Spark for Android Hidden Features and Tips

Spark for Android After Google discontinued Inbox, a lot of us had been left without a options. And Spark used this possibility to release their electronic mail customer for Android. In case you didn’t realize, Spark is a famous email customer app for Mac and iOS. So, after I saw them coming to Android, I quickly jumped ships. I had been the usage of Spark for some time now. And even though it doesn’t update Inbox (I pass over the lively bundling manipulate), it nonetheless has some neat capabilities inclusive of Biometric Authentication, Swipe customization, and Notification Personalization, etc. So, if you the use of or planning to apply Spark, right here are a few hidden functions you should understand.

Spark for Android,Email Tips And Tricks

1.Spark for Android, Notification Actions

My favorite characteristic in Spark is Notification Action customization. As the name shows, it gives you control over the appearance and feel of the e-mail notification.

Unlike Gmail, you can additionally remap the action buttons, like I even have set Archive motion to Delete emails. So if I get a promotional message, I can quick delete it from the notification drawer itself. You can pick out to exchange Mark as Read and Archive action to something else.

2. Spark for Android,Notification Preview

Spark additionally shall we you make a decision what you must see within the notification drawer. Like, normally Gmail sends you a short preview and the sender call inside the notification drawer. With, Spark I can personalize the mail preview to show me handiest the sender or both sender & difficulty line of the email. This is available in on hand as you may effortlessly parent out the concern of the e-mail from the difficulty.

3. Swipes

Gmail lately added the swipe gesture to email which changed into quite handy. But, wager what, Spark offers you four gesture options. You may even personalize these gestures for an action. For example, I do a short left swipe to Pin the email and a long left swipe to delete it. Similarly, you have the short right swipe and lengthy right swipe which can be customized to archive messages or mark them as read.

A brief neat gesture is a swipe to get to subsequent e-mail. It works more like going through the pages of the e-book. You can scroll via all the emails of a folder with this gesture.

4. Snooze on Email

Gmail introduced a neat feature wherein you could snooze emails. The simplest problem became they would nevertheless seem for your feed categorized as Snoozed until so and so time. However, in Spark, you may snooze electronic mail and that they don’t even seem to your feed. Moreover, you can additionally personalize the snooze options you get. For instance, I generally snooze private emails for a night time like 06:30, so I even have customized the snooze option in keeping with me.

5. Widget Customization

As cellphone’s shows get taller, it’s tough to reach the top of the cellphone. Spark will let you personalize the widgets to be located both on the pinnacle or the bottom of the display. Additionally, you may also pick out up to 4 exceptional widgets. These widgets are folders like Reminders, Snooze or Personal Folders.

6. Biometric Authentication

Your electronic mail includes Bank Notifications, OTPs, and credentials. Now, this is extremely risky if it is going in incorrect fingers. While you can usually choose a third-celebration app locker, Spark lets you lock your e-mail and notifications natively. You can also use Biometric authentication as well. Considering the sensitivity of emails, this is a superb addition.

Spark for Android

7. Smart Search

Unlike maximum email customer, Spark’s seek is more intuitive. For example, in place of looking “Attachments Robert”, you could cross beforehand and seek “Attachments from Robert”. The search key phrases are greater like sentences which you use in conversations. The searches are correct and you may use complex queries like “PDF files final week”.

Closing Words

So these have been some of the hidden capabilities for Spark in Android. Currently, Spark is likewise operating on a Windows version and an internet app. In destiny updates, we are able to assume Spark could be to be had on every platform.