Starbucks Pick of the Week Discontinued: RIP Free Apps

Starbucks Pick,Earlier, we declared the Starbucks Pick of the Week a unfastened apps bonanza. Today, I’m here to affirm that the weekly loose app from Starbucks has officially been discontinued.

For years, you could visit Starbucks and get a free iOS app from the App Store along with your latte or your artisan pop tart or some thing. It commenced with the little cards with redemption codes on the returned for the Featured Pick of the Week app. Then, Starbucks remodeled their app and did away with the little playing cards, in preference to sending you free apps in your inbox (that means you didn’t even ought to visit the shop to get them.) Now, as of September 2016, that’s all executed.

Starbucks free choose of the week

The cease of the Starbucks Pick of the Week came with none fanfare. In truth, I had hassle getting professional confirmation that the Pick of the Week was lifeless. I asked a barista, and she wasn’t certain, however she did observe that the deal with Spotify possibly intended the stop of the address Apple and the App Store. I emailed Starbucks customer service, and before everything, they informed me that the Pick of the Week had no longer been discontinued, but that the unfastened apps “do no longer go out as frequently as they used to.”

I requested: “Really?” And then a different customer service rep clarified that “no longer as regularly as they used to” manner in no way. The Pick of the Week is officially executed.

So, what do all you dependable Starbucks app wielders get (apart from occasional free drinks and food after you’ve racked up sufficient praise stars?) It looks as if the best virtual perk on offer is the Spotify stuff.

As I cited in my previous write-up, Starbucks and Spotify have partnered as much as show which songs are playing in the shop and allow you to “take the Starbuck playlist with you.” You also can have an effect on what track Starbucks plays in shops by saving and favoriting songs which you like in Spotify.

Neat, I assume, however not almost as cool as free apps once every week. (You realize, you can absolutely have an effect on what music you pay attention in Starbucks shops with a mystical device called headphones.)

If you’re as bummed as me approximately the cease of the Starbucks Pick of the Week, you can track in for the iTunes Free App of the Week. We write up opinions of every one, so in case you join our newsletter, you’ll recognize whilst the fine free apps come out.