamins consumption, exercising and extra.

The nutrition database is big and covers a extensive variety of manufacturers, restaurants and greater. Using your Apple Watch, you may quick add your water consumption as well as your calories, making this app stand out from other calorie counting apps in this listing.

MyFitnessPal is loose to down load and use however offers a Premium version to give you get entry to to the Nutrient Dashboard, Calorie Goals by way of Meal, the capacity to brief add your carbs, protein, and fats in addition to many other features. Plans range from $nine.Ninety nine to $49.99.

Weight Loss Apps for 05.Best for Tracking Your Hydration: My Water Balance

What We Like

  • Track more than just water.
  • Enable notifications to ensure you don’t miss your water count.
  • Add water and liquid intake from your Apple Watch.

What We Don’t Like

  • To unlock different beverages, you’ll need to purchase the premium version.
  • For users only wanting to use the app for water intake, you must tap water for every entry, every time.
  • Water requirement calculator isn’t always accurate.

My Water Balance allows you music your water intake, that is critical to any weight loss aim. The app also permits you to music different liquids which include tea and smooth beverages. As you music your intake, the app creates charts so that it will see your development.

There’s also a water requirement calculator that will help you determine how tons water you need in a day. Of course, it is best to take into consideration your life-style, pastime degree, and weight loss desires for a specific requirement.

My Water Balance is straightforward to apply on the Apple Watch, supplying you with the option to add entries immediately out of your wrist. My Water Balance is unfastened to apply however requires a premium subscription to liberate all beverage alternatives. Prices range from $four.Ninety nine a month to $29.Ninety nine a year.

Weight Loss Apps,06.Best for Tracking Your Macros: Lifesum Diet & Macro Tracker

What We Like

  • Choose from diets such as Keto, fasting, vegan, and more.
  • Track both your calories and your macros.
  • See healthy recipes inside the app.

What We Don’t Like

  • There’s no quick add option on the Apple Watch for calories or macros.
  • The meal prep feature is limited in adaptations.
  • The food database is lacking compared to other calorie counting apps.

When you need to track your macros in detail, Lifesum is a exquisite addition to your Apple Watch. From your iPhone, you may input your daily meals and water intake to see your modern-day dietary stats. Then, view your progress at some stage in the day for your iPhone.

Lifesum offers you the option to look healthful recipes from in the app, depending to your healthy dietweight-reduction plan. You can pick from diets including keto, fasting, Mediterranean, and extra. There’s also a fundamental meal prep alternative with guidelines for those looking for the “down for you” approach to a healthy dietweight-reduction plan.

Lifesum is unfastened to download and use however requires a top rate subscription for recipes, specialized diets, and other functions. Prices range from $21.99 for 3 months to $forty four.Ninety nine for a year.

Weight Loss Apps,07.Best for Working Out Fast: Seven – 7 Minute Workout

What We Like

  • Workout in just minutes — perfect for busy lifestyles.
  • View your complete workout progress on your Apple Watch.
  • Control your workout from your Apple Watch.

What We Don’t Like

  • Additional workouts require a premium subscription.
  • You must start a new workout if you wish to perform a circuit.
  • There’s no audio cue for moving to the next move in the workout, only illustrations.

The seven-minute exercise has been hailed as a extremely good way to get in a high-depth workout in a short amount of time, boosting weight loss efforts. Seven is an Apple Watch app that offers you get admission to to a library of 7-minute exercises to fit your weight loss goals.

As you exercising, your Apple Watch will show off illustrations to reveal you what to do. You also can pause or stop your exercise from your Watch. You can pick out your desires which include get fit or lose weight to tailor your exercises for your goals. Seven may also remind you whilst it’s time to workout each day.

Seven comes with numerous primary exercises to get you started out. To get right of entry to all workout routines to be had and over 200 physical activities, you will need to buy the 7 Club premium membership. Prices range from $9.99 a month to $79.Ninety nine a 12 months.

Weight Loss Apps,08.Best for Discovering Healthy Recipes: Yummly Recipes + Shopping List

What We Like

  • Hundreds of healthy recipes complete with ingredient list.
  • Add ingredients to your app’s shopping list.
  • Use the Apple Watch search feature to find recipes.

What We Don’t Like

  • You have to manually delete items from your shopping list on your iPhone.
  • You can’t view recipe instructions on your Apple Watch.
  • The voice search option on the Apple Watch takes some time to load suggestions.

One of the most hard components of weight loss is looking for healthful recipes that taste top. Yummly takes the guesswork out of it all by way of suggesting recipes primarily based to your favourite cuisine, allergic reactions, and dislikes. Plus, you are capable of save all your favorites in the app and think about them to your Apple Watch.

You can create a buying list for each recipe that populates in your Apple Watch for smooth shopping. Although you have to manually delete items from the listing, it is clean to checkmark them to your Watch. The Apple Watch voice search alternative additionally facilitates you find recipes hands-free.

Yummly is absolutely loose to download and use. All capabilities are available for use as there is no top rate model.

Weight Loss Apps,09.Best for Meal Prepping: MealPrepPro Meal Prep Planner

What We Like

  • Check meals off your daily list using your Apple Watch.
  • Track your water intake as well as your macros and calories.
  • See your current calorie count on your Apple Watch throughout the day.

What We Don’t Like

  • The app creates the meal plan for you. To make changes, you’ll need to use your iPhone.
  • Although basic recipes are available, most require some cooking skill.
  • You only achieve a 7-day trial. After that, you must purchase a subscription.

Meal prepping makes sticking to a new plan simple. MealPrepPro is a complete meal prepping app that creates a plan for you. If you don’t like what they pick, you may move into your iPhone and switch meals round. You also can song your water consumption as well as your macros and calories within the app.

Your Apple Watch updates along with your development during the day. You also can check your every day meals off of your listing proper from your Watch. There are many recipes available, however maximum require some cooking ability to perform.

MealPrepPro is loose to download for a 7-day trial. After that, you’ll want to purchase a premium subscription. Prices range from $5.99 a month to $forty seven.Ninety nine a 12 months.

Weight Loss Apps,10.Best Preinstalled Activity Tracker: Activity

What We Like

  • Activity is native to the Apple Watch, no extra steps required.
  • See your daily activity progress on your Apple Watch.
  • Get activity reminders on your wrist throughout the day.

What We Don’t Like

  • Activity only delivers your basic activity stats, not the best for weight loss plans.
  • Activity is only tracked if your Apple Watch is on your wrist.
  • Glitches can occur that cause issues with step tracking.

The Apple Watch comes with the Activity app that gives a consumer-friendly interface and a fundamental review of your each day pastime. You can receive notifications whilst it is time in an effort to pass, ideal for folks that paintings in workplaces or in sedentary positions.

Has your Apple Watch stopped tracking your steps? See this guide for troubleshooting.

The Activity app suggests how many energy you’ve got burnt in an afternoon, in addition to what number of minutes of exercise you’ve finished. Goals are set depending in your lifestyle and habits.

Apple’s Activity app is free to download and use both at the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

11.Best for Tracking Your Calories: Lose It! Calorie Counter

What We Like

  • Scan food labels to easily input nutrition information.
  • Keep track of your calorie and macro count in one place.
  • See your current calorie count on your Apple Watch.

What We Don’t Like

  • Nutritional information isn’t always accurate. Look for foods with the green checkmark instead.
  • Without the premium subscription, there are ads for the app that pop up frequently.
  • You’ll need to use your iPhone to see most of your daily stats.

Although a lot of those apps provide a calorie counter, it may be simpler to have an app made for coming into your energy each day. Lose It is a complete calorie counter that allows you to tune your each day intake of calories, macros, protein and greater.

The recipe database is massive and you have the option to test barcodes to locate your exact dietary facts for many specific manufacturers. Nutritional information that has been validated via the Lose It group has a inexperienced checkmark for easy accuracy.

Lose It is loose to down load and use however offers a premium subscription for features such as knowledge which ingredients are sabotaging your weight loss and greater. Prices variety from $4.Ninety nine a month to $39.99 a yr.

12.Best for Audio Workouts: Aaptiv Audio Fitness

What We Like

  • Follow each workout from your Apple Watch.
  • Choose from many workouts from strength training to indoor cycling.
  • Gain motivation by listening to fitness experts as you workout.

What We Don’t Like

  • You must download each individual workout to your app before you can use it.
  • To get access to most classes, you’ll need to purchase a premium subscription.
  • Some workout moves require prior knowledge and move descriptions are fast for beginners.

Do you have a personal teacher in your weight reduction goals? Or, do you opt for having audio practise in your workout routines? Aaptiv is a exquisite audio exercise app that consists of many specific workout routines if you want to select from. Plus, you have get admission to on your preferred workout routines on your Apple Watch.

To get started, you find a exercising you want to apply and download it. You’ll then listen because the teacher tells you what to do next. Some movements are hard for beginners with out earlier information. But, a little exercise always makes perfect.

To get entry to maximum of the exercises, you’ll want to buy an Aaptiv subscription. Prices range from $14.99 to $ninety nine.Ninety nine for limitless on-demand training.

13.Best App for Keto: Carb Manager

What We Like

  • Track net carbs, total carbs or diabetes carbs.
  • Access to keto-friendly recipes.
  • See all of your carb-intake on your Apple Watch.

What We Don’t Like

  • The design isn’t as user-friendly when compared to other apps.
  • Creating a unique recipe is time-consuming.
  • Full health tracking requires a premium subscription.

For those on their weight loss adventure with keto, you need an app that counts your daily carbohydrates. Carb Manager does simply that as well as monitoring your net carbs, general carbs, and diabetes carbs. The app also gives you get entry to to hundreds of keto-friendly recipes for easy meal making plans.

You can upload new recipes based totally on your very own cooking to ensure you don’t leave out a carb. Health monitoring is available so that you can track your weight reduction development. Although there may be a bit of a learning curve to get it right, this app is first rate for tracking keto fulfillment.

Carb Manager is unfastened to download however requires a top rate subscription to liberate all recipes, fitness monitoring and greater. Prices range from $eight.Forty nine in step with month to $39.99 per year.

14.Best for Tracking Your Weight Loss Habits: Done

What We Like

  • Easily mark tasks off your to-do list on your Apple Watch.
  • Completed goals are highlighted in color on your Watch so you can easily see your progress.
  • Allows you to create tasks for building and quitting habits.

What We Don’t Like

  • The free version only allows you to add three habits or goals.
  • You can’t use your Apple Watch to add new habits or goals.
  • If you accidentally complete a task on your Watch, you can’t undo it.

Part of a a hit weight loss journey is growing new habits along with ingesting greater water or heading off sugary drinks. The Done habit tracker let you build or quit conduct depending on your desires. Done is easy to apply and gives you the capacity to complete goals the use of your Apple Watch.

In the app, you may upload up to a few particular conduct or desires using the unfastened model (limitless with an improve). You can set how you need your conduct to appearance, take notes approximately them, add motivational charges and more.

Done is unfastened to download and use. To release limitless dependancy and purpose tracking, you will need a top rate subscription. The charge is $6.Ninety nine for a one-time upgrade.

15.Best for Intermittent Fasting: Zero Fasting Tracker

What We Like Choose from popular fasts or create your own fast. See your fast timer on your Apple Watch. Start a fast and stop a fast using your Apple Watch.

For those the use of intermittent fasting as part of their weight loss plan, Zero is the proper partner. Choose from famous fasts including sixteen:eight or Circadian Rhythm, or create your own speedy the usage of the app.

After your fast, you will be able to charge how properly you feel it went and upload any notes you desire to feature. You’ll also earn badges by finishing milestones and acquire training on protocols for the safest fasting practices. You can start and stop a fast without difficulty the use of your Apple Watch.

Zero is free to down load and use. You’ll want to create an account previous to being capable of use the app.