PHP – Environment Setup

PHP – Environment Setup,In order to increase and run PHP Web pages three critical additives want to be set up in your pc system.

  • Web Server − PHP will work with absolutely all Web Server software program, which include Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS) however then most often used is freely available Apache Server. Download Apache for free here − https://httpd.Apache.Org/download.Cgi
  • Database − PHP will paintings with simply all database software, together with Oracle and Sybase however maximum usually used is freely to be had MySQL database. Download MySQL without cost right here − https://www.Mysql.Com/downloads/
  • PHP Parser − In order to method PHP script commands a parser have to be mounted to generate HTML output that may be sent to the Web Browser. This educational will guide you a way to install PHP parser for your pc.

PHP – Environment Setup,PHP Parser Installation

Before you proceed it’s miles vital to ensure that you have proper environment setup in your device to expand your internet packages using PHP.

Type the following deal with into your browser’s address field.

Http:// Preprocessor If this shows a page displaying your PHP set up related information then it means you have got PHP and Webserver mounted properly. Otherwise you need to comply with given manner to install PHP to your pc.

This section will guide you to put in and configure PHP over the subsequent four systems −

  • PHP Installation on Linux or Unix with Apache
  • PHP Installation on Mac OS X with Apache
  • PHP Installation on Windows NT/2000/XP with IIS
  • PHP Installation on Windows NT/2000/XP with Apache

PHP – Environment Setup,Apache Configuration

If you’re the usage of Apache as a Web Server then this section will manual you to edit Apache Configuration Files.

Just Check it here − PHP Configuration in Apache Server

PHP.INI File Configuration

The PHP configuration record, Hypertext Preprocessor.Ini, is the final and most instant way to have an effect on PHP’s functionality.

Just Check it right here − PHP.INI File Configuration

Windows IIS Configuration

To configure IIS on your Windows system you may refer your IIS Reference Manual shipped along with IIS.